Iranian Khar vs. American Olagh


by Faramarz_Fateh

There is a lot of khars in Iran; everyone whom wanted Khomeini and an Islamic Republic, in my ever humble opinion, was khar.  If they still think the revolution was a good thing, then you can change the "was" to "is".

Whomever thinks a democratic BUT Islamic Iran is the way to go, is also khar.   You cannot mix religion and government. There is no ands, ifs and buts.  You can't piss in the left side of a bucket of water and then drink from the right side. ie religion messes up politics and vice versa.

Because we have so many khars in Iran, a creature like Ahmadinejad ends up as the president of a country with the rich history of Iran.  Reza Shah was 1 leader and Ahmadi is another; and thats after 50 years.  What a progress.

Having said that, what the hell is happening here in the U.S. for God sake?  How come there is so many olaghs in America now?  I listened to a few minutes of the Republican convention yesterday and today and there was so much infusion of Christianity and religion into every speech that made me want to vomit.

I started imagining the speakers at the RNC with ammameh and abaa and some facial hair as I watched the reaction of the 15000 or so olaghs in the audience.   I swear the God they are not any different from the villagers in Iran who haven't finished elementry school.

Tonight we have the bounty of listening to Sara Palin speak as the VP nominie; a woman who is barely outside the boundries of white-trash-dom is going to run the most powerful nation on earth in case something happens to the President.

I doubt Sara joon is as much of an olagh as G.W. Bush.  Actually any olagh compared to Bush is Einstein. Nevertheless, the idea of a has been, B class, beautty queen, religous fanatic, Christian nut job in the oval office does NOT sit well with me.  I'll take the inexeprienced black dude.

I think the khars have it.  Ahmadinejad is a better fit for Iran compared to Palin for the U.S. (excuse me, the world). 


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ebi amirhosseini

Hamshahri K.....Aziz !

by ebi amirhosseini on

George Orwell's Animal Farm:


"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others".

Viva all Khars that are still equal!.



There is no "Super Khar" among us....

by Khar on

We all of are equal!

Khar is the symbol of endurance, dedication, purity, and yes, the stubbornness. It's never to be mistaken with an Olaagh.


khar khodeti = super khar if there was such thing

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Dear poster "khar khodeti",

Just because millions upon millions of Iranians wanted and supported Khomeini, it does not make it right. May I remind you of Nazi Germany and how many Germans supported Adolph Hitler?

Come clean my friend. You or your family have probably benefited greatly from the so called Islamic revolution. To say that the revolution did not turn out as expected is like saying you didn't expect to have "eshaal" after taking 1 liter of "roghan karchak".

While there is no question Mohmmad Reza Pahlavi was a useless leader, to think that even 1 year of the last 30 equals any of the years when MRP ruled Iran is ridiculous.

Iran needs 2 things before it can become democratic; more educated people and elimination of Islam as anything but a religion praticed by people in their homes and nowhere else.

If you want to think MRP was worse than Khomeini and the sub human filth after him, go ahead. You'll prove beyound a shawdow of doubt that you are super khar.


It's funny how Mr. Fateh

by Khar khodeti! (not verified) on

It's funny how Mr. Fateh calls almost entire nations (literally millions upon millions of people) khars and olaghs. Doesn't that simply reveal a whole lot of things about this person and his mentality?

You and I might not like the Islamic republic and it's leaders. We might grieve what has happened to our people and country in the past 30 years. But we simply can not blame or insult Iranians for wanting a better future (because believe it or not due to the corruption, brutality and mismanagement of the Pahlavis and their lackeys, people believed they were getting rid of a tyrant and foreign influence and taking their destiny into their hands which of course did not turn out as expected. The revolution was usurped and so on. I do not want to get into it here).

I think by your comments you just proved that you are the real Khar and surely the Olagh you accuse others of being. And your comments were nothing but a few "joftaks" into the thin air. Pahlavis were thrown into the dustbin of history as a treacherous and no good bunch and I am sure the Mullahs will follow suite but you will remain an Olagh.


Sara Palin is a great choice

by Sara Palin Supporter (not verified) on

i listened to sara palin last night and she sounded like a intelligent, passionate and together person.
she is a great choice.


You are wrong

by Logical Man (not verified) on

Human beings who vote for likes of Khomeini, George Bush, Sara Palin or Ahmadinejad are bisho-oor. Not khar or olagh.


That's Democracy for you

by eroonman on

The Khars, in post Shah Iran, as you called them, merely voted for promised change from the oppression under the Shah to freedom. Azadi was the main promise of Khomeini during the shift.

After the Shah left (no one actually overthrew him) the rules changed, and the Khars realized they had been lied to, as moslem fanatics took over and started ruling with the quaint poetry in the ghoran instead of actual civil organizational logic. And there is no dispute, the people of Iran, by their inability to fix this problem, are still Khars, WE are still Khars. With a disclaimer.

The difference between an Iranian Khar and an American Olagh, is that in America, an Olagh can act like a good person and temporrily fool the peoepl into voting for him, and can become president. But when it is foudn out he is an Olagh, he can be voted out, or eventually must leave on his own. Sometimes this takes only one term, sometimes 2. But never more than 2. There is a built in Olagh-flusher in America.

In Iran, or, as Iranians, WE haven't installed the flush mechanism (yet), and until then, we cannot rid ourselves of the people in charge of us. This is becasue WE are Khars.

Americans often elect an Olagh, mostly because a sane person would never want the job, but the American people are completely in charge. In Iran, the Iranian people are the Khars, and the government is in charge. And the government are NOT Khars.

Which is exactly why WE cannot get rid of them. Enjoy your poetry.

You Can't Always Get What You Want

AmirAshkan Pishroo

The author, Khar, is absolutely right

by AmirAshkan Pishroo on

In a certain funny way, the author, Khar, is absolutely right when he/she concludes his/her comment by saying:

Khar is the symbol of endurance, dedication, purity, and yes, the stubbornness. It's never to be mistaken with an Olaagh.

What does, then, olaaq symbolize?


Khar and Olagh - the difference

by Realist (not verified) on

The Iranian Khar is evolving and is nearing the end of its existence as a khar, where as the American public is just enetring its Olagh stage.


> well said

by Another Lost Iranian in France (not verified) on

Agha damet garm vaghan.

I totally agree with you 100%

Safa Ali

You speak the Truth Faramarz

by Safa Ali on

Thats just great, I wish I could say that in public.


Who not whom

by Teacher (not verified) on

It is not "everyone whom wanted Khomeini and an Islamic Republic", but "everyone who wanted Khomeini and an Islamic Republic". I suggest you improve your English before writing blogs.


Mr. Fateh

by Khar on

Perhaps the only reason Khar voted for Mullahs in 1979 (although this Khar didn't vote for IRI) was to achieve better life,  Khar doesn't like Ahmaghinezhad, Khar doesn’t like forced hejab, Khar doesn't like to be played with from within and abroad, Khar hates hanging of young Khars and any executions for that mater, khar loves his/her fellow Khar, khar is against any war for any reason, Khar wants to live a life free of oppression of any kind, Khar wants democracy but Khar is not afraid of anything but doesn’t like the wolves in the sheeps skin, Khar wants to think out side of the box. We should be proud of our fellow Khars who are living in the Hell called Iran!!! Khar Loves Democracy, Khar loves to vote and speak his or her mind, khar is for Obama and Obama is for Khar, Obama is kHAR. LET’S VOTE LIKE A KHAR THIS YEAR! 


Khar is the symbol of endurance, dedication, purity, and yes, the stubbornness. It's never to be mistaken with an Olaagh.


khar and olagh is the one

by Anonymos11 (not verified) on

khar and olagh is the one who is accusing others to be khar.


I think

by MRX1 (not verified) on

you meant to say "gave". Khar is actualy quite inteligent.
Both in Iran and U.S you see a sharp drop in real inteligense and critical thinking.
reasons are vast and it would require years of research by scientists to find out why. needless to say the more "guve" you have in your society the easier it will be for rulling and elite class to rule.