Can you envision a democratic Iran?!

by Faramarz_Fateh

Democracy requires rule of law and tolerance.  2 things that are greatly missing in Iranian society and culture.

So without these prerequisites can democracy coalesce, survive and prosper in Iran?

Look at the blogsphere of  Anytime a discussion is about anything other than food, discussion and responses turn hostile with lots of name callings, personal attacks, strong opinions, one sided views etc etc.

When I talk to friends and family in Iran, they say the same thing goes on in Iran.  Apparently you rarely see informal debates that end peacefully. Sort of the same thing as what we see here.  During formal debates, due to presence of security forces, fights normally don't break out.  But outside these venues, people get into fights.

I wonder what is the interim step before establishment of democracy. 



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by Shah.Heir on

from a safe comfortable seat in the States it is alot easier to "imagine". I recently made a rather insulting remark to a former Iranian Diplomat about his "imagining" (prior to reading his bio ofcourse). However, with that said yes. Although, seeing the utter chaos, even many in the so called "educated class" act like a poor rooh a$$ it quickly becomes a task one would rather just flee and leave. As Iranians I think first we have to learn it is not okay to abuse and use people. A friend of the family recently had visited and described a grown man describing ripping people off with "eftekhaar" because he is more "zerang". I am not sure exactly how but if given the time and resources I could definately prove the regime is the actual cause of many of the social problems and the ones that havent been introduced by these ass backwards bastids is definately not addressed by them either.


A great model for tolerable democracy

by OmidKarimi on

is actually the scandinavian countries like Norway for example. Tolerance for each others views are amazing in such countries, Iranians have lots to learn from that.

I believe also its because we have ego's the size of mountains and we love to argue just for the sense of it, its in our nature sadly, but other cultures have these issues as well, try debating politics between two Italians and watch the fireworks.

But yes, at the end, I imagine Iran having the same democratic system like Turkey.


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by Shepesh on