Faramarz's Bail Out Plan! Why didn't you think of it?


by Faramarz_Fateh

For the last 40-50 years the U.S. has been a "country of  big business, for big business run by big business".  Some people say its more like "country of the rich, for the rich and run by the rich", but remember, most rich people in one way or another are closely connected to big business. They are CEOs and CFOs, big share holders or portfolio or hedge fund managers that are closely tied to big business.

Big business has F'ed the U.S. and the world for that matter in the back for all this time.  Its time to get rid of big business and return power to the poeple.  How you ask?  I'll tell ya:

There are 34 million small businesses in the U.S.  These are businesses that employ less than 50 people.  Now remove businesses like law offices, mortgage brokers, realtors and other bull shit businesses from this pool.  That leaves about 27 million small businesses.

Take the 700 billion dollar bail out package and distribute it among these small businesses as a grant; that means $260,000 for each of these business. I have done the math right on this one.

Then require these business to pay back this sum in 10, 15 or 20 years, using 10% of their net profits, at a very low interest rate.  The only limitation being the grant money be used for salary and benefits for employees and hard assets for the business.  No salary for the business owner or his immediate family or no new cars for the owner or nice office furniture etc.   Someone commits a fraud, automatic 10 years in jail.

This will get manufacturing going.  We will once again make products.  We'll export crap and get hard currency back into the U.S.  The young college graduates can apply for $ for startups in IT or Biotech/bio engineering.  Companies can explore energy alternatives, etc etc.  YouTube.com was started with $4,000.   Dell Computers was started with $600 in a college dorm room.

Any money, even a red fucking cent that goes to Wall Street for bail out will be a waste.  Let these bastards die.  Close the F'ing Wall Street.  Return the U.S. to the people. 



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