Count down to Iran's bombardment

by Faramarz_Fateh

NOTE: If you are going to write a reply va be jaddo abade man fohsh bekesheen, please read the whole piece before forming your opinion. I am not pro war nor pro Bush. Thank you!

The Bush administration is setting the stage, like clock work, for bombing Iran.

More and more accusations, baseless or not, and increasing media campaign for portrayal of Iran as the biggest threat to America and Americans is what reminds me of what happened with Iraq. The biggest problem (for us Iranians) is that 50-60% of Americans believe any bull crap they hear on TV.

There is no downside to bombing Iran for the G.W.'s administration, or for that matter the Republicans. History has shown that atleast initially, when there is impending or ongoing war or hostilities between the U.S. and any other nation, Amercians rally behind the White House and the flag. So, problem with Iran equates to more votes for the Republicans.

Bombardment generally makes for very good news. CNN, Fox and the rest would love nothing more than another mini war. 24 hour coverage means more biz for them. So, for all pratical purposes, they are on board already.

The same group of people who are profiting from the Iraq war will have a new source of very lucrative revenue. The "contractors" who get $150K a year will have longer job security.

Most importantly, G.W. doesn't give a shit what happens after he leaves office. As long as he gets to kill off a few more Muslims and F up another middle eastern country.

If I had to wager a bet, I would say that the attack, in form of so called "surgical strikes" with missles, accompanied by very heavy cover from 3-4 naval carrier groups in the Pesian gulf will happen between February and April of next year.

I hope to be writing an apology blog piece come May of next year, telling everyone how wrong I was.


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Zero Hour

by Plateau (not verified) on

Afshin: I largely agree with what you've said. I think the attack will be sometime during 2008. And, I believe the Mullahs will have to be overthrown by force. The people in Iran will not fight for the Mullahs, that is for sure. But, I have a couple of serious concerns:

Whose leadership, as an alternative to the Mullah regime, will bring, at least, a sense of order out of chaos, which will follow an attack? Who will take over even on an interim basis from the Mullahs?

Iranian opposition, so far, has not shown any meaningful signs of unity. In fact, disunity among the Iranian opposition groups has been a major contributing factor as to why the Mullahs, after 28 years, are still in power.

Americans run military operations, but they aren't good at what follows the "fireworks" and certainly aren't "nation-builders".


I will not fight for Mullahs and IRI regime

by Not Me (not verified) on

I will not fight for Mullahs and IRI regime. Let every one in Islamic Republic of Iran know that there are more than 85% of us Iranians that will not fight for them.

We learned our lessons from Iran-Iraq war. We fought, we sacrificed, and you Mother Fuckers IRI and your supporters not just ruined our Iranian culture, you IRI regime changed our identity, your IRI regime killed and tortured our female souls and brought despair to our youth, you brought misery, poverty, superstition, you IRI regime brought intolerance in accepting opposition, you IRI regime smashed human rights in Iran, you IRI regime filled prisons with political prisoners, you IRI regime made our universities to military mosques, you IRI regime brought lashing, public hanging for us, you IRI regime brought down our pride. You IRI regime made Iran to be at the bottom ranking in every standard. You IRI regime made the entire world our enemy. In today’s world, you IRI regime are outcast.

We Iranians are not going to fight for you. We will rebuild Iran to a great country with not being afraid to get help from the world. Japanese did it and we will do it too.


Faster, Faster ....

by A Michael Ledeen Supporter (not verified) on

Faster, Faster ....


Zero Hour...

by afshin on

I think the attack on Iran is imminent.  It's not a question of if, but when.  Iran will be attacked sometime in 2008.  And I promise you, inspite of all the saber rattling, and denials of reality, it will be swift, and easier than Iraq.  The Iranian government is deluded if it thinks the US does not have the capacity to attack Iran.  Iran fought against Iraq for 8 long years, lost a million people, with over a trillion dollars in material damage, and all they got was a stalemate.  Iraq was conquored in 3 weeks by the US.  And they could have done it more quickly if they wanted to.  And don't go thinking that there will be a massive uprising against the occupation.  We Iranians have a good record on that.  When the Iran-Iraq war broke out, the percentage of Iranians that fled Iran far outweighed the percentage of Iraqis that fled Iraq.  Iranians will do what Iranians do best, think of themselves.  The only ones that stayed behind in Iran were those with no resources to leave.  Don't think for a second you're going to leave your cush life in the US and go back home to fight.  it's hogwash.  None of you will.  I know I won't.  And it won't be because I don't love Iran, it will be because I love myself more.  So sit back, relax, stop stressing yourself over something you have absolutely no control over, and let nature take its proverbial course.  Iran, for better or worse, is next.  Maybe it won't be such a bad thing after all.  I mean what could be worse than this shit the mullahs have created for us over the past 28 years?  NOTHING!  They gave us the Iran-Iraq war, they've invited sanctions, they've turned our country in to a pariah state.  For what?  A bunch of Palestinians that were rooting for Saddam during the war?  Do you truly think this regime has made us independent?  In a global economy, is there even such a thing as financial independence?  Just because they've squeezed the life out of us over these years at a slow and gradual pace, does not make it any less egregious.  You sit in your nice and quiet homes, watching your flat screen tv's driving your luxury cars fuming at the prospect of a strike on Iran.  you have no concept what people endure in Iran.  You go back every few years and live like a king for the 3 weeks you're there and to you everything is beautiful.  Everything is great.  But it isn't.  We have shown through our collective ineptitude, that we are not capable of creating change.  The Iranian constitution does not allow change.  The leader of Iran, which in reality is a theocratic monarchy, gets his power by the divine grace of god!  How can you counter that?  NEVER!  This system needs to go.  It would have been better had Carter done it 28 years ago, but it would have been as effective.  We've had 28 years to prove to ourselves and the rest of the world, that we need help.  So help is on its way.  Will people suffer? Absolutely.  But are they not suffering now?  To ensure a better tomorrow, we need this more than you think.  Oil will run out in our lifetime, and when it does, we will go back to being the 5th world country we were in the 1920's.  We need to change everything from its foundation, and we need it fast.  This regime needs to go!



Its not up to Iran

by Alborzi (not verified) on

Attacking Iran is very illogical. As is Iran is about 5 years to get a bomb and by attacking it, it will sure happen deeper this time and even if Iran gets a bomb, it will not be
any danger to US who has tens of thousands and Israel who has about 300. However these guys are not very logical, so it may, but if it does, it would be stupid . Iran cannot stop it without pulling a Libya and bending over and thats not likely.
As they say "sange bozorg dalil nazadan ast" , Its too "ghaliz" to be real.


The idiot iranians in the west...

by Anonymous99 (not verified) on

In reply to A Clergy: You are a real idiot! Perhaps when your family gets bombed or disappears in a rendition you will change your tune. An attack or invasion will destroy Iran and any Iranian with a half a brain knows that the invasion will not be for the good of them so that is why it will not be welcomed and will turn every moderate Iranian to Mullah suppporting suiside bomer. Next time think before you make your Stupid Comment.


Key, Ya, Keyaro darim, keh

by Diyar (not verified) on

Key, Ya, Keyaro darim, keh ageh hamleh shod va harj o marj shod, va khar too khar shod, va khoonrizi shod... begim maa in adamo mikhahim, een khoobeh, een beh dard-e iran mikhoreh!
Kasi hast keh betooneh mesl aadam-e-dorost-hesabi iran ro dorost koneh?
Albateh keh az ghabl yek kasaii ro
amaadeh kardaan va dar nazar daran
keh biyaran sar-e kar vali...
Dar hal-e haazer key hast?..... hich key!


RE: Military Action Against Iran

by chatswithJohnX (not verified) on

It is doubtful that Pres. Bush will be able to organize an attack on Iran before he leaves office. Iranian intelligence is providing military assistance and small arms in Iraq and Turkey is poised for a a major incursion into northern Iraq. The US would be unable to contain further instability militarily in the event that Iran were attacked.
Also, Iran could withold it's share of the petroleum from the global market, resulting in significant cost increases at the gas pumps in the US and Europe.
I believe that Bush's escalation of economic sanctions against Iran is another sign he is going for the long hall instead of risking a massive air campaign to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities which could inflict high casualties on American fighter pilots.
There are other risk factors which make any military actions against Iran rather self defeating for the west. All one has to do is try to see the larger picture and use some critical thinking.
I love the Iranian people - may Allah bless them.


USA should attack on Mullahs because

by hajiagha on


I be members of the revolutionary guard and i know they are also don't like the stupid mullahs and they don't have any reason to fight and lose own life for what? to mullahs stay in power longer and murdered more people , when war is happening you see how easy Mullahs are ran from Iran to cave and under ground... no one happy in Iran about Mullahs , no one not %5



by Asian (not verified) on

Mullahs think they're more cunning than Machiavelli
and more ruthless than the Nazis...But they're totally deluded.
They're a bunch of crude, primitive amateurs who have
overmatched themselves against the real professionals.
They have served their purpose and now must and will
It's the old scam, con-game or sting operation and
the mullahs are getting snookered between the bad cop, Bush, and the good cop, Putin. They have the
choice of getting crushed by the Russian bearhug, or
torn apart by the American eagle.
They think they're playing off Putin against Bush, but these two decided the mullahs' fate somtime ago,
and the mullahs' have been preprogramed to self-implode, as they are about to do.
There is no real conflict between Russia, USA, Europe, China, and Japan. They're all in this together and in cooperation (it's called multinational corporate globlization) to rob and to
pillage the Third World of its natural resources and
wealth, and to keep its people backward, primitive
and exploitable as cheap labor: Its the new face
and style of imperialism.
The mullahs have outlived their usefulness and are
becoming a nuisance to this new world order. They've
been put on the fast track to perdition.
There will be no bombing. The mullah system will simply be imploding under its own dead weight of
massive incompetence, corruption and brutality.



by iranians (not verified) on

lies to go to war = ok
lies about movie 300 = demonstrations and angry backlash

iranians in the west are a fucking disaster. no sense of priorities


Americans should keep mullahs alive so I can

by Azhdar Koon Kon (not verified) on

insert my massive keer into their koons! No Vaseline allowed!


from former revolutionary guard

by hajiagha on

Mr, Bush go head and attack on Mullahs and if you need help and support give me gun I will be there to fight , this stupid mullahs in Iran all of them are tiff and mass murder, they are having million dolor's home in Canada and rest of the world, bank account with billion in, go head and finish this nasty game make us happy


My plea to all Iranians...

by For court and law (not verified) on

To All Iranians:

This illegitimate fascist and despotic Islamic Republic of Iran will eventually collapse. We Iranians proclaim to all Mullah and theocratic supporters to stop supporting these mafias and leave their wrecked ship and join Iranian people in forming our true IRANIAN government.

Here is my plea to all of you Iranians:

Do not kill or hang these ruthless and coldblooded mullahs and their supporters. Have them captured and deliver them to authorities. Let them be tried one by one in court of law publicly. Let law and court rule. Let Iranian justice be served. It may take years to bring justice to them. But, this is a long overdue process and it is beholden to every Iranian living and to those who have sacrificed their lives for liberty and democracy in Iran.

Let all Iranians to find out what Mullahs and Islam have done to our Iranian culture and Iranian people. Let court and public to hear families and friends of all suffered Iranians. Let their crimes be known not just to Iranians but also to entire Middle East and the World.

Let the court and law process become our passageway to genuine democracy.

Iranians are for Justice against despotic Islamic Theocracy.



by Be keeram (not verified) on

Wat the hell u talking about bomb shomal villas,,,dayoos my dad has a villa there WTF...but we are not gonna get bombed if we did the americans would fail miserably...and the akhoonds me would still prevail...its pretty obvious one can come in and just take over...the ppl will not allow it..russians, chinese ect will also not allow it...its all bullshit and a bunch of rednecks tryin to profit off oil if you cant see this obvious fact then saret bakoonet bazyy mikoneh......


US won't attack

by reshteh bereshteh (not verified) on

Meh, you are all just wasting your brain cells by
thinking of possible outcomes, it won't happen.
US won't attack Iran, it's just a political game
they are putting up.
We are not that lucky to see the end of mullahs,
specially with Russia backing that hell hole.
Mullas are safe and will be safe as long they
have oil.


I condemn any attack

by Jesus (not verified) on

I condemn and oppose any attack on Iran's civil infrastructure, or where there is a chance of great civilian casualty. However, I am all for attacking military installations, specially IRGC bases, Basij bases, QOM religious quarters, and seminaries, Mullahs residences and villas in northern tehran, parliament, where expediency, and guardian council gathers (preferably with them in there). Any other place containing more mullahs, and akhouks, anyone with beard greater than 2 inches in length than normal human beings. I am all for killing and exterminating mullahs(useless class, unproductive) from the face of the earth. So please attack the people who are actually responsible for terrorism, and misery, not the poor Iranian folks. Make it count.


US heech ghalati nemitoneh bekoneh ,,,,,

by asghar_ghatel (not verified) on



Re:Count down to Iran's bombardment

by Not if but when (not verified) on


You present some excellent points.
I could not agree with you more.

Call me crazy but here is my view on that situation (not so much on the Bush side but on the Iranian side);

As many already know, the majority of Iranians (in Iran) are under the age of 30 and very unhappy with the regime as well as the difficult economic situation inside Iran.

The government of Iran is well aware of both of these facts.

The government of Iran also knows that as pressure increases on these young Iranians so do the chances of these Iranians overthrowing the government.

The government of Iran wants to maintain power and control.

They fear no country (not America, Israel, or anyone else) But they do fear the people of Iran.

If anyone can overthrow that regime and have it be accepted by the internationl community and the rest of the world, it's the Iranian people themselves.

As sick as what I'm about to say may sound it actually does make sense (to me at least):

In my opinion the Iranian government wants to be attacked.

There are a few reasons I believe this;

1) If Iran is attacked it would cause the people of Iran to unite behind their government (and push back any chance of overthrowing it for a long long time)

2) Imagine if you told the Iranian government that there was a way to "take out America and Israel" at the same time...That would be music to their ears....let me finish...Iran hires Russia (a world superpower with nuclear weapons) to build its nuclear plants. Iran agrees to pay Russia (a world superpower with Nuclear weapons)a significant amount of money each month for these facilities, HOWEVER asks for Russia's protection in the Interim should it be attacked by another country....Hint, if someone is doing 100+Million dollars of business with you each month, you are not going to allow someone else to get in the way of that are you?...So where am I going with this? In Iran's eyes, the United States is stretched thin militarily in Iraq / Afghanistan. If there was ever a time to pick a fight with the United States it would be when they are not at their strongest. However In order to have it 'accepted' Iran has to act as though it's actions were in 'self defense' do they do that? By getting attacked. I find it interesting that every other day Ahmadinejad states that they have made more and more advances in their nuclear programme, and that one day a storm will come in and wash Israel (the United States strongest ally) away...Clearly the Iranian government is asking to be attacked. If they (the Iranian government) really wanted a nuclear weapon, they could easily buy one from Russia, China, India, or Pakistan...But they certainly would not brag about their nuclear accomplishments....They would hide them. I am not saying Iran does not have an 'underground' program that the rest of the world does not know about..but at the same time, if you wanted to hide something you would not brag about it the way they are doing.

If the United States is smart it will appeal to the youth of Iran, fund anti-government groups inside of Iran, and speed up a revolution that would have occured on its own in 5 - 10 years anway.

Attacking Iran would certainly delay any potential nuclear programe the Iranian government might have (that is ABOVE ground...i.e. the sites at Bushehr, Natanz, Arak, could be pawns...bait if you will)..the real programs could be underground beneath apartment buildings in highly congested areas(where the United States would be hesitant to attack due to civilian casualties).

In summary, by being attacked, Iran would accomplish these four points;

1) Destroy any possibility of a revolution,

2) Unite the people of Iran behind the government,

3) Have the 'right' to strike back and NOT be condemnded by the rest of the world,

4) Actually think they stand a chance of taking out America and Israel at the same time (my personal favorite).


Faramarz Fateh hit the nail right on the head...!

by A Clergy (not verified) on

The question is not if but when America will bomb the Islamic Republic. In the highly likelihood of this event, Iranians should welcome a US attack with open arms. Iranians should do everything in their power to expose the regime elements and its infrastructure to the Americans in order to speed up the invasion process.

May God bless America and speed up this long-awaited invasion!


I hope you are

by Ihope (not verified) on

wrong I mean - there cannot be any other way. With the way things are going all over the world noone can be that bullish. So, let's hope that I will write a blog to say "I told you so" in May after you write your "I was wrong" blog :-) ....... I hope I am not in denial


I agree with the below poster, US will never attack iran

by Abolghasem (not verified) on

stay cool, you are too worried over something that
will never get materialized. It's simply never gonna


USA hich vaght be Iran hamle

by IranAlways (not verified) on

USA hich vaght be Iran hamle nakhahad kard