Concerts during Muharram; you've come a long way baby

by Faramarz_Fateh

Muharram 2009 started on December 18th in the U.S.  Muslim and non Muslim musical artists will be putting on concerts in Las Vegas on Dec 24-27 and Dec 27-30.  Actually, Dec 28th is Ashura.  This is fantastic.  I salute these performers for breaking centuries old taboos.  There is actually a huge concert on Christmas night in LA.  I think I'll be going to that.

For far too long, our culture has been held hostage by stupid rituals that have to do with mourning for scores of Arabs who died 10-14 centuries ago.

So far, 5,000 ticket packages (meaning at least 10,000 people) have been sold.  I congratulates each and everyone of these artists and also the people who will be participating in these concerts and having a good time.


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Sorry Bud

by KouroshS on

But you really and seriously left me no choice, To flag your behind in your own damn blog.

may god give your brain cells the much needed "synaptic strenght" they so desparately are devoid of.


Fateh that's right

by HollyUSA on

Why don't you keep at it until you're blue in the face. Like I said, you don't belong with us Iranians nor with Iran.  Bug off. Go where they want you - a few borders West of Iran.

And your break is over. Back on my SH**/Ignore list starting immediately. Hala hey zoor bezan.


What is Your Problemo Fateho?

by KouroshS on

 Everything's alright there?

I have missed the point?? LOL whatever Pal. Your own adamance and yek dandegi have clogged up your mind. You don't even know what the point was that you were trying to make.

Yeah. the train is long gone and to ham roosh dari savari mikoni.

Your Nitpicking = khale zanak bazi, Over some dumbass concert.


Holly, you have an English user name

by Faramarz_Fateh on

and you call me vatan foroosh!!  LOL

That fact alone goes a long way to show the depth of your character.




by HollyUSA on

MY (NOT YOURS) brothers and sisters are chanting Mijangim, mimirim keshvaro pass migirim!

REST ASSURED, when they do it will NOT be for the likes of you. Vatan foroosh. Find youurself a hole and crawl in it and stay there.


KouroshS I do, do you?

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Sort of Ironic you acusing me of nitpicking!  LOL

You've missed the point and that train is long gone.  



by KouroshS on

Less than 5 weeks or more than 3 months . would not change things one bit. The whole thing was that these guys advertised more frequently during this so-called short period of time so it basically had the same impact.

You know there are more important thing to nitpick on , don't you?



HollyUSA Arash and KouroshS

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Arash jan, this is a blog.  Not a Phd dissertation or a Master's thesis or even remotely an academic article.  There is no need for data or sources.  If you want data and sources may I suggest that you go to a Mosque where you live and listen to cermons of your local Akhoond.  I'm certain his talks will be full of credible references. 

Mr. Kourosh, the advertising for these concerts started less than 5 weeks before the event; unlike the years before when ads started showing on sites like or radio javan 3 months prior to the event.  I am not sure why you want to dispute facts.  If you want to believe that everything was the same as last few years, thats your prerogative.

Holly, you are just way too disingenuous for me to want to spend time to educate.  At least not today. 


Mr Faramarz

by Arash_1970 on

There is no doubt about Vegas Hotels capacity to hold thousands and thouands of spectators. My doubt is about the numbers you presented ,maybe you are a promoter ,business partner or even a performer ,I just wanted to know where did you get such encouraging numbers? These concerts have repeatedly disappointed and I was curious to know how accurate your numbers are.It has nothing to do with race or ethnicity ,it's just curiosity. 

Maybe 10000 Parthians are heading to sin city to prove that they are true Persians and will NEVER accept Moharam as a reason to not gamble or drink in a Christian country a million miles away from "Persia". Good for them !! You go sons of Darius !

Give me a break dude !


Last minute???

by KouroshS on

Faramarz jan

I saw the whole advertisement process, the selling of the packages and the entire story, and there was nothing "last minutish" about it. it started way back before even preparations for thanskgiving was on the way. 

The major "headliners" are under serious contarctual obligations not allowing them to be a part of this. Obviously there is more money to be made for them elsewhere.

Peak Travel season and Holidays and the fact that Many iranians are off work, Is one of the Big reasons.

also. I know that such overlap was a coincidence. Please do not over analyze it for me:)



FF in harfaro az kojat dar miyari toe????

by HollyUSA on

"That is precisely why the promoters waited until last minute to start
advertising and the line up of singers excludes some of the many usual

The truth of the matter is (and yes I happen to KNOW IT FOR A FACT rather than YOU who just make it up as you go along), that there was more than one group of organizers with so called 'agreements' with the so called 'big headliners' and as usual all kinds of hell broke out because each group was claiming to have so and so (the SAME so and so) at such venue (different venue). Some survived the legalities, some didn't! THAT SIMPLE.

Just come clean dude. You take any opportunity to try to deliver a low blow and tie it into Islam. This is just one more lame attempt.


KouroshS jan

by Faramarz_Fateh on

So far as I know, this is the first and only time these concerts have coincided with Muharram.  I don't need to remind you that Muhrram is based on Hejri Ghamari calendar.

Since 1998 when these concerts officially started, this is the first time Christmas and Muharram have been at the same time.  Any how, I am sure you can check it. 

That is precisely why the promoters waited until last minute to start advertising and the line up of singers excludes some of the many usual headliners.

The issues of peak season, Las Vegas casinos etc are taken for granted.


christmas concerts

by KouroshS on

Are organized and planned based on priciples and considerations that has absolutely nothingto do  with whether some religious mourning period happen to coincide with it.

They have been held for past few years on these same dates and I hope you do realize that the organizers are taking advantage of the peak travel season and the likelihood of having many iranians and asouris and armenians hitting the vegas casinos or choosing it as their ideal vacation spot.



Mr. Arash

by Faramarz_Fateh on

I love the inquistor nature of us Persians!  "where do you get your statistics?".  Sorry, I wasn't under the impression that I am submitting a master's thesis. 

The Vegas concerrts are usually held in convention rooms of major hotels.  When 3 or 4 rooms are combined, the easily accommodate 5,000 people.  Thinking about it, the hall at MGM where they have the boxing matches hold 10K+ people.



10000 People ????

by Arash_1970 on

Where do you get your statistics ? :-) You mean They'll fill a place as big as the Universal or the Greek Theatre and more ?! I wonder if Dariush will be making a speech or quote Khalil Gibran again :-) I think the packages are over priced and usually the quality of the productions and organization of these events are super low in order to maximize profits.

 Have fun anyway :-)


Now that you mentioned it

by cyclicforward on

I make sure to go to a concert on the Ashura.

Maryam Hojjat

These taboos will be broken

by Maryam Hojjat on

in a free Iran hopefully soon.