Internet dating pointers


by Faramarz_Fateh

My younger brother, our cousin and their friend were over at our house last night as they do almost every week, mostly on Tuesdays.

One of them had signed up with one of the Iranian online dating sites about a month and a half ago and they were talking about his experinces. Overall, it sounded like they are in favor of it and the other 2 non members were going to sign up soon. Apparently one incentive is high prices; gasoline, for driving around to clubs, concerts etc, cover charges to get into clubs and drink prices when in the club. Although my little brother seems to prefer Starbucks and Coffee Bean to clubs.

Thank God for my wife because if I hadn't married her, I would have probably be still single. I basically suck at dating and women generally did not warm up to me easily or quickly.

Anyhow, following is some pointers they were sharing with one another which sounded interesting to me; they may come in handy if you decide to sign up for these services too:

1) Age translation (women only): for age group below 27, correct age is usually indicated on the person's profile. Over 27, 29 can be as old as 34 and 39 can be as old as 45. 35 can be 39. 29 can be as old as 35. So, early on, verify age if it is a big factor for you. I am pretty sure the incorrect age reporting is practiced by men too.

2) Location: Always verify the peron's location because someone who claims to live in Los Angeles could live in Iran. Specially if they insist on talking on gadgets like Skype, Yahoo messenger etc instead of telephone. After a few phone calls, insist on gettig the girl's telephone number to verify location by area code.

3) Carreer and education: These guys were saying that a big % of women on these sites claim to be Phds. If education is important, you may want to check this out. If the person insist on chatting in Farsi or makes a whole lot of spelling and grammatical mistakes in English, there maybe a problem. if they don't share what they do easily and quickly, they may not be "proud" of their job. If you are looking for a carreer oriented woman, keep this in mind. Apparently men who are used car salesmen may sometimes claim to be Physicians. So again, this is praticed by both sides.

4) Height and weight: Height is generally reported correctly although some girls add 3-4 inches to their actual height so that they weedout short men. That is, a 5 6" man won't dare contact a girl who is 5 8"

However, weight is usually not reported correctly. So, its a safe practice to add 15-20 lbs to the reported weight if you dont want to be disappointed, again, if weight is an important issue for you.

Last but not least, many times, pictures that are posted in profiles are not pictures of the girl; especially if there is only 1 picture. If the profile has 3, 4 or more pics, you can be sure they are kosher. If a profile does not have a picture and you ask the girl to send you a pic via email, ask for more than 1 pic and make sure 1 is "tamam ghad". Always verify the date of the picture because women have been known to use pictures that are as much as 10 years old.

Despite these issues, these 3 young men seemed pretty excited about this new tool for meeting women; for friendship or marriage. With the price of gas and the inflation ($25 cover charge, $10 drinks) these internet dating sites should do brisk business for the next few years.



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thanks puzzled

by IRANdokht on

After reading your comment, I had to go find that blog and now I know the problem is much deeper than just misinterpreting the personal ads.

it's good to have the history behind these blogs and people's way of thinking.

It'll take generations to wipe out the prejudices and "kootah-fekri" (didn't want to call it ignorance right out, but heck, what else should it be called?)



Very Puzzling!

by Puzzled (not verified) on

Mr. Fateh:

Aren't your brother and his friends the same guys who were telling you about their sexual shinanigans with Iranian girls, making fun of them? What happened to them? What happened to those girls who were throwing themselves at them, begging them to marry them, only to be laughed about and talked about during their weekly visits to your house? They have to try the online dating service now? To what end? To go out with those girls only to dump them and go on bragging about how they cried after sex? And they complain because some women lie on their dating profiles? Until your brother and his friends learn to respect women, they will be lonely and desperate. Please tell them to get a life! And instead of listening in the background, Mr. Fateh, please come forward and teach these guys some lessons about decency and life--that is, if you know of any.



by Faramarz_Fateh on

Sounds like I pushed the "wrong" botton!

I definitely quality as a magas vezvezy when I walk around with my wife.

I can't wait for your list......But be fair, I did state in my piece that men do the same thing.



Never assume

by farokh2000 on

I agree with Irandokht, never assume anything and don't be disappointed at anything. Just humor them if they are not what they said they were.

Just move on to the next ad.


Give me a break!

by Anonymous30 (not verified) on

I am sick and tired of this very stereotyped,yesterday news junk email that seems to be roaming around internet these days by some "omol" Iranian males that think it's funny.
I checked out those sites out of curiousity and what I found out is that it's actually men who lie more often than not about their age, pretending to be "35" when in fact 45-50+,hoping to catch a younger woman!

These men often lie about their education and jobs- masters/Doctorate and yet can't put a coherent sentence together. They lie about being a non-smoker(never mind the dark under-eye circles and "taryaki" lips,yellow teeth)and their physique(never mind the big belly).
Worse yet, these men lie about having been married and having had children.So please do not even go there with what women supposedly lie about...

With the exception of some uneducated/often green-card hungry and/or looking for-sugar-daddy women out there, the reality is that most Persian women are infact highly educated and do not have to lie about it! If they do, it's probably to hide their education(as I have) so not to intimidate some insecure-egomaniac men who can't deal with a highly educated woman!

I did check out some of the female profiles on these sites out of curiosity. Even if some women "embelish" their height/weight abit,lets face it, chances are that a slightly chubby or/and short girl is still helluva more attractive than some(certainly not all) of short,big-nose,bald-headed yet still pashmaloo else-where, cry-me momma,24/7chelokababkhor FOBs that are out there these days. If you don't believe me, just look for the dispartiy next time you go to a persian concert and see one of these or as I call them "maghass vezvezy" hand in hand with a beautiful persian woman.

SO PUHHHHHHHHHLEEZ,, stop with this unfunny jokes about us... If we were to do the same, it would fill volumesssssssssss... stay tuned for my upcoming list!


by assuming so much....

by IRANdokht on

You will weed out all the honest people out there!

if someone states their true age, height and weight, by adding a few years and pounds and deducting a few inches, you may end up not interested in the final picture at all, even though that was only a product of your assumptions and the person might have been the one and only honest person you'd ever meet.

Please tell your brother never to assume! that'd be a better advice than all the items you have listed above.