Laser Hair Removal and Dr. Butterfly

by Faramarz_Fateh

The next time I hear the name Doktor Shahparak-e Kamareyee on the Iranian radio Station in LA I am going to take a baseball bat and pulverize the audio system in my car.

Akhe baba, who in their right mind names their child Shahparak; especially when your last name is Kamareyee. Furthermore, what is this daily assault on hair?

If hair was bad, would God create man without hair?! Oh crap, I just remembered that most Asian men don't have any body hair. Well, you Persian women of LA, do you like Asian men? I didn't think so. Begzareem az inke they are not known to be well endowed like us Persian men. Begoo mashallah.

Really, as I have written in the past, it is understandable when a woman removes the hair on her upper lip or chin or face. Because its right there; in your face type of a situation. But doing the hands, legs, toes, entire body?

I have had enough of plasticy LA women; nose job, boob job, botox, blonde hair, color lens, fake nails, fake tan, hair extensions, teeth so whitened with bleach your eyes can't look at them without sunglasses.....ete etc

Lets get back to nature.......or pratice some moderation.


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Aagh Feri

by Majid on

When you're done smashing your car radio come and get mine too !


I too, am sick and tired of this ad in the radio, specially the girl who says "After this operation ZENDEGIM AVAZ SHODEH" ! what a pitty life she had before that hair removal huh ?

 I remember growing up in Tehran we had a " DR. Kamare-ei" in hamoom omoomi who was doing exactly THAT ! with a pack of "VAAJEBI" without a radio comercial !


Poor guy ( Dallak ), did not know he was a DR. !!..............LOL


Bismarchi preparing for 42nd operation

by Anon (not verified) on

You think that's bad, look at this:



Thank God for laser

by Khoshgele 007 (not verified) on

As an Iranian girl, all I can say is thank God for laser hair removal. Every body should do it.


> pashmaloo of mass destruction

by Another lost iranian in France (not verified) on

Thank God for inventing laser hair removal.