Let's abolish Christianity and Islam!


by Faramarz_Fateh

A few weeks ago I was listening to Bill Mahr's show on HBO. He was talking about the Pope. He said something that really requires deep thought. The Pope had apparently visited the U.S. and had received a reception more lavish and grand than that of a King. Mahr's question was this: "Lets say the CEO of an Italian public company which owned 1,500 child care facilities in the U.S. had visited here. Then let's say a large number of children who attended these facilities were raped and abused by employees of this company. The CEO had heard about these cases but had not done anything about them. Do you think this CEO would have been placed under arrest, tried and put in jail as soon as he had stepped on U.S. soil or would he had receive a lavish reception ceremony?" This is exactly what happened when the Pope visited the U.S.

The religious schools in Qom are known for being centers of male child abuse. This is so common place that numerous jokes have been in circulation about it for the past 70 years. In effect, Qom is synonymous with prostitution (hourly sighe) and child sex (talabeh initiation). But scores of Iranians visit Qom every day to pray to God. Actually the Imam Zaman has a house (sorry, chah) in Qom.

Forget about child abouse for a moment. How many wars have there been in the name of religion?

Now, in 2008, we get to vote for Sarah Palin. A Christian stripper looking nut job who doesn't have a problem bombing Iran and kill tens of thousands of innocent people just because Iran MAY use a nuclear bomb against Israel in 10-15 years. But she is against abortion. Like they say, Republicans are pro life until its born.

There is probably just as much filth in Judaism and Zorastrianism. But since I don't know much about either and more importantly since there is not too many Jews and Zartoshtis left, they really don't count. But my vote is to abolish these 2 schools of thought as well.

Lately I have become so anti religion that it’s causing major problems with my wife. Hopefully she'll let me be and won't divorce me. But the more I think about what these so called religions of peace, love and brotherhood have done to humanity, the more I dislike them; especially Islam and Christianity.


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Xerxes, take your head out of the sand

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Xerxes, take your head out of the sand, take a deep breath and then think for the first time in your life.

So you believe Muslims and Christians have not done a damn thing that was and has been bad for the world? The only evil doers are the Jews?




by Maryam Hojjat ph.d. (not verified) on

I AM with you in your frustration. I am also completely in agreement with Ali P. It is impossible to abolish these nonsense unless by education over a long period. I personally experienced both these two religions you mentioned and I realized that they are nothing more than a way for certain people to rip off others through this business. I am free from these B.S. by experience and knowledge.




by XerXes (not verified) on

The most religious and dangerously close minded about other religions are the Jewish religion. get rid of that and you got your problems solved.


wow.. you ar so true!

by floridavoice (not verified) on

Lately, I am hating all religions. This is coming from a girl that her mom would kill her right about now miles and miles away if she hears that.
I hate religions for wars, greed, lack of peace ( they all talk about it but take it away), and many more reasons!

The religion that allows girls get buried alive (happening in daily basis) because they have chosen a husband has no room in my life!

Ali P.

Lost Battle

by Ali P. on

If you can ever abolish, theft, prositution, dishonesty, greed, norcotics, gambling,...etc., you can abolish religion. All part of human psyche.

 Religion is here to stay. You may want to control it  by keeping it out of state affairs, but you can't abolish it.

The Prince


by The Prince on

I equally share your frustration.  The ironic thing is that no one has or could have destroyed religion more than these religiouse idiots themselves.  I don't think even the most anti-religion organization in the world could've made people more disgussted with the religion than Akhoonds and other religious clergies.

I do not know about chrisianity, but I know for a fact that there is no such a thing as Akhoond or Afatollah in Islam.  The whole notion of Rohani or Akhoond is man made. Even Muhammad himself was not rohani. He himself said it many times in Quran, that: "I am nothing but a man".  then they want us to beleive that a low life parasite who wears aba and amameh is rohani???!!  Give me a break!  The whole religious clergy is nothing but a sham. All of them are the same thieves and parasites.  



Second that

by I love Faramarz (not verified) on

Faramarz jan, you are so spot on. Your best blog


Amen, Faramarz

by mahmoudg on

Amen, Faramarz


Well , see you tonight, dear!

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I am not sure if you have to sleep in our bed or the out house tonight and the other nights ??