CIA Provides Liability Insurance for Employees!!!

by Faramarz_Fateh

I was watching the premier propaganda Sunday morning talk show called "Meet the Press" this morning when I heard some really interesting information.

According the short bald military guy Mike Hayden who runs the CIA now, 30% of CIA analyst were hired after 9/11/2008. Additionally, 50% of their analyst have less than 10 years of experience.

Is this why CIA is now for the first time providing liability insurance for its employees? Hell yeah. You know that there is going to be a whole bunch of mistakes which will ruin lives of American citizens accused of spying and alike activities.

I bet you most of these so called analysts can't find middle east on a map. But these are going to be the people preparing reports for the higher ups to suggest or perhaps conjur up accusations about countries as well as American citizens, mostly of mid eastern heritage.

By the way, CIA is running hiring ads in the Iranian radio station of LA 2 or 3 times a day. I hear they pay $45K to start. Maybe all the out of job Iranian Real Estate agents and loan brokers can now work for the CIA.

Do you also feel that the U.S. is going to the dogs? Wars are being outsourced to private companies. The prison system too. Drug companies are controlling Medicare. CIA is offering liability insurance for its employees. Whats next?

Our goverment under the presidency of George W. Bush, the Harvard MBA has become a freaking large corporation and the only way you can buy stock in this corporation is to be a friend of Bush.

Damn I can't wait until this son of a bitch is out. I'd contribute to any cause or organization which would work towrads criminal prosecution of W after he is out of office. Would you?


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Liability insurance for CIA employees is a good example of a solution fitting the problem. A capitalistic solution for potential capitalistic crimes.

Insurance business is claimed to be about risk management. In practice, insurance is one of very few products one buys hoping never to use it. Plus, records show insurance companies are allowed by law to escape compensating the insured if they choose to do so. Just take a look at thousnads of never paid claims after each earthquake or flood. Health insurance companies are even more notorious. Their actions border criminality.

Now for the CIA employees, who may have to engage in "illegal" activities to protect national security, i.e., torture, unauthorized wiretapping, rendering, etc..., what better than liability insurance. It is a win-win deal for both the CIA and the insurance companies. The CIA accomplishes its mission and the insurance company wouldn't have to pay a dime. No patriotic court or judge would order an insurance company to pay anyone anything for a liability case brought about against a CIA emloyee who is simply doing his patriotic job. Only in America can we be so creative!


Imagine .....

by AM1 on

Imagine a CIA operator in Iran (most likely an iranian working for the enemy) is captured. That person is going to be made a "shish kebob" upon capture by mollahs. What would the use of "liability insurance" for him/her be? May be they can buy skew sticks with it for the kebob.


Why are you surprised?

by Anonymous 98765 (not verified) on

Dadash, tazeh fahmidi? chand sale Amrika hastee?