Minorities can successfully counter IRI; My Rx

by Faramarz_Fateh

Normally, when a Jew is attacked or killed by Muslim fundamentalists, other Jews take revenge by attacking or killing 30-300 Muslims.  This has been the MO of Israel for the past few decades and a very good MO it is.  Fundamentalist Muslims only respond to force and violence.  If you give them an inch, they will push for a mile.  For the tiny country of Israel this has worked well because any other way and they would not exists today.

In Iran, religous minorities unfortunately (and I do mean unfortunately) are not into violence and taking revenge.  For some reason, they just let the IRI bastards oppress and in many instances times kill them.  The level of oppression and persecution of particular minorities has dramatically increased in the past few months.  We won't go into the reasons for that in here.

The IRI has recently distributed information in several cities regarding the najes nature of religous minorities and how coming in contact with one or more can ruin any devout Muslim's life by revocation of their namaz.

Here is my suggestion to these minorities:  They should get into small groups of say 10 or so people.  Each group should then go and take a bath/swin in all rivers and water reservois of Iran; every single one, thus making all sweet water supplies in Iran najes.  Some should also go and roll around in the snow covered slopes just in case.

Since all drinking water supplies and reservoirs will be undrinkable and unusable after this, there will be sort of ghahtee and khoshksali in Iran.  Remember Imam Hossein in Karbala? 

As long as IRI is busy with finding ways to import water for drinking and bathing purposes, these religious minorities will be left alone.  Now if the U.N. enforces an embargo on water exports to Iran, then the IRI will think again about messing with the minorities.

Please remember, no peeing in the water.


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response to anti-faramarz liar

by fleeting passenger (not verified) on

you don't know your own book, unfortunately. please cast a look at Quran 5:51; Muslims cannot even make friends from among Jews and Christians, lest alone shake hands with them.



by Najis (not verified) on

Regardless of whether or non non-muslims are considered Najis. The IRI has no choice but to shake hands with the world leaders when they travel to non muslim countries which makes them Najis too because they have touched some Najis hands. They have so far shaken hands with Christians, Jews, Hindus, Communists or what have you. They have no choice.


Mr Faramarz Fateh

by zionist detector (not verified) on

Thanks for a well written blog . I agree with you. iri considers minorities najes . I disagree with abarmard . we should accept facts as they are.


concept of najes is nothing new, get real

by Anonymous` (not verified) on

The concept of "najes" is nothing new. I know and have witnessed jews doing it to others. I know Hindus do it. In fact, they have a group of people called "untouchables". I don't have information, or first hand experience on other religions, but just wanted to give a couple of examples. I do not believe in any religion, since they create division amongst people, NOT UNITY. What a load of crap all of them are.

As far as the Bahais having equal rights, they should be granted, since it is really a human rights issue. However, like it or not, the concept of najes, will always be there for some folks.

BTW, this is the dumbest blog I have seen here, but, having seen your other blogs, I should not be totally surprised.


To: Abarmard

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Dear Abarmard,
When you and your family are not subject of hatred, oppression and genocide, obviously you won't feel the same way as the minorities.  I mostly recall the harm and injustice done to Bahais because my wife is a Bahai.  Oh, and yes, her dad was killed by the bastards of IRI in the 80s.

Let me refresh your memory regarding the current events; destruction of several cemetaries; semnan, Shiraz etc

Abduction and imprisonment of numerous Bahais (23 to be exact), 9 of whom are still in jail and unable to contact anyone.

Burning down of Bahai homes in 3 cities (I don't recall the names but every one of them is archived on Iranian.com or other websites reporting on Iran)

Is this enough?  Or should I mention 35,000 Bahai youth not being able to attend university.....or getting government jobs.

Oh thats right, I am an idiot.....Iran is a very welcoming country.


to love humanity and try to serve it

by s. (not verified) on

"To be a Bahá'í simply means to love all the world; to love humanity and try to serve it; to work for universal peace and universal brotherhood."
- `Abdu'l-Bahá

Jumping into water reservoirs is pointless. We will never seek redress;, there is simply too much work to be done across the world. There are no longer any "najes" or "kafar."

To love God is to wish harm to no one and to cease exhalting ourselves above anyone.

Baha'u'llah explains the purpose of His Mission:
"That all nations should become one in faith and all men as brothers . . ."

If the mullahs don't come to see how peaceful we are, their children or grandchildren will come to see that hatred is mortal and love is eternal.

Baha'is have done nothing but expand across the world since the 19th century, regardless of what the government does in Iran to repress the Faith.


Where did you heard last

by Abarmard on

That Iranians consider them Najes? When was the last time that you visited and witnessed that with your own eyes? Are crazy people in Iran? Yes (like anywhere else), but do you honestly believe that Iranian think the way you have commented about?

More than the majority of Iranians are warm and welcoming, they don't react if you even spit on the name Mohammad, I don't buy your argument. But not to mention that the laws in the IR are not fair for all, minorities and women. That's true but not to the extent that you are portraying here. I have come a cross pro Hitler fascist in my city in the US, but I never claim that US people agree with that mentality.


Daryush and Maraym Amiri

by Faramarz_Fateh on

To Daryush: you do not live in Iran. If you did, you would "get" my post.  You are for sure a fundamentalist Muslim from Iran, an Arab country or Pakistan.  But tell me my learned and pius brother, do you agree or disagree with the idea of Najes?  Tell me who is dirtier by logical, comon sensical and medical standards; a muslim who doesn't shower/bath for 3 weeks at a time, doesn't change his or her clothing for weeks at a time,has urine all over his pants or a Jew or a Bahai who showers twice a day and upholds all standards of higene and cleanliness?  Get with the 21st century buddy.  Time for Islamic bullshit is over.

To poster "Maryam Amiri": IRI is killing an average of 10-12 people a day across Iran, some as young as 11 years old.  No real trial or standard of justice, no defence attorney no nothing.  These killings are justified?  Orders from government to kill Bahais or kill Muslims who change their religion from Islam to Christianity is OK, but all other types of killings are not?

To likes of you, only Muslim lives (especially Palestinians) are worth while.  Koor khoondi zanike.  At the risk of repeating myself, time of Islamic bullshit is over.



To Daryush

by ??? (not verified) on

How come you can access this site from inside Iran when this site is filtered and cannot be accessed by the average public there?


Why are you all jumping on faramarz to whitewash mullahs?

by Get real (not verified) on

I always knew that this site pretty much has the largest gatherng of open and closeted supporters of mullahs but I coudn't believe my eyes when somebody so openly ran to the defense of the Mullah Khamenii repeating his declared or undeclared gibberish while his gibberish just like Khomeini's is not even worth a damn penny.

Anybody who grew up in Iran knows very well that average Shiite cleric in Iran considered Jews and Christians "Najis" (Unclean) and Bahaiis as mortad or kafar.

These backward turbaned cavemen told their ignorant followers that if a Jew touched a Shiite muslim, that muslim must wash his/her hand three times to get the uncleanliness off.


Khaili shooteh 2

by Daryush on

I have noticed that many Iranians have learn the bad part of the Western teachings and social behavior instead of promoting what the positives are that they have learned, so the Iranian society can enhance. What is the level of intelligence in people as such as this author that can truly help Iran or Iranians in the long run? What have you learned is this? Sad man, just sad. I guess we are doing better in Iran. My friends that have not even been out of the country once think much more "Western" in the positive light than you who lives there.


Khaili shooteh

by Daryush on

Vaaz e maghziyeh in agha kharaabeh

I think you, very much like your buddies must come and visit Iran before zer zer about how Iranians are and how things work. You obviously are stupid about what's the issue and how things are. So you think Arabs only understand violence? Is that the reason that some IR officials think about the minorities? that if you give the an inch they want more? What the hell is wrong with some of you people. Racist, ignorant, dumb in the definition of the word stupid. My God, I can't believe that you live in the west. Some of you live there and get education and think more dictatorial, harsh and unreasonable, or just pure racist than anyone I've known living in "Backward" Iran!

You are the "western" educated? God saves the earth. wow, speechless.

Mariam Amiri

lol this is entertaining

by Mariam Amiri on

Wow some people on this site are indeed nuts and have psychological problems. As usual, not only do these individuals have no knowlegde about what they are talking about, but they are so out of touch with reality and so full of hatred that they promote violence and killing their own countrymen.


It's nice to see Faramarz promoting Israel's killings

by AnonymousAnonymous (not verified) on

I suggest changing the name of this website to IsraeliPropaganda.com. Since he is also advocating the killing of Muslim Iranians, then we can see that the IRI had very good reasons to kill the Saddam-supporting Rajavists and their associates in the so-called Iranian "opposition" (which is little more than the arm of the U.S. and Israeli governments inside Iran).



by true persian (not verified) on

Funny but true. If majority of Iranians had wisdom, they wouldn't choose an Islamic theocracy and Islamist terrorsts to rule over them in the 21st century. Yes they do believe that non muslims are Najis. I have been there and I have heard that.


Bahai's are therefore Najis

by rural (not verified) on

Bahai's are therefore Najis in Iran? wow!


Wow -- To Faramaz

by FaramazIsALiar (not verified) on

I'm concerned with nijasat and kur? You are the one writing a whole article about it.

I am shocked beyond belief that the pot is calling the kettle black.

I am only exposing your lies. You are the one that should do RESEARCH before you write whole articles about this.

Deaf Dumb Blind -- Verily you are in manifest error.


Anti Faramarz Lies

by Faramarz_Fateh on

It is pathetic for someone in the 21st century to be concerned with the concept of najis and kur.  I really feel so sorry for you that I can't even put you down with anymore writing.

As long as there are ignorant people in this world, we'll never reach our potential as humans!

Good luck to you buddy.


To Faramaz - YOU ARE A LIAR

by Anti-Faramaz Lies (not verified) on

First of all, you lying scoundral -- Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians are NOT considered najis by Islamic marjas currently ruling Iran.

Here is what Ayatullah Khamenei says about Jews and Christians and Zoroastrians:

Q 312: Some mujtahids are of the opinion that the People of the Book are najis, while some others consider them pure. What is your opinion?

A: It is not established that the People of the Book are najis themselves; rather, we consider them as pure by themselves.


Second, taking a bath in a large body of water, no matter how najis you are, doesn't make the body of water as najis. If a body of water is KUR (large), then nothing can make it najis.

so nice try Faramaz. Your ignorance SHINES AGAIN.

Deaf, Dumb, Blind -- Verily you are in manifest error.



by Mehran-001 (not verified) on

I wish life was that simple. In any case it is a good try.