Faramarz, JalehO and Q go to NYC.

by Faramarz_Fateh

My buddies JalehO, Q and I are going to NYC together.  Our plan is for all 3 of us to get there on September 22 at Laguardia airport's terminal 3.  After getting our luggage we plan to go to the Mosque in Queens for a prayer session.  We'll be praying for safe arrival of our beloved presiden in New York city.

For the evening, we are invited to the home of a devoute Muslim and an ardant supporter of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Manhattan.  There is reportedly going to be a feast.  Chelokabob koobideh, khoreshteh geyhmeh, Coke and Canada Dry with lots of fresh Taftoon, Sangak and lavaash.

Around 10pm, the President will be calling 3 people at a time to go and have a private meeting with him.  During this meeting, he will be giving us our annual stipend of $25,000.  For all of our hard work, guarding the interests of the IRI on the internet.

I plan to redo my home's wood floors.  But since the cost will be closer to $35,000 I'll need to ask Mahmoud jan for an advance.

Q is planning to by a new car.  Jaleh is planning a trip to Nordstroms.



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by KouroshS on

Another Fight is brewing up. Just what we need.

Kill Mouse Traps

They're giving you $25,000 ?!

by Kill Mouse Traps on

How come they're giving me $20,000 ?  What's going on here?  Why are you guys making more money than I do?  What do you do extra that they give you $5,000 more?

Fouzul Bashi

yakh nakoni

by Fouzul Bashi on

ba in honari keh az khodet neshun dadi, yekam esfand dood kon bara khodet yevaghti cheshmet nazanan