Iranian Swimmer Refused Competition; Najes Water

by Faramarz_Fateh

Iranian Olympic Swimmer refused to compete in his first event because an Israeli swimmer was to compete with him in the same swimming pool.

The Iranian was assigned lane 7 and the Israeli was to race in lane 1.

I personally commend this decision.  For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of being an Iranian and more importantly a Muslim.

Now I know why our great President, his holyness Mahmound Ahmadinejad, may the grandure of his name remain for time everlasting calls for elimination of Israel.

These SOB Jews make the air we breath najes.  After all, there is just so much oxygen in the atmosphere.

God Bless The Islamic Republic of Iran. 


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FACETIOUS 1. not meant to be

by skatermom (not verified) on

1. not meant to be taken seriously or literally: a facetious remark.
2. amusing; humorous.
3. lacking serious intent; concerned with something nonessential, amusing, or frivolous: a facetious person.

He's kidding folks! You're kidding right?


Cannot believe these crazy people

by Iranian woman (not verified) on

How long are we going to suffer for this outdated ideologies. This belongs to iron age. Iran has over 2500 years of history and we are still stuck with prehistoric ideas.

When was the last time we actually contributed to science or medicine or art or culture?

The only thing we seem to export nowadays is extremism, violence and ideology, which simply does not belong in 21st century. Islam is done and dusted.

I do not know any Islamic country, which has made any scientific contribution to the world. Most of them just oppress their people (and specially women).




by Shocked (not verified) on

You should be ashamed of yourself for what you wrote. This website would be smart to fire you


i was away but..

by Anonymous here (not verified) on

I luv the reactionary attitude we all have on this website, the minute we see something we don't like we pounce on the author and tell them off, without one bit of thought to who it is, what they've written in the past and which side they generally fall when it comes to different issues... let me recall.. i don't read every article posted on this thing,because i have alife... but what i remember from faramarz fateh had to do with the high price of chelokab in LA, married men and the dilemma of choice between it and sex, persian men being zan zaleel, etc..hmmm...the man has a sense of humor...hmmm ... could it be that this was meant in the same tongue in cheek manner as his other articles...get a clue people....i am not innocent either mind you, but after the whole "saman" and
"niac cartoon" fiasco, i have now learned my lesson and read every posted article with a grain of salt and cut the author some more pouncing...btw, faramarz, i though it was funny and i knew no one who writes so well, could possibly be so closeminded, so it had to be a joke:) Toodles, and please chill out people.


I don't think that was necessary

by AnahitaZ (not verified) on

But whatever - hopefully it was his own choice

God bless Iran!


Is this true or not?

by Mr. Ghomboli (not verified) on

Is this true or not? If it is true, I am ashamed of being Iranian.

my philosophy in life...Love and be Loved...


good satire

by American Wife (not verified) on

a good satire is one that people GET.



by IRANdokht on

A good satire doesn't need the writer to come back and insult the ones who didn't get the joke.



i don't see any HUMOR in

by najes (not verified) on

i don't see any HUMOR in calling others "najes".don't you have a heart?


C'mon guys

by Saraamin on

Accept it, it was so funny !ROFL ,its a pure Punk'd and for any Punk'd agenda you have to be dead serious which Faramrz had been and leaving no clues , so people will trap in a real situation and you can study their sociobehavior , i dont know why we iranians(its very trendy here , lol call ourself we iranians ...)have no sense of humor !!

I laughed@ my own comment a good 5 minutes!

and if you read Faramarz 's old blogs , you would figure it out !



Dear Critic

by Faramarz_Fateh on

I won't hold your cluelessness against you; some people are born like you.

But in case you write a book on how to write satire OR being a responsible blogger, let me know. I'll take a free copy.




by critic- (not verified) on

The reason people did not notice the aspect of Satire in your writing is not because they have no clue, it was solely due to the lack of wit and smarts!
Lets face it you can't write satire. You left the blog here and let people guess whether you meant it as a joke or you were serious, then you come back and insult the people who had a better sense than to call your lousy blog a satire?

You've got to be kidding!

not only you need to learn how to write, how to be a responsible blogger, you also need to learn manners!!! oonam at your age!

good luck!


Clueless Iranians Punk'd

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Sara, like you, I am amazed at how many readers on here don't have a clue or no sense of humor. Satire is lost on them! Pitty.

Defense mechanisms go on full alert and without any thought, replies (more like attacks) start.

I guess the good thing is that we are still passionate people.


Nobody watchin Punk'd?

by Saraamin on

anybody ?


Mr Fateh , you referred to me as a lazy person wasting my time!!

by Tahirih on

I am glad to see that you are using your most delicate tongue and writing skills,   to promot the development of humanity and society!!!

Not anonymous,



Mr Fateh

by Anonymoushe (not verified) on

Why leave a comment with such a controversial tone and not stand by it or explain whether or not it was satire?

This is not a dumping ground people! Be accountable for what you write. Everyone here is guessing what he meant and jumping on each other out of frustration.

Very irresponsible of the blogger, I must say. Check some of the other blogs, the writer is there to respond to people, acknowledge the comments, explain what they mean...

I wish some of our people would show a little maturity, or learn from some of these other bloggers.

Mehdi Mazloom

(Not so) Proud Iranian - do read the posts?

by Mehdi Mazloom on

You wrote:

 You called Muslims stupids

I wrote:

Indeed, this episode clearly demonstrated what is wrong with Muslims
like you
(and the Iranians in Olympics). It clearly explains why
Muslims like you
fall back time after time.

maybe next time you should read more careful what is written and what is written.


just curious

by American Wife (not verified) on

as to why several comments were deleted?  Is there any way to determine WHO deletes comments... or who is capable of doing so?

It's a shame that politics have to play any part in the Olympic games.  I'd hardly blame the athlete... as someone pointed out, he's not likely to train for years and years only to cut his nose off to spit his own face.  Sports should and do for the most part transcend politics.  Too bad his dreams were taken away from him. 

Mehdi Mazloom

Anonymousa - Daghtar Az Ash

by Mehdi Mazloom on

You wrote:

Palestinians compete with Israelies in any activity, but "iranian government" doesn't.

This is exactly the point. In Israel we call it " trying to be more Palestinians then the Palestinians themselves"

Calling the Tarbush-ha in Tehran Stuipd is wtill a compliment.


Morons are everywhere

by Taleghani (not verified) on

Hey Idiot who posted this;
First it is not true; the athlete was sick.
Second, wouldn't it make more sense to compete and bit them up instead of being a chickenshit asshole.

kaleh dar


by kaleh dar on

How ones personal beleif and religion of a person, makes the him or her Untouchable or Najess?. is this some sort of chemical reaction or genetic defect?, I am sure the Islamic sharia and mullas, have discovered these mysteries of islam but now it is the time to enlightened us, so we know how to handle ourself at the time of an emergency, when we face a jew or a bahai


This is not true

by Abarmard on

The news reported that this had nothing to do with politics. He was not well and the couch decided to put him on the side line. If this was the case, the IR would proudly announce it. Your source of news is not valid or you are not getting updates!

Maryam Hojjat

Thanks Mr. Mehdi Mazloom

by Maryam Hojjat on

You responded to the writer in best way possible.  Thanks for that I do not have to waste my time to respond to him the same.

I am ashamed of moslems with this kind of mentallity.

By the way, All religions are man made.  Think about it.   One who thinks GOD sent some religions are ignorant and brain washed.


You are free to choose any religion!

by Saraamin on

Im not a religion expert , honestly i dont think of god like some super power sending mors messages to humanbeings !well my bad , however show me a country which is practicing  islam and people live happily and peacefully there ?i asked people personally(I traveled most of them , maybe 80%) !they suffer but in some because of fear from GOV or islamic thoughts they bear it  sheepishly!

a happy world will be a world free of religious gov and specially islamic authorities  in charge !

its nice to believe in sth and even practice islam but sweetie just for yourself not for anybody else !

sometimes i think if god didnt send islam all of us would be happier !maybe somebody translated god's morse messages wrong!!!!dont you think so ?



Sara,I am not practicing a religion.

by Proud Iranian (not verified) on

First it is a choice where everyone wants to live,but that does not mean the person dislikes his country.Second forget about what the government of Iran does,it is a government and it does not represent Islam of Iranians.Governments are there to survive and they would do whatever to survive.Thirdly I do not practice a religion,but if I do pick a religion I would pick Islam.Jews are full of hatred toward other religions,Christian are too divided,Baha'i is a man made religion,Zoroastrian was good for 5000 year ago,Hinduism have thousands of gods,Buddhism are to much into trivial and are too superstitious.That is why Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.Ab ha,Shalom


LOL!You punk'd us !!!!!

by Saraamin on

i bet you are watching Punk'd tv show on MTV , ok good Job sport I personally got Punk'd , I took an skimmy look on your blog entries and guess what you are no pro-islam or GOV!

however you get a good buzz for your blog , LOL!!!


Najes by any other name . . .

by Saman Ahmadi (not verified) on

Actually, Apostate is Murtad, which really does not exist in Islam - see Qur'an 2:256.

Kafar is one who denies the existence of God - there is an explicit instruction of what to do with a Kafar in Sura 109 of the Qur'an.

As for degrees of Najes, Uncleanliness - I think Baha'is do win the prize here in practice, though there is no Qur'anic basis for this.

May be the Iranian swimmer saw the competition and just thought better of it.

AmirAshkan Pishroo

Proud Iranian

by AmirAshkan Pishroo on

You are absolutely right, and I agree with every single word you wrote.

Baa mehr va setaayesh,



You are really proud of being a muslim??

by Saraamin on

First of all , Mr.Pride why you are not living in IRAN then , as far as i know this site is blocked there so you can't be inside IRAN!

Second , Olympic is symbol of peace and cultural diversity ,IRan's Gov which is not symbol of Iranians at all , once again showed its adverse nature to the world!

also you have to notice that the young iranian swimmer spent a life time to achieve his goal which was participating in Olympic , however our Gov banned another young person from his dreams because of nonsense reasons.this is what islamic republic does everyday to young people , taking their lives and dreams!


Iranians are not anti-semitism , we have iranian jews and personally I dont hate israel and i know im not alone among iranians!!

and i think there's nothing to be proud about being a muslim !its all shame , who is your God ?A God who likes to kill jews , bahais and everybody who is not musilm ?

i can suggest you see this movie , Paradise now !!a good lesson for you , maybe someday you realize how wrong is being a musilm under their definition !



Faramarz, do you really mean what you wrote?

by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

For the life of me I can not believe what you wrote.