Does fame make us selfcentered jerks? What happened to Omid!

by Faramarz_Fateh

This morning, Omid, the famous Iranian pop singer was on the Iranian radio of LA (670am). I was listening to him being interviewed by Sassan Kamali as I was driving towards Calabasis. I wish I hadn't listened to this program.

Omid's voice is unquestionably great. His first hit album, "Piroozi" was and still is sort of an arguable Iranian pop masterpiece; well if not masterpiece you can maybe call it timeless.

For the 30 minutes or so of this interview which I had the misfortune of listening to, this guy was parsing himself. It was unbelieveable. From how HE thinks music viedos need to be made to how HE donates his clothing to Goodwill, to how he hobnubs with the Iranian elite to how he and his wife donate to the homeless of Damn!!! Enough already.

Not everything is about YOU Omid jan.

When you like an entertainer like the way many of my friends and I liked Omid, its really tough and dissappointing to find out the person you admired so much is such a eccentric and az khod razi person.

I know we are all human with our faults. Most likely if I was as famous as Omid maybe I'd be a self centered jerk to, although some argue that I am that without fame.

Did anyone else besides me listen to this program today? Am I wrong? Did I wake up from the wrong side of the bed?

Thats what I think. Whats your opinion?


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Dear Azarin

by IRANdokht on

I don't have a problem with Dr Holakooee, I have a problem with idolizing people (even Dr Holakooee). I also have a problem with the celebrity mentality that most people in southern california seem to be suffering from. (American and Iranian) I had never seen people so preoccupied with the celebrities personal lives.

You're right we seem to do that in Iran too: it might have been due to the "westernization" of the country in Shah's time which was not done correctly and all the wrong aspects of the western culture (especially American) was imported and made available to the Iranian public. Have you seen those old Iranian magazines? Javanan, zaneh rooz etc..? all about the fashion, the singers, the "dokhtar shayesteh" competitions and some trashy novels as pa-varaghi...

Radio Iran (KIRN) sounds the same way to me. It might be the best, I don't know of any other Iranian radio. As for Iranian TV, the only one I watch is broadcasting on sundays at 11 AM for one hour. I prefer IRTV to all other Iranian programs, because it's a no nonsense news, local news, special programming mostly interviews with known Iranian figures (activists, writers, political or social specialists etc...) and the advertisement that pays for their broadcast although unusually excessive, it's all bundled up together and clearly shown as advertisement.

I don't like to wonder if the person (guest, specialist or whatever) who is giving me advice, is doing a community service or has paid to run his advertisement.




When I read your blog posts

by Mostafa (not verified) on

it reminds me of a male version of Sarah Jessica Paker's character on the TV show sex and the city.
Where do you come up with all this crap?
Sometimes you crap is funny and interesting....but most times it isn't.

Azarin Sadegh

I listened to Omid this morning...

by Azarin Sadegh on

It is nice to see sometimes a light subject that has nothing to do with religion, or politics, etc... Today, still working from home (btw, pretty close to Calabasas!), I listened to Omid. He sounded a bit arrogant, but what do you expect? Don't you recognize our own Iranian-style exaggerated praises for anyone with a little bit of fame?

So I wasn’t shocked, but what I found the most annoying was that he acted like a chosen messenger from gods with a mission or something. I guess he is being praised like a god to think – humbly -- of himself this way.

But to respond to Irandokht, in general I think 670AM KIRN is the best Iranian media in LA, compared to Iranian TVs. And I really like Kamalli (and his direct style) and Holakouee (and his direct style).I have attended most of Holakouee’s classes and believe me, the guy is one of the funniest and the most knowledgeable people I have ever seen. Plus I learned how to deal with the impossible task of raising normal kids!

And I have noticed that most people who don’t like him, are the same people still stuck in those old taboos that Holakouee is trying to break.




Artistlover, Your argument

by n.zanincanadai1 (not verified) on


Your argument is very superficial. So what if they starved? It was their choice!!! Not to mention that an artist that "makes it", does so because someone refers to them as timeless and calls their work a masterpeice. The "boohoo I'm so artistic but starving" line is kinda old. Especially in our community when most singers have primary professions.

Now to bask is completely acceptable. Joy to the world. Success is beautiful. Arrogance isn't.


wrong side of the bed

by ArtistLover (not verified) on

Fateh Jan:

With all due respect for you, sometimes reading your material, I get the feeling that you are a "self-centered jerk" (your words, not mine); and you are not even a celebrity!

A few artists climb a steep and hard mountain to fame and financial success, suffering on their way with poverty and neglect. When they reach the top, they bask in the joy of having made it. Let them gloat and be full of themselves, as while we were choosing professions which would feed our families and clothe and shelter us, many artists starved, performed for free, and endured the time and energy it gets to rise to fame and stardom.

Yes, you did get off the wrong side of the bed today. Chill!


RE: Ali P

by IRANdokht on

I am sorry if I was not clear about that

what I meant by "the American way" is the way this Iranian radio station operates: the celebrity fluff, idolizing Dr Holakouyi and a few other local Iranians, bringing programming that is all advertising in nature and feeding it to the Iranians as if it were community service etc...

thinking you know a celebrity personally and imagine that they have a great personality just because they have a good voice and you like being entertained by them is also fluff and idolizing/celebrity mentality which is mostly the American way


No I don't think arrogance is only American, trust me!


Ali P.

To : Irandokht

by Ali P. on

What is "the american way"?

If an artist seems arrogant?

As oppose to what? "The Iranian way"?

Please elaborate.


Drop everything and just look at me

by n.zanincanadai1 (not verified) on

To put oneself out there in the eyes of the public (as you and I are doing) is a symptom of exhibitionism. Which the dictionary defines as:

"noun: someone who deliberately behaves in such a way as to attract attention"

Public chatacters (artists, entertainers, politicians, journalists) have an exagerated sense of exhibitionism. Many are actually shy (maybe BECAUSE of this), but ultimately, they CHOOSE to stand up and have a bunch of eyes on them.

Omid goes on a stage that is an elevated platform and shares his voice with people that have paid to be in his presence. If he didn't enjoy talking about himself he would keep singing in the shower.

Now, read your blog,
"arguable Iranian pop masterpiece; well if not masterpiece you can maybe call it timeless.
Can you blame the guy for being arrogant????
I would argue against your claim. Sedash khubeh but it's nothing but recyled music.


the american way

by IRANdokht on

Dear Faramarz khan

Do you still like Moein a lot, because you have not had the misfortune of hearing him express himself yet?

when someone has a great voice, it does not mean they will automatically have a great character. I don't know Omid and don't know if fame has changed him, was he more humble and down to earth before coming to LA?

Judging from the few times I had to listen to it while my parents were around, the persian radio because is all fluff, it has the same Celebrity idolizing mentality that we see from the commercial radios all over the US. It's getting so bad that you can't tell a paid programming from a public service anymore, just like some of the paid programming you see on TV and you might think the speakers really have the best interest of people in mind...

I used to like Sassan Kamali but the radio station is a waste of time to people who have other options here and it's occupying too much of the Iranians time, in my opinion it's only good for our parents generation and people who do not speak English.