I'm in love with my BlackBerry Storm!

I'm in love with my BlackBerry Storm!
by Faramarz_Fateh

Most of ya'll will think this is a stupid post but I am so excited to share this great product with my Persian bretheren that I don't care. 

I picked up my new Blackberry storm PDA about an hour ago and I am already in love.  Move over iPhone there is a new sheriff in town.

This thing is the greatest product since Viagra.  I got an email with a powerpoint attachment, opened the file and viewed the slides at a very respectable speed as I was waiting at a stop light.

I don't own RIM stock nor do I work for them or sell phones.  I am just a tech nut and like many guys a kid when it comes to new toys.  But this damn thing is not a toy.  You can actually run a business with this phone.

My iPhone is getting sold on Craigslist this afternoon.


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HELP i need to read Persian emails on my Blackberry bolt mobile

by Chris Dean (not verified) on

i need some help i get emails in the persian language and cant read them is there some software that will change my life forever????

Thank You

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Storm - How much did you get it for Faramarz?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I'm just curious. It looks like an amazing phone. I've hesistated about buying an iphone. I might settle on the ipod touch but I dont know how reliable that'll be. I think the Storm is it, you're right.



by bahram9821 on

Faramarz, that is great that you sold the phone so fast.I love Craigslist , any kind of junk  that I have there is a buyer for it. I was ready to put my 4 year old dishwasher for the trash guy to pick up, but decided to list it on Craigslist, a day later it was sold for $120 lol. If you find a reasonable Shrink please sign me up too, I need help.


Sold my iPhone

by Faramarz_Fateh on

My iPhone was the new 3G.  Sold it for $330 cash on craigslist in less than 4 hours!! God bless technology.

Even though my I/P was 3G (new gen), I had it unlocked for $25 by a 20 year old Persian youngster in Woodland Hills.  It took him less than 5 minutes.  I can give you the tel# if you like.

The guy who bought it will take it to Russia.  Went to get 2 more Storms for my sons but the few stores we went to were all out! What a shame.

My wife use to think I am sort of crazy.  But she told me today I need to see a shrink.....Really.




by bahram9821 on


I was at Apple store tonight, the guy was telling me there is a lot more demand for the first generation of iphone since it can be hacked much easier. Don't give your Iphone away cheap, check eBay, the guy said you can get close to $300 for the older iphone, I am going to check it tonight and if it is true I will sell my wife's phone, she does not need Iphone lol.

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1 example

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I endorse free love. Just not this kind.


the lady with a crush

by I used to watch Rossane (not verified) on

how would you know?

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Viagra is not a great product

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

If you're old and your junk is not working, there's a good reason. Viagra is not great.