Happy Valentine's Day to all those in love

by Faramarz_Fateh

The state or feeling of being in love is great. Your day is consumed with thoughts of your beloved. You can't wait to call her or get a call from her to hear her voice. You look foreward to Valentine's day so you can get her the gift that would bring a smile to her face.

The bad thing is that according to research data, majority of couples, married or otherwise stop having these feelings within the first 16-30 months of their relationship.

Thats why buying a Valentine's gift for our spouses becomes a chore instead of a joy. This is a lot worse for Americans than it has been for Iranians living here. But, Iranian couples 35-36 and under have become way too Americanized with regards to the whole Valentine's day deal. You don't get her a pair of Gucci sunglasses or you don't take her to The Palm in Beverly Hills are you are dead meat.

But should there even be a Valentine's day? Or should every day be a mini Valentine's day where the husband brings home a dozen roses; or the wife sees a nice MP3 player that the husband has been eyeing for a while and buys it for him? Or the husband takes the kids to the movies so the wife and her girlfriend can go to a spa for 3 hours? Or hell, for the wife to go to a chick flick.....small things you know.

If you ask me, I rather have several mini V-days each year instead of one day out of the year where I have to compete and outdo myself. With all the societal pressures and advertisements on TV, I am sorry to say that most people, including yours truey, give in and do the 1 day deal.

That my take, whats yours?



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If it's real it doesn't need Valentine's Day, it's 365 days

by Anonymoussssssssssss (not verified) on

Actions year round speak much stronger than a pre-programmed single day

Whoever wants to celebrate Valentine's day, good for them. And whoever finds this day of "love" a bit facetious and over the top and doesn't celebrate (a comerical hoax which belittles "love" in its commercialized purpose), good for them also. To each their own. I don't and belong to group number two, no offense.

One's actions, year round

Sokhan-e eshgh, na aanast ke aayad be zabaan

Saaghee-aa may de o kootaah kon, een goft o shenoft

By Hafiz (I'm sure if he were alive, he would be in the latter group and per his own preference, just my guess)



by Anonymous. (not verified) on

No, I have not idea who Azam Nemanit is. I'm not angry, just being practical. ki hosele gift-bazi dareh?! give-receive-give-receive....., gets old after some time. Just niceness, no gifts.


Azam Nemati

by Felfeli (not verified) on

Dear Anonymous,
The anger, pessimism, and bitterness that rediates from your wrting reminds me of Azam Nemati.
Are you Azam Nemati in disguise?!!


I think I am probably vastly

by Anonymous. (not verified) on

I think I am probably vastly different from other women in this regard, but in general, I hate both receiving and giving gifts. People never give gifts that I need or like, and nobody knows my taste like me. I end up returning them or gifting them away! And as far as giving gifts, I don't have the time and patience to go shopping for me, let alone anyone else. And perfumes are one of my least favorite gifts to receive, unless I've been specifically asked what brand perfume I like. I cannot imgagine how it is such a popular gift. I hate it when that special guy wants you to wear a perfume, that he got for you, what a torture!


To: Faramarz _Fateh

by Anonymoose (not verified) on

What possesses you to get online and post these stupid blogs? The fact that you see being thoughtful and caring toward your spouse as a chore speaks volumes as to what a cheap asshole you are. A couple of weeks ago, we were subjected to your idiotic "Iranian Women and Sex", wherein you spewed off more nonsense about your maladjusted brother and his commitment phonic friends. Today, it's this! Enough already!


Woman of my nighmares

by AnonymousMe (not verified) on

go learn how to spell biatch!


You are cheap

by Woman of your dreams (not verified) on

faramarz and the chicken, you are both cheap.
you should thank your lucky stars a pretty persian woman even looks are your bald beads and hairy ears


Dinning, chocolate, and flowers were not enough

by AnonymousMe (not verified) on

From your writing, one can guess you are an Ey-ranian.

For my Ex dinning out (which is rip off on V day), chocolate, and flowers were not enough.

I have enjoyed many V days alone. I do not submit myself for being ripped off by Charlatan business people or girlfriend now.

Never one day to appreciate someone who is worth it.

God help stupid men on V day.