Fact: Ahmadinejad the 13th Imam

by Faramarz_Fateh


I don't think you will find a person who hates Ahmadinejad more than yours truly. I can easily pull the trigger as the executioner of a court of law if there was ever such an opportunity.

But when I listen to him talk about world politics, I become mesmerized. I agree with almost everything he says about foreign policy of the U.S. and maybe half of what he says about Israel. Although I support the State of Israel and take their side vs. Palestinians any day of the week, I agree with some of the things Ahmadinejad says about heavy handedness of Israel's government when dealing with Palestinians.

In any case, I subscribe to the opinion that Israel's existance is of paramount importance to Iran and the Mullahs know it. If there were no Jews in the Middle East to hate, Persians would the Jews of the region, needing to fend off the Arabs. Don't forget the Shiet and Sunni issue either.

I also believe holocaust should be a non taboo item, open to discussion and research. Don't get me wrong, I do believe it happened and the Jews need to be protected by the world community so it does not happen again; to them or to any other religious, ethnic etc minorities. But nothing should be off limit for discussion.

So during these interviews, I sort of root for Ahmadi on one hand and then I get so angry about his responses about Iran that I want to reach into the TV screen and choke the bastard.

Are you also conflicted?


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Some comments on your 13th Imam blog Faramarz

by William (not verified) on

I feel some of your comments about the US-view of Iran and Israel are filtered through the lens of Arab news media and common propaganda among average citizens. I am both American and Israeli, married to a beautiful Persian Jew. In America, many do not know about Iran except what we see on tv - the crazy president and no one forgets the brutal hostage situation of 1979. But those who live and work with Persians in the US, they are good friends and have no animosity of them. One would be surprised to hear of Iranian youth partying hard and wanting jobs more than death to America and Israel. Iran is represented by your president as the US is by Bush - misconceptions all around.

Now on Israel - I've seen Arab news broadcasts and see how facts are manipulated to demonize Israel and Jews. They never report on Israeli children slaughtered on purpose or the Pal bomber who targets a hospital, often the very doctors that help Pals with difficult procedures. No one remembers 1999 when Pals and Israelis met and traveled freely through the region - peace was on the horizon and except for Hamas, no real violence was occurring. Arafat changed that in a day to the chagrin of both sides. Never mentioned was the Israeli employers sending money to Pal families who couldn't work anymore or Pal-Israel cooperation on agricultural and environmental issues.

When an Arab asks "why is Israel so hard of the Palestinians" can they also ask "Why in the hell did Hamas break a cease-fire with rockets into a civilian neighborhood?" or "If there are army bases in N. Israel, why does Hizbullah target only civilian cities?". When you ask that you will see why Israelis still do not forget the Arab Leagues declaration of 1947 - a Jewish genocide to eclipse that of the Mongols in the ME.

And what you will not ever hear is the large majority that want a real peace with Pals in Israel and not games to buy time.


I am not ashamed to say I

by TheMrs on

I am not ashamed to say I agree with Antari when he talks about:

"unjust systems governing the world"
"conditions ruling the world"
" important issues of freedom"
"Justice is the foundation of the creation of humankind "
"as long as the aggressors, because of their financial, political and propaganda powers, not only escape punishment but even claim righteousness"

It's classic socialist thought, in fact, anyone who cares about his neighbour probably can agree with a lot of Antari's speech.

Problem is Antari is a hypocrite like other politicians. How can he stand up and talk about justice when his country practices stoning? It's absurd. In Iran there's no freedom of movement or even attire! Security is non existent. So how can he even stand up and talk about freedom and not crack up? He's a psychopathic mother fucker like the rest of them.

Antari says:

"Iraq was attacked under the false pretext of uncovering weapons of mass destruction "

"In Palestine, 60 years of carnage and invasion is still ongoing "

"In Afghanistan, production of narcotics has multiplied since the presence of NATO forces"


Vali akheh khak bar sar, be to che? He isn't an Afghan, Iraqi or even Arab. So who cares what injustices take place in other countries? His concern shouldn't extend beyond the national interests of Iran. Who cares about Palestine? There are 20 or so other Arab countries. Akheh be ma che?

"The dignity, integrity and rights of the American and European people are being played with by a small but deceitful number of people called Zionists."

Yeki nist behesh bege ke baba, be to che?

So it all boils down to this. This is all political games. It makes people like Bush and Rafsanjani rich. It creates a subject for you and I to talk about.

Bishtar az in hersesho nakhor. Zood sekteh mikoni.

I would like to document that my anonymous comment was consored! I just said that you all (and now it includes me) are sitting here talking like Antari cares! He isn't listening to us, let's get back to our malls and home offices.

Hala JJ, ino delete kon binim.






by Iva (not verified) on

I agree, he only mumbled words in support of Arabs in the region and Iranians were totally out of picture. True to islamist nature, arab nationals and their well being has high priority in their books in contrast to Iranian citizens' well being which is not on their radar. If you hear a school is built or a road is constructed once in a while, it is simply because they have to do small things to keep people's mouth shut.

Also, keep in mind that thousands of "Felestini" men participated in Iran-Iraq war by volunteering in Iraq armies. I am sure a few of those dancing Iraqi uniformed clad men who were dancing on top of killed Iranian soldier which I saw on a video clip were Felestini.


Lies and speeches

by Qioumars on

Mahmoud speech was addressed to Arab people in Palestine and Lebanon. All he said was: People there are starving and no one cares. This fact, though, exact is used and reused by the regime just for political matters. They search the support of arab people in the streets as separ-hayeh balla in the case where they will be attacked.

The price for this support and type of language is the impoverishment of iranians inside the country. The money of the oil sales is not only present in iranian tables but when Mahmoud was asked about human rights in Iran, his reaction was a total ignorance as everything there is ok!

The ditch between the reality and these lies are getting too deep to be covered. People weak up, it's time to move ...


You got it!

by I am serious (not verified) on

"If there were no Jews in the Middle East to hate, Persians would the Jews of the region, needing to fend off the Arabs."


It´s that simple.

baba shoma ha deegeh cheghdeh partid!


Al Ahmadi-Dajjal Fan Club

by samsam1111 on

I,m still getting over my hang over listening to that 1-800ahh-ooh translator Lobbyiest Zeynab. She was having an Ommatist orgasm for this insignificant mongol malijak of Qadesiyeh regime.

Taking foreign policy lessons from Al Ahmadi ?. A 3rd rate Ommatist whose rank even among Qadesiyeh regime Malakhs is less than Jannati,s Office manager . Repeating the same populist half truth Dicteh from his Ommatist mentors yet ignoring the Arab occupation force in the streets of V-ran. Seyeds propaganda machine is full of cameleons "Arabic = Dajjal" playing the snake dance populist melody for the gullible crowd. In short They will play Your tune to appeal to Your group, be it Commies, Liberals, Anarchist, Religious..etc..just like Seyed Master Charlatan Khomeini. And then They,ll enslave You...

Al Ahmadi foreign policy:

Aftab Yazd estimates & statistics & Lebenes Hezbollah TV interview  with head of the V-rani reconstruction group :

 1.7 Billion spent on reconstruction of Lebenon so far with %40 of the total project not done yet. In one item 3 hospitals were built costing total of 250 Million...put on top of it the monthly hidden & covert "Beit Rahbari" funds & military aid to Nasrollah,,


Arming, logistics, expences of rebuilding of Shia south & "harams" and shia para military..


As reported by regime own media..paying in just 2 instances 300 million to Hamas to pay for it,s personnels back pays after mashaal visit to Tehran and as khamenei said "Hamas doesn,t need foreigners to help em financialy..they have their brothers in Iraneh eslami"

and more........ Next class on foreign policy is in Hussinieh Jamkaran.



Once a liar, always a

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Once a liar, always a liar!!! He is a kind of populist, a manipulator of the poor and religious masses in Iran! But, surely he dogdes questions when interviewed by returning the question back to the poor journalist, and that does not make him a smart politician, it only reflects how he lacks knowledge to respond rationally. I am sure he has said all the things about Israel that the Western media claims! He is just not an honest man.

David ET

Rozeh Khooni in UN

by David ET on

Mr Ahmdinejad we heard your Blah Blah about God, World, Humanity, US, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Georgia, economy of the world: What about IRAN and all it's problems?

Tu agar Tabib boodi, sare khod dava nemoodi

kaleh dar

message and messanger both foul

by kaleh dar on

which part of massacare of six million jews needs to be discussed any further , so you would not commit yourself to another one.Ahmadinejad is clever criminal like other murderers in history, hitler,stalin and khomeini to count a few.



by AliM (not verified) on

great job. you really have your way with words and come up with good subjects. I have the same feeling as you too. you are not alone.
Keep up the good job agha faramarz.


Faramarz, you are correct

by Abarmard on

Sometimes it's wise to separate the message from the messenger!


you're not alone

by IRANdokht on

The problem is hypocrisy. When he speaks of Iran and IRI government, freedom and people's rights, you can't help but see how much a liar he is. That's what gets us angry. He's a big liar, he's a criminal, not an idiot and he's definitely not just saying things out of stupidity.  hmmm   he's a lot like Bush isn't he?  



PS: Never thought I would find myself in agreement with you.