Israel and the Jews rule the world; deal with it

by Faramarz_Fateh

To those who are constantly bitching and moaning about Israel, Zionism, Jews, Zionists, AIPAC, Diane Fienstein, owner of Ilaat market in LA, Bageles, lox, matza ball soup etc etc etc:

Jews rule the world. Because they are smarter than you.  They are better than you.  They work harder than you.  Learn to deal with it.  Its the way its going to be for a long time to come.

All the posts on, all the late night Jews-are-this Israel-is-that bitch sessions in your homes (mostly with imported opium from Iran and some vodka) with your anti semite friends is not gonna help or change anything.

What will help is when you realize why you are in the state you are and have been for the past 1400 years.




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So much love

by Cost-of-Progress on

Can't you just feel it? say?



In your particular case...

by HollyUSA on

I'd say you're a better liar than us; you know how to defraud and steal better than us and I'd bet you're ugly as sin outside just as you have demonstrared you are inside.

It is sundown. Boro nalbekito saret kon verd bekhoon.


Astute observation khahar

by Faramarz_Fateh on

You hit the nail on the head with a blindfold on!  Bravo.

Its the money them cheap skate Jews save that enables them to rule all the world, especially the U.S., its house of reps, its Senate, its president.

By the way rumor has its your boy friend Ahmadi is also of Jewish decent!  Isn't that rad!  You GO girl. 



by Minoo66 on

واقعا درست میگی بخدا. همه ملتهای دنیا سال جدید شونو با بریز وبپاش و کلی خرج مهمونی و اینور و اونور شروع میکنن.شما ها عوضش روز اول سال نو، روزه میگیرین و خیلی که ولخرجی کنین شیش تا شمع چسکی میسوزونین تازه اونم نصفه خاموش میکنین واسه سال بعد.