Khomeini & G. W. Bush; a common legacy


by Faramarz_Fateh

I remember when I was 9 or 10 years old, every time someone would utter the name of the 12th Imam as "ya sahebe zaman" at school, we had to stand up and send a salavat.   This is when the Shah was in power. Islam had dignity.  People sort of accepted it as a true religion of God.  Noone dared to make fun of Mohammad or teachings of Islam.

After Khomeini and his interpretation of Islam and Islamization of Iran, a very high percentage of people in Iran have gotten so turned off about Islam (and any other organized religion for that matter) that many don't even consider it a true religion anymore.   Hala begzareem ke there are some radicals that cuss at Mohammad, Ali and the other 11 Imams 24/7, either or radio and TV or in their homes and during discussions with friends.  The more staunch the belief in Islam pre khomeini, the stronger the feelings of dislike for Islam post Khomeini.

Thanks to G. W. Bush and the melt down of the U.S. financial system, a similar thing has happened to the Republicans and puritan capitalists here in the U.S.

Staunch Republicans don't know where to turn.  There is no way they can vote for a black Democrat on one hand and no matter what, they can't vot for John McCain because they don't trust Republicans as far as they can throw them.

Most of these poeple don't even believe in pure capitalism anymore.  They have seen how a greed based system can ruin the biggest and most powerful economic engine on earth.  Catch phrases like trickle down economics which resonanted well until just a few years ago, are dismissed as B.S.

It took a transplanted Texas cowboy with very low IQ to shake the fundations of beliefs of around 100 million people in the U.S. and a shipish ridden uneducated mullah turned off 40 million Iranians from Islam.

G.W. Bush and R. Khomeini will be remembered in history as the worst things that happened to their respective countries.

Someone or something good needs to bring hope to people.  My wife thinks this good thing is the Bahai teachings; my good friend, the UCLA prof from S. America thinks its a resurgence of socialism; Bill Mahr and I think its abolishment of all organized religions.....etc etc.

What do you think is the ray of hope in our future? 






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American Wife

oh come on.

by American Wife on

Khomeini's not THAT bad!



The growth of religion

by Abarmard on

Is always along with the quick transitions within societies. When a society, any society, has difficulty to deal with its modernization, they seek religion for comfort and the sense of humanity!

It's true every where and it has its ups and downs. We will be fine in the long run where society reaches equilibrium of Technological advancements and social/cultural growth.


to organize or not to organize

by Martijn R (not verified) on

I completely understand the impulse to do away with (organized) religion. And maybe, yes, it's the way forward at least for now in order to get rid of all corruption that has infested much (but not all) organized religion.
What will happen then? I think 'organized' religion, in a broad sense, is part of human nature and has a purpose in binding humans together. To form societies, there will always be a shared ideology. In absence of a 'revealed religion' (or even in its presence) ethnic ideology, national ideology or secular ideology like communism will be the strongest binding forces. These are not necessarily harmless (I'm understating). The danger is always that the binding ideology becomes hostile to 'outsiders'. On the other hand, I don't think it's realistic to do away with all ideology and expect a just society of liberated, science-oriented, decent individuals to emerge as a result. Ideology unites, and humans united are a phenomenal force that can cause revolutions. The question would then be, what kind of binding ideology is strong enough to unite people accross the world (to, for instance, save the planet from destruction) but will at the same time not be hostile to those who do not share that ideology?


The sole pupose of Religions

by Traveler (not verified) on

To keep these violent, greedy, ruthless monsters called humans in-line.


Excellent write up. The

by Anonymous... (not verified) on

Excellent write up. The tragic part of their common legacy is that it's going to wreack havoc indefinitely on our planet with no end in sight.

ebi amirhosseini

Mr Fateh

by ebi amirhosseini on

As the saying goes:

Ye naadaan sangi dar chaah andaakht o sad aaghel natoostand daresh biyaarand?!( if I said it correctly?!).

Haalaa hekaayate Bush va Khomeini niz hamineh.

best wishes



by IRANdokht on

Religulous is one of the best documentaries I have seen! 

I thought the ending was sobering and actually horrifying. Something has to be done since it seems that the religious nuts are working overtime to end the world so their messiah (or Mahdi or whoever else that might be) shows up! When they wish for the end of days when they can join their leader, how can you expect them to help end the wars and global warming?! 

I also agree that Khomeini and GWB were of the same fiber and dangerous to the original countries they ruined and to the world. Any religious nut with an agenda and too much ambition would be as dangerous, man or woman.



I agree with Bill

by farokh2000 on

I saw Bill Mahr's latest movie and I am totally on his side and have been for a long long time.

If people could come to their senses and get rid of organized religions, they would be taking a huge step forward. 

There would be no need for these fundamentalist mentality in any Society and people would actually care about each other rather than kill each other for religious reasons. At least they would not have the excuse.

I do agree with you that Khomieni and Bush are the same, except the robe and the turban. They will both be burried in the History of mankind as bad news to humanity.


You are right.

by I Don't lilke Bush (not verified) on

Bush kheyli az Khomeini badtar hast
Amale Bush tamame donya ra kharab kardeh.
Khomeini faghat dahane Irano saaf kard