Brace yourself America; $5/gal gas is coming

by Faramarz_Fateh

During the past 10 day, I have filled up my car with $4.09/gallon gas at the Union 76 station on Santa Monica Blvd. 91 Octane mind you. I know I can get premium gas for $3.98/gal but its not worth the drive and the taffic. Between myself, my wife and my older son, we are spending over $700 a month on gas and its begining to hurt our pocket books; bad.

Unfortunatey, I don't think this is the end. If you look at a few factors including the greed of Bush's friends whom only have a few more months to F us in the back, everything points to $150/bl oil and $5/gal gas (OK, premium) by mid summer. What are these factors:

1) Demand usually goes up during summer.

2) Oil future prices point to $130+/bl

3) Dollar futures don't show any sing of "positive" change; that is, US dollars will continue to be weak. This ofcourse will run up food prices as well because all commodity futures trade in US$.

I often wonder why people are not doing anything about this? Strike, Boycott,... Between the 3 major U.S. oil companies, they had profits of $46,000,000,000 in the last 2 years. What the Fuck! I think they should retrun some (50% sounds good) to the consumers.

Also, there should be a ban on extreme speculation on oil. Sort of a limit on how much can be made by these bastards.

Wake up people.....REVOLT!


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May be it is not so bad after all

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

I am sort of ambivalent about the gas prices. I actually see less cars around my area cruising the streets and polluting the air. It is certainly good for global warming and we have to cut back anyway sooner or later. So, as JJ said, we need to think seriously the alternate energy and using smaller cars and hybrids.


Oil refinaries in US are not running at capacity

by almo5000 on

This is part of W's friends' oilmen strategy to create supply problem and raise prices on gasoline. This has worked for them over the past 8 years (since W became a "king", especially over the last 3-4 years since they figured their king will not bother them with lawlessness) and this process will continue. I think it will become worse even after that iodt leaves office since the "crooks" have now figured out that they can make themselves and their freinds rich and no one will bother them. This is in the light of the fact that they know well that the crippled US government does not and  cannot do anything about that. In the meantime, Americans are acting like bunch of sheep and are not even lifting their lips! (out of fear of government perhaps? (for example, if they say anything they could be labeled as terrorists!!!!).) .

Kaveh Nouraee

Can someone explain this...

by Kaveh Nouraee on

While the price is going through the roof for a gallon of gas, the profits the oil companies are realizing are exponentially greater.

Crude oil is traded at US Dollars, so the dollar is worth what little it is to you, me, and the oil traders.

All of this mumbo-jumbo about the higher costs of refining, summer and winter formulations and so forth, would normally mean a higher cost of doing business for the oil companies. Instead, their costs are lower, because their net profits are at record levels,

Any insight would be helpful.

K Nassery

Actually, I think usage is down.

by K Nassery on

Everyone I know is cutting back.  I live in a farm region and there are helpful hints on our local news daily.


update.... NBC is reporting that gas usage is down all over the US. 


plenty of oil

by MRX1 (not verified) on

there are plenty of oil resources both in U.S and abroad. off Brazilian coast they found a large oil field at par with what ever saudi arabia produces, there are oil fields off coast of california and even oil sands in Colorodo, Canada, russia has not even tapped it's oil resources in siberia.list goes on and on..... The problem is not supply, but production and going after oil. If nything oil companies should be forced to explore and produce more.


Good, I am glad...

by Parthian on

I hope gas reaches $10/gallon, the sooner that becomes a reality, the sooner we will realize how destructive humanity's addiction to oil has become. We need to have alternatives be market competitive, and at 5/gallon, we are well on our way there.

Second, terrorists, and despot in middle east are in the midst of a "hyper-revenue" era, what lags behind that is a massive inflation, and lots of instability. It will expose the governments such as that of Iran to lots of vulnerability. In other words, when the collapse of the oil prices come, expenditures have to be cut drastically in those countries, and the consequences will be enormous. Shah had to face that at a time when the economic health of the country was in much better shape. I don't know how IR will react to collaspe of oil price, in combination with diminishing output due to obsolence of oil equipments(now predicted to be at 10% per year in Iran). U.S is defiintley in financial difficulties, but the perfect economic storm is gathering over Iran

Jahanshah Javid

More like $10

by Jahanshah Javid on

Gas prices in the U.S. will be above $10 in a year or two. Rising demand and falling dollar are the main reasons, plus war. Time to buy that electric or hybrid car.


Couple actions we can take

by Majid on

Let me start with what I would like to put next to my gas tank:

"Kooftet besheh, you GAS HOLE!" ( I'm getting 14 MPG !!!!)

But seriously:

minimize your driving habits as little as possible.

If you have more than one car, use the one with highest MPG to do necessities.


Some people suggested " not to buy gas in one agreed upon day to send a message"...BUT...

I think if you don't buy gas in one specific day you will buy the next! so it will not do any good.

Not driving AND not buying gas in one set day however will result in less gas consumption.

Please add to the list.