Iran's Political Debate = USA's Abortion Debate


by Faramarz_Fateh

I've been living in the U.S. for 30+ years.  Longer than I would like to admit. Since the first day of high school I have been hearing about the abortion debate; its no called the pro life vs. pro choice debate.  In this debate there are 2 sides.

For as long as I can remember, there has been another debate.  This one is among Iranians and has to do with politics.  Unllike the abortion debate though, there are multiple sides to this debate.  The issue is what kind of government is good for Iran.

The Monarchist want reinstallation of the Pahlavi dynasty.  There are 2 Islamist camps; those who love the status quo and those who want reform.  The other camp is the people who want a secular democracy.  The latter is by far the largest contingent.

Unfortunately though, the other 3 groups combined (which is still a small minority) make 10x the noise of the majority.  Whether its on the internet and cyber communities such as, or sattelite TV stations, protests outside Iran or discussions in homes and parties, there are still heated discussions about Reza Pahlavi.  Or arguments about the West's Imperialism or Zionists plot to rule the world or Israels/U.S./U.K./Bahai plot to take over Iran for its oil.

Some of these debates and arguments are sooooooo stupid that one cannot believe even semi informed people could spend time on this.  But yet, look at the hottests debates and blogs on as an example.

I am not sure how we can get past these useless debates and concentrate on what matters.  To be honest, I find myself involved in or at the center of some of these debates.  As my wife always says, I let my emotions and passions get the better of me.

Maybe thats our problem.  We let our emotions get the better of us.  With the 22 of Bahman approaching soon there is no doubt that many young female and male heros of Iran will be killed and or detained for protests.  I hope all of this does not happen so the rest of us can sit behind a laptop and spew nonsense.


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Dear Fred, Let's focus on

by benross on

Dear Fred,

Let's focus on the process in which the majority of people can agree on. It is normal that most of written material and TV interviews are done by a bunch of failed thinkers and politicians. But if it didn't fly for the last 30 years, it means people want something else. Let's focus on that.