Islam; Chapter 7 bankruptcy. IRI in chapter 11

by Faramarz_Fateh

It took 1400 years but it happened thanks to Khomeini and IRI.  Islam was finally fully exposed for what it is.  A religion in chapter 7; bankrupt because its teachings do not have any place in 21st century.  Not socially, not politically and not morally.

The IRI, a dictatorial regime whose government is based on laws and teachings of Islam is also on its way to chapter 7 but for now, it is like a company in chapter 11, ready for its assets to be auction off for a penny on a dollar.  Unlike GM which came out of chapter 11 due to U.S. government help, IRI does not have anyone to give it any loans. No one.  Not even the Chinese nor the Russians who would sell their own mother for $$ (I am talking about governments not people),

Unlike GM which had a whole bunch of people pulling for it to succeed, the IRI has 50 million Iranians and 5 billion people worldwide who want it to fail.  And fail it will. Tomorrow, NO!  Next month? NO!  But talk to me in 2010 around this time.  I maybe posting my blog from IRAN (NOT IRI) then.


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I don't think IRI file under

by abshandra on

I don't think IRI file under Ch. 11 Bankruptcy, but they did it under Ch.13, so without any chance of emerging from its crisis and to be sold for pennies on the dollar. So, that would be different case with GM. Also, this is no relationship with the religion, so don't link it to any religion or prophets. It's just bankruptcy law case and economic recession. - How to File Bankruptcy


Yeah, here is the problem

by Don on

Yeah, well here is the problem.  A Muslim believes the Koran, a book of horrible and repulsive cures,  verse after verse;  the Koran threatens to chop  my hand and foot off on opposite sides if I do not accept Mohammad as Allah’s last prophet;  and then I am suppose to be tender, loving, understanding,  and kind in return?    I do not think so. I’m an American and I own guns, so I do not think it is wise to threaten me in my house.   I do not seek harm to any one, I live in peace, I’m law abiding in every thing that my state and country requires;   but any Muslims come to my house preaching his Koran poop there will be big trouble in River City, and it is not pool. What is a Muslim if they do not believe in the Koran and Hadith? This is NOT a race of people— Islam is a self chosen belief with the believer having read and studied their own holy books. These books are open to the public for any to read and study.  The Koran says to do finger chopping of the non-believer, kill the non believers wherever you find them, and if I said the rest of what is in the Koran I will be banned for profanity and hate speech. Now I’m told Muslims are nice people? What kind of nice person believes in finger chopping and striking people on the neck? What kind of person would take as a hero a man that married a 9 year old girl as Mohammad did? I do not get it. I do not have any Muslims living in my neighborhood, and I guess that is a blessing, going by the Koran.  I was taught to select my friends wisely and when a person says they are Muslim, what am I to think? Maybe I should call the police as I would on an escaped killer from prison. There are Muslim that do not believe in the Koran---What does that mean other than a hypocrite, or a liar. It is not real smart to say they do not believe in the book that is the back bone of their chosen religion.  That makes no sense at all.  Should I take a chance with a Muslim when my fingers are on the table that might get chopped. There are different sects of Islam but they all believe in the Koran. And how is it possible to trust any Muslim when the Koran says it is ok to break contracts with non-believers, deceit is ok, and it is OK to lie for Allah.  Even if I wanted to be nice to a Muslim (as I am nice to every one) how is that done when the Koran says to the Muslim do not to take any friends of the non-believers.   I am to be a friend to Muslims, and yet the  Muslims are not to be a friend to me. That makes no sense at all but that is what the Koran says.  In reality friendship is a two way street, and no holy book needed to prove this.    I enjoy being nice to every one, race is not a problem to me and we all get along. I do not care if you believe in the man in the moon, or any other odd thing, and I do not care about your dress code.   But when the Islamic holy books say I should be killed if I do not believe in Allah, what is this a direct threat that I should arm myself? Or what do I do, take the offensive? NO one can put their threats in a book, and then believe it, and expect not to be held responsible. Yes I am offended that any such horrible things are said to me, and the Muslim does not even know me.  Muslims speak threw their Koran. I did not write the Koran so do not blame me, and I certainly do not believe in it. I am not going to hurt people because a stupid book says so,  nor do I wish or desire harm to any one.  The tolerance is not from my side but is the Muslim’s responsibility. If the Muslim had any decency they would put the Koran in the trash and walk away from it so we can enjoy each others company in peace.  People can get seriously hurt believing in a book full of curses and death. Don


Ya baha'o'l Abho

by Allahu_Abha on

Ya Baha'o'l Abho!


Dear Shepesh

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Some of my dearest friends in life have been and are Muslims; not only Shia' either.  

There is no doubt that individual human beings goodness and badness is really not related to religion.

When it comes to communities at large or nations, Islam has played a very detrimental role.  Not because Islam was or is fundamentally flawed; no!  Because Islam, the way it is today, at the hands of humans, does not have a place in political and social arena of any country.  Not in the 21st century.

I personally do not believe in organized religion. But who am I to say what people can/cannot should/should not do with their religion; as long as its practiced inside their homes, or in designated centers completely away from politics, schools, universities etc etc.





Dear Faramarz_Fateh

by Shepesh on

I know that IRI leaders have given a bad interpretation and reputation to Islam, and have turned Iran into some crusading tool for Palestine liberation. But please be kind enough to consider that true Muslims are not easily brainwashed by retrograde leaders and want change. The people themselves are not that bad you know, they are silenced and threatened if they want positive change. Not all muslims support fanatics.

I saw another blog by you where evidence was provided that young muslim children are brainwashed into hating Jews and I agree that is deplorable. We need to liberate Iran from those radical muslims that have "hijacked" the country and Iranians into such crusades. But I know that you are intelligent enough not to ask people to deny their religeon and say the actual religeon is bad. Kind regards.


It's more like Chapter 13 Banktrupcy

by Khar on

Chapter 11 is a restructuring bankruptcy with a chance of emerging from it, but IRI after yesterday has started the chapter 13 with no chance of emrging from its crisis and to be sold for pennies on the dollar.

Jahanshah Rashidian

Good Piece

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Nonetheless, the Iranian people and the international community’s interests stipulate the end of the IRI and the establishment of a genuinely democratic and secular regime in Iran. We, freedom-loving people of Iran, urge our coming generations to cease believing in Mullahs' cult of violence and backwardness, instead, requiring freedom, progress, and happiness which has been bestowing-- by whatever one may call it “God or Nature” -- to mankind indiscriminately.


Thank you

by yolanda on

Thank you for the article. IRI's biggest fan is Hugo Chavez plus a couple of staunch fans from I hope Iran is freed soon! I definitely want to visit there: Esfahan and Yazd.