Iranian Swimmer Refused Competition; Najes Water

by Faramarz_Fateh

Iranian Olympic Swimmer refused to compete in his first event because an Israeli swimmer was to compete with him in the same swimming pool.

The Iranian was assigned lane 7 and the Israeli was to race in lane 1.

I personally commend this decision.  For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of being an Iranian and more importantly a Muslim.

Now I know why our great President, his holyness Mahmound Ahmadinejad, may the grandure of his name remain for time everlasting calls for elimination of Israel.

These SOB Jews make the air we breath najes.  After all, there is just so much oxygen in the atmosphere.

God Bless The Islamic Republic of Iran. 


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Amir,Iranians are not anti semitic

by Proud Iranian (not verified) on

Iranian are not anti semitic.The government may be anti Israel,but people are not anti semitic or may be anti Israeli.Iranians are peaceful people and they have not started a war in modern history.May be they instigated a war but they did not started one.Cyrus the great of Iran brought Jews from Babylon and freed the from slavery.That means Iranians are tolerant of other religions and respect their faiths.If it was not because of their tolerance and respect for other religions especially the Jewish religion we did not have the biggest concentration of Jews outside Israel.Shalom

AmirAshkan Pishroo

This is, of course, not

by AmirAshkan Pishroo on

This is, of course, not only scary but also sad.

The fact that antisemitism is so pervasive in the Middle East makes the possibility of a lasting peace with Israel, and a lasting acceptance of the Jewish state, all the more challenging.

Iranians are better off by staying away from anitsemitism.


Anonymous in Australia!

by Killjoy (not verified) on

You wrote: "Is Iran the only country to politicize the Olympics?"
by Anonymous in Australia

Nope! Iran isn't the first and will not be the last country on the face of the earth to politicize the Olympic games, so what's your point?

Money and politics have played big roles in these sports!

The list is long, but for starters here are a few tips:

Remember Hitler using the games to promote his inhuman ideology? How about Salt Lake City Olympic scandle?

Oh! And I've heard this rumor that the French, desperate to win a gold medal in figure-skating had to bribe a Russian mafia boss--permanent residency in France, I heard--who influenced the judges and
voila, the French pair got away with gold. I saw the whole competition, by the way.

Please don't quote me on this, the Russian gangsters are as scary as the mullahs, you know!

Now, is a site that deals mostly with Iranian issues and this present blog is about an unfortunate incident involving a young Iranian athelete!

I don't think you can even start to imagine how painful it is for the young man not to compete, unless he has been brainwashed into believing that he didn't compete because of his religious beliefs or for his country.

But I tell you this, I wouldn't believe him even if he said so.

I can tell you lots of exciting stories about my adventures in life which have nothing to do with this incident. Let's stick to the topic discussed, here!

Also, if you would like, you can start another blog dealing with past Olympic games. I can't promise I'll comment.

One last thing before I leave, if Iranian Olympic authorities are such decent globalists, they shouldn't be in China, in the first place. They should have, for humanitarian reasons and in solidarity with the very poor Tibetans, boycotted the games, altogether. But they didn't, did they?

Now, That's what I call double standard!


Mazloom,Genius had nothing to do with religion!

by Proud Iranian (not verified) on

You called Muslims stupid.Smartness or stupidity has nothing to do with religion.You called Muslims stupids,as if their religion has anything to do with their smartness.Can we call Buddhist religion a smart religion because Japanies progressed in technology or call people who believe in Christ smart because they made technological progress.I do not think so.Muslims are as smart as any religions.I do not practice a religion,but I think you call Muslims names because you are just jealous of them.Shalom


Daghtar Az Ash

by Anonymousa (not verified) on

Palestinians compete with Israelies in any activity, but "iranian government" doesn't. Now that is Kaseh Dagh tar az Ash. Or Stupidity as we all know it.


Is Iran the only country to politicize the Olympics?

by Anonymous in Australia (not verified) on

I seem to recall that the U.S. performed the ultimate act of politicizing the Olympics when it boycotted the 1980 games in Moscow (and the Russians repaid the favor when they boycotted the 1984 games in Los Angeles). Iran is WRONG to refuse to compete against Israeli athletes; however, it has nothing to do with Judaism or Christianity, since Iran has never refused to compete against non-Israeli Jews, and most of the Olympic athletes they compete against are non-Muslim anyway. But for some reason, the Eyerainians living in America condemn Iran, whereas they would never blame Uncle Sam or any other country.



by Killjoy (not verified) on

SwimSuitContest Wrote, "The swimmer must be sad ..."

Can anyone, honestly, recall a day that hasn't been sad for Iranians, in general, since the takeover of our country by the heartless bunch?

Under the IR, sadness has become a trademark of the Iranian culture. And of all the human emotions, intolerance, anger, cruelty, fanaticism, phobia and dogmatism characterize the tyrannical rule of the Ruling Terrorists in Tehran.

It's obvious the Iranian swimmer was ordered to stay away from the pool by the authorities who are bent on politicizing everything from a young man's hairstyle or clothes to competition at the Olympics.
Such behavior by the Iranian Olympic authorities isn't unprecedented.

Most probably, this could've been the greatest day of the young man's life.


what a ridculous post. that

by Anonymousksjdhskahds (not verified) on

what a ridculous post. that swimmer is a coward

kaleh dar

Know your Islam,

by kaleh dar on

Mr Fateh , If our beloved Iranian swimmer knew the very basic Islamic sharria, he could easily compete with Israeli and American and any other Najes athelet, get out the pool and wash with aabe Korr, he would be clean and pure as koone  any mulla.


There you go again Mazloom, double standards

by Q on

why don't you read your own "nice guy" statement below before you arrogantly lecture anybody else.

Look, you didn't read it right, you didn't understand the joke, you make an ass out of yourself and you don't have the balls to admit it. At least I didn't "detect" any.

Like a complete loser, you are now trying to ignore the issue and make this about me. What a joke!

Suit yourself. Call me a "Q-tip" if it makes you feel better. When I called you an idiot for not getting the joke, at least I had firm evidence. Fine, don't admit it, be a spoiled brat. I'm sure it does wonders for your already gutter reputation.

Mehdi Mazloom

Q is that you AGAIN???????????????

by Mehdi Mazloom on

agha jun, I thought in our last encounter, somehow we had reached some type of understanding. I will not call you!!!!!!!!!!! well (can't help it) Brain the size of Q-tip. And you will be less offensive to a Mazloom and  nice guy like me. Was I wrong?. Lets hope not

Apparently I am not the only one to have read the seriousness of  the poster of being proud to be a (stupid) Muslim. Others closer to the (Islamic) plate also read it the same way as I did. I didn't detect any sarcasm. Particularly when he wrote about Jews be treated as najess. to which I know for . Many backward fundamentalist incite the rest of the good and honest Iranians to view non_Muslims, particularly Jews and Bahaiis as such.


Mehdi Mazloom: you are D.E.N.S.E

by Q on

does it get more rediculous than you? Oxygen is Najes? It's satire you idiot! What a useless rant.

I think you better take back all your insults before you become the joke of the week.


I hope you are being

by IRANdokht on

I hope you are being sarcastic, because if you really meant what you wrote, then you are not even knowledgable about your own religion. For your information, Aab-e Kor does not become najess and an olympic size pool is a great deal bigger than what constitutes "kor".

If the poor swimmer was really not ill, then he must have been told not to participate in the competition. Nobody goes through all the training and hard work to bail out of the actual game.

In any case, IRI is not there for the spirit of sportsmanship, but to take a political stand and its using these young athletes to advance their own agenda, I hope people would stop judging the young man's character.



Re: Expert on Najesi :)

by Solving The Quizz :) (not verified) on

I think that perthaps the 'Bahais' are seen as the worst.

All the other groups are considered as 'People of the Book'. I mean they are either Jewish or Christian. They come from religions that the Mullahs consider as Legitimate Religions of God.

With the 'Bahais' they are considered as 'apostates' (Kafars). I believe that they are considered the worst.



by Expert on Najesi :) (not verified) on

Can you guess the order of 'Najesi' in the eyes of the Mullahs for the following groups:

- An Israeli (Jew)
- An Asoori
- An Armenian, or
- A Bahai

P.S. I hope the moderators would not delete this message. This is really a 'Serious' question


very sad

by SwimSuitContest (not verified) on

this was the first time ever that Iran had an entry into swimming at the Olympics. The swimmer must be so sad and now forced to act as he is sick. He is sick of the freaking Islamic government. I hope he turns around and asks for political asylum from Israel and then announcing that he was forced to be pulled out. That will make the headlines for sure.....


The Iranian basketball

by Excellent! (not verified) on

The Iranian basketball players defied the regime after the Russia-Iran game in Beijing.

After the game the Iranian players hugged and took photos with the Russian coach David Blatt-- who is an Israeli.
Israel Matsov has the story.



What was the Iranian

by Not Anonymous (not verified) on

What was the Iranian swimmer's reasoning???


Latest Atrocity du jour from the benevolent Islamic Republic of Oppresion.

Mehdi Mazloom

Faramarz_Fateh: you epitomize the stupidity.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Indeed, this episode clearly demonstrated what is wrong with Muslims like you (and the Iranians in Olympics). It clearly explains why Muslims like you fall back time after time. It is through fair and open competition to which one receives his/her recognition. Not by his prejudices.

This incident only damaged the image of the Iranian themselves, not the Israelis.

It also demonstrated to the rest of the world the differing  value systems between Israel and Iran. The progressiveness, and tolerance of the Israelis vs. backwardness, and hate filled of the Iranian leadership.

Mister, I can assure you that, the Israeli swimmer couldn't care less whether your ghorme-sabzzi did or did not enter the pool to compete with him (and others). He was educated to put his prejudice aside and use this opportunity to open up the bridge of civility and friendship even with those whom they disagree with.

It also demonstrated where the real power lies. the people themselves, or their respective governments.

It would have been a golden opportunity for the Iranian athletes to see the Israelis on the same platform as themselves, and perhaps gain better understanding that when it comes down to it, we are all humans, with the same hopes and aspiration. It could have been a beginning of melting the ice between the countries, much like US & China and the famous Ping  Pong teams back in 1971 in Beigjn.

Apparently the akhooonda in Iran much prefer to continue feeding your with the type of senseless hatred and backwardness as you had demostrated.

Who knows, maybe, the Mullahs were afraid that, if the Israeli swimmer would have better finish time then the Iranian, it would bode bad of the Mullahs in Tehran.

As far as your hate spewed, calling Jews "najes" (filthy, dirty). Trust me, you don't want to go on that tratures path of name calling others whom you don't even know. There are many Israelis and Jews on this  forum who know you as muslim far more then you know them.

There is no room for hatred and garbage on this forum.

Babak Khorramdin

due to the illness !!!!

by Babak Khorramdin on

Illness prevented alirezaei from compiting with Israeli swimmer!!!!


It's NOT the first time this kind of behavior has happened and as long as IRI is in power it continues.(in 2004 Miresmaeili (Jodo) refused to compete agaist Israel champion in the first round.)


We all know very well that Palestinian cause is way more important than sportmanship!!!!




This is ellimination process

by Jews and Muslims let's swim together (not verified) on

The international community of games does that on purpose each and every time to self-destroy Iranians athletes. How else can you throw out competition and demoralize them? Put them in a tight situation. Iran loses many games each year because of mixing sports, politics, sex and religion in every aspects of life.

I fee sorry for the Iranian swimmer, because chances are this was not his decision and it was his governments order.

I also feel sorry for the Israeli swimmer who was subject to this insult, because most likely he had nothing against the Iranian swimmer either.

A nation of naggers, that's what we are.