India's space craft on the moon; Iran's new aaftabeh design.

by Faramarz_Fateh

As India celebrates planting its tri-colored flag on the moon a few hours ago, the Islamic Republic of Iran, today, proudly announced a new light weight aaftabeh design made from Titanium with a long looleh which can reach all the crevices of male and female *&$%#.  A hologramish flag of the Islamic Republic can be see on the side as well as the bottom of this aaftabeh.

I for one am super proud of this achievement.  Sending a space craft to the orbit and planting a flag on the moon is completely useless whereas this new aaftabeh design is destined to change the standards of cleanliness amongst Muslims worldwide.

The overall achievements of the Islamic Repulic of Iran in technology, specially related to the lower part of the human body should be a source of pride for all Shiets of the world.

Long live his holiness Imam Ali Khamenei without whose leadership Iran would be nothing.



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Iranihaii Keh Az Khod Motenafferand

by Pandapoofi (not verified) on

Agha Faraamarz, Harchi beh Iran begin be shakhse khodetun goftin. Hala agar liaaghate aftabeh-sazi dar khod mibinin bahsi nist vali mane Irani khodam ro mishnasam va fekr mikonam agar mogheiiat va shansi bema dadeh besheh hichkas nemituneh ba ma reghabat koneh.
Agar Amrica, Dubai, Israel kari mikonan baraye ineh keh manbae maalie azimi poshteshun hast. Iran bayad ba boodjeye $100 billionish yek keshvare 70millioni ro begarduneh va vaghti keh hamehchiz dar Iran yaa taamir mikhad ya nosaazie kamel.
Ghabl az inkeh Iran ro maskhareh konin az khodetun beporsin keh ta hala che khedmati beh Iran kardin va che gozashti va che sarmayehgozariee, ha?

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Agha faramarz  jaleb bood......

How about ADDING an push botton option for : WOULD YOU LIKE A RECIEPT FOR YOUR CRAPS ?   ( TO THE SQUAT USER)        Maziar

Anonymous Observer

Faramarz Jaan - You Just Have to Be Patient

by Anonymous Observer on

When Imam-e-Zaman jumps out of the Jamkaran well (like the monkey that he is) it will all become clear.  THAT is when our technology will advance byond human imagination, and we will begin to conquer time and space.  We will discover new habitable planets and will plant colonies there that will emulate the teachings of Tozih-ol-Masael (sex with donkeys optional).  Until then, we will just have to vent our jealousy of other nations' technological advances by calling them Zionists, imperialists, etc.   


And to respond to your Iran Khodro part

by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

What Iran Khodro has done and is today, is nothing compared to what it was in the past. Iran is one of the few countries in the world that build, design and patent their own motor veichle engines, out of 11 countries together I believe, and is currently exporting cars to Turkey, Russia, South-America, Syria, leading the Middle east after Turkey in car production.

No Faramarz means good, and is a concerned hamvatan, he just guides his anger in the wrong way, he is right to say that Khameni and his religious nutcases have made it difficult for science and business progression in Iran, but I think even he understands that, "Iran is making aftabeh designs", is a little out of line. Well I hope you/he does.

I meant your blog post was ignorant, not you Faramarz, sorry if you took that as an insult.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Faramarz is a strange character on this site. He's bitter....

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

From what I can tell. With good reasons usually. He's also Iranian so he's prone to self-loathing. I'm just glad it's not so advanced that he will defend a Zionist. 


And long live...

by Realist (not verified) on

And long live the hollow opposition whose best contribution to the overall developement of Iran has been pieces such as yours.

And before you write things such as above, do your homework. India'a missile technology is a further developement of what they aquired from the USSR.

The aftabe you are reffering to, only exists in your mind so use the opportunity and do a major clean up, up there.


I see some people are nurvous about Iran's success !

by Baba on

The Sajil launch according to Janes Defence is the biggest success in Iran's tests since it shows Iran is now capable of launching   a "multistage" rocket. Multistage rocket launch would be the  MOST ESSENTIAL step in (i) launching a man in the space and (ii) a precision military attack determined to hit the target(s) within feet.

Of course, this is less accomplished than Aftabeh design. Since from past experience Framarz's big (a@*$ hole) absorbs all the aftabehs during the washing process  !

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I agree with the guy underneath me. That's what she said

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Basically, this insults Iran, not Khamenei or Khomeini. There are Iranian scientists throughout the world. I think you are oversimplifying the issue and it's unfair - not unfair to IRI, but to Iranians. USA has really helped India over the years, not to mention China and Korea. Sanctions gotta go.


Dear Brother

by your hamvatan (not verified) on

If insulting Iran and your brothers and sisters makes you feel better , By all means do it. we only want you to feel good about yourself and be happy.

har kasi ko dor shod az asle khish
baz joyad roregar vasle khesh


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

HA! Why just that comparison? look at Indian-Americans

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Compared to Iranian Americans, they are well, you know....much more united and they don't bitch about their ancient history and shah's who are under the dirt. Go Indians! 


I see

by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

So by your logic, the US missile technology is not indeginous because it was stolen by german scientists after WW2.

The Russians are not selling space technology to Iran, they are not allowed to, they only let Iranian and Russian scientists cooperate on a university level. The manufacturing and designs of actually making a space based missile is Irans own push. The military equipment Iran buys today comes mostly with request for a license for production in Iran or with the ability to at least reverse engineer it in the future.

Currently when it comes to space launches, Russia is the champion:

Country Launches Successes Failures Partial failures Remarks
Europe 5 5 0 0
India 3 3 0 0
International 6 6 0 0 Sea Launch, Land Launch
Iran 1 0 1 0 First orbital launch attempt
Japan 1 1 0 0
People's Republic of China 6 6 0 0
Russia/CIS 20 19 0 1
United States 14 13 1 0
Totals 56 53 2 1

Where is North-Korea? They sold two basic liquid rocket models to Iran, our scientists have done miracles with the little they have. In fact, rumors are that Iran is actually reexporting their own self buildt missile tech back to North Korea. The Khavosghar 1 is nothing close to what the North-Koreans have, not to mention the newly tested Sejjil.

If you can argue against these facts, i will concede, but give me something more than old, what I like to call, Californaia FOB Iranian crusade lingo against the regime.

You Bash and beat the IRI with your post, I have no problem with that. What I DO have a problem with, is when you ignorantly, without a clue, bash your own country, its peoples achievements and scientists in your crusade against the regime. I didnt compare Indias space program with Irans, thats what your doing, and your logic fails because of basic reasons I posted in my previous post.

Be reasonable, breathe in, read a little about Irans own scientific achievments, and attack IRI where it hurts, their ideology. Stop posting blogs that make your own country look like a toilet dump when its really not. Have some self respect for yourself and for your own people back home trying to make the best out of a really crappy situation.


Toofan, you are the ignoramous buddy

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Mr. ignorant, Iran's missle and rocket program is not indeginous.  The technology came from Russia and N. Korea.  Another news flash; Iran's nuclear program is also not home grown.  Its a mish mash of Russian, Pakistani and N. Korean technologies.

Iran Khodro is Iran National of 36 years ago, the company which started during the regime of Shah.  Turnkey technology imported from the U.K.

Don't bask in false glory.  Iran has a loooooong way to go to get to India's level.

India's fast track success in the last 25 years has to do with its secular government and absence of the outdated and stupid ideology called Islam.


What a stupid ignorant blog

by Toofantheoncesogreat (not verified) on

True the IRI gov has made it harder for scientist in Iran by the sanctions etc, but if you have been paying attention, Iran is amongst 9-10 countries actually capable of firing and testing missiles able to reach space, the country is doing quite well with its indeginous space program then other countries in the world. India is a country of 1,4 billion people, Iran is 79 million stepping out of its worst war since 1988 and has suffered sanctions since then. So put things into perspective please.


So what?

by taaheri (not verified) on

We Iranian are fully capable of doing the same. If Iran made the rocket and satellite, it can send a whatever to Moon or even Mars. Don't believe it? just wait, you will see.



by dadgar (not verified) on

Is it true?