Happy Muharram Everyone

by Faramarz_Fateh

1,400 years ago an Arab died at the hands of another Arab.  Since then, every year the country of Iran goes into mourning for 29 days. Remember sineh zani, ghammeh zani, to sar zani?!!  Makes a lot of sense ha.  So, I say lets reverse this trend. 

Muharram 2009 started today. As the 1980's Kool & the Gang disco song says: "Ce-----le-brate good times come on" repeat 3 times.

There's a party goin' on right here
A celebration to last throughout the years
So bring your good times, and your laughter too
We gonna celebrate your party with you

Of course, we should all try to celebrate Ashura which is on the 7th of January.  I am working on throwing a huge belated Ashura party on Friday Jan 8th in LA.  Tune in.  More details coming up.


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by jamshid on

I think many religions have traditions that to the reasonable mind looks unintelligent (polite word for "stupid".) Shia Islam is no exception, except perhaps we can find more of these backwarded traditions among Shias.

Prior to the Safavids (before 1500s AD), there was a very large Zoroastrian population (estimate 25%), and the rest were majority Sunni. It was Shah Esmaa'eel Safavi and his hordes of imported mollahs (many from today's Lebanon) who spread Shia beliefs and shameful traditons, and backed them by Safavid brutal and merciless sword.

After the Safavids and thanks to its bloodshed, the Zoroastrian population dropped to less than 5 percent, a rate that even the Arab invaders didn't achieve.

But hey, the Safavids also saved Iran from becoming an extension of Turkey (Ottomans.)

I doubt that the type of sineh zani and ghameh zani that transpires today in Iran ever took place before Safavids (unless in small groups here and there), considering the demographics of those times. But I admit that I cannot prove it and I am using only common sense to justify my claim.

Either way, I am ashamed that my countrymen mourn Hossein, a man who was a major commander of armies sent to crush (read: massacre) Iranians rebellion against Arab invaders in today's Manzandaran.

I once went with a friend to Mashhad for "ziaarat". The next day after we left our hotel rooms, I told my friend, "shomaa beframaayeed berid ziaarate emaam rezatoon, maa ham baraaye khodemoon mirim Toos ziaarate hazrate Ferdowsimoon..."

I never forget his blank clueless expression!

I guarantee that in a free and secular Iran where fanatic Shiism can no longer use the sword to silence other differring voices, these shameful and disgusting traditions will be set aside in only two generations.


This is going to be

by masoudA on

one special Ashoura - since for the first Time Iranians have a real Yazid - and we want to take revenge.   This is the Last Ashoura in Iran.  


How are you sure?

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Jamshid, I sincerely appreciate your input.  But how do you know?

I have seen the same shameful behaviour of sineh zani etc in Sunnis as well.




by jamshid on

"1,400 years ago an Arab died at the hands of another Arab.  Since then, every year the country of Iran goes into mourning for 29 days."

No, not since 1400 years ago. This shameful tradition became mass popular only after several decades into the Safavid dynasty, which imposed Shiism onto Iranians. And this was about 500 years ago.

Iranians were a lot smarter before the Safavids/Shiism. Give them due credit.