The day all politicians &... died

by Faramarz_Fateh

Can you imagine what would happen if in one day all major politicians and all major self appointed religous leaders in the world just dropped dead?

For example, imagine a world without Bush, Ahmadinejad, Khamenei, Putin, leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah, the freaGing Pope, Ehud Olmert, Jerry Falwell, John McCain, Hugo Chavez, O' Bin Laden, etc etc.

The world would be a beautiful place wouldn't it?  Sort of how God intended it to be.  Somehow throughout our history, a bunch of self serving ego maniac money and power hungry psychopaths have been able to rise through the ranks, get access to the bully pulpit and through controling us and our foreftahers fuck us to no end.  Oh, I forgot about Kings and Queens!  They are also unnecessary evils.

Religion and politics are sources of all evil.  Do you think we can live without these 2 "things" in our lives?  I really think we can.  Abolish the idea of religion outside one's home.  If you want to pratice and worship God based on any religion you want, more power to you.  Do it inside your home and don't force it on anyone else. If Mormons or Jehova witnesses show up to your door, arrest them!  30 days of community service!

Elect public servants by majority vote.  For no more than a couple years.  No reelections possible.  If they do a good job, take care of them for life with a reasonable pension.  If politicians are found stealing $, hang them.  If they are caught lying, castrate them if male and remove their ovaries if female for the first offense.  Hang them for second offense.

Damn!  This is getting to be complicated.  Who is going to be doing all the judging and hanging and stuff!  Hmmm, back to the drawing board.

It was a nice idea while it lasted. 




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