MTV Cribs ; Imam Zaman's Haauusse


by Faramarz_Fateh

I was mindlessly watching MTV Cribs this past weekend as I started thinking whose crib would the Islamic fundamentalists of the Shiite sect like to see featured on that program.

I figured it has got to be Imam Zaman's Crib; I guess maybe not so much a home but a chAh but who knows, with God's technological backing, the Imam can have the most wicked home 200 feet under ground.

According to Shiite Hadises, the Hidden Imam has an entourage of 313 people (yeah even more than Fitty Cents), 10 of which are his hommies.

If there are 313 people, you figure 4 to a room, that means the Crib needs to have 78 bedrooms, 40 bath rooms, a huge outdoor pool for ghosl..... What if some of the 313 are females? Then the house needs to have two completely separate wings; North wing for males and South wing for the females.

No self respecting Iranian or Arab can go too long without a woman....there has got to be some women around for hourly sighe. Otherwise, there is going to be a lot of "don't ask don't tell moments" in the Chah.

And yeah, what about cars? What do you think the 12th Imam will drive out of the chah to go from Qom to Tehran to meet with Ahmadinejad? Maybe a strectched Hummer?

Nah, Hummer is American made. Maybe a few stretched Benz limos. Figure 12 people to a limo...nah, scrap that. 1 Limo for the Imam and the 10 hommies and the rest can follow in buses. So the garage of the Crib should have room for 1 Limo and a big bus. Maybe a Lamborghini or a Rolls too for special occasions.

Since everything is underground, maybe an indoor pool like the grotto at the playboy mansion will be found in the home. Instead of bikinis though, women would be in full hejab with t-shirts and long skirts....all wet of course.

By the way, is Imam Zaman an Iranian? Or an Arab? If he is Arab, which country will he be from? Palestine? Probably. Damn, I know this is way off the subject, but do I really want to be "ruled" by another Arab again?!!

I hope the 12th Imam is Iranian.


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I am sure he is Arab, for the sake if Islam

by nema on

Don't we champion the Palestinian cause these days in Iran so he must be Palestinian , no wait Palestine is too far and too many countries in between, I bet you he is Iraqis from Imam Hussian area, but grew up by in Qum.Hey these days any thing goes...



Oh my god this was funny.

by skatermom (not verified) on

Oh my god this was funny. Very clever.


Only on

by True Muslim (not verified) on

Only on stupid people can write such undignified garbage about one of the most important figures of Islam.

Fateh, I pity you. May God have merci on your soul


I've got the power!

by Saraamin on

where's imam's mommy originally from ?wasn't she christian converted 2 Islam ?

and FYI he can't be Palestinian , u know y ?cuz if he was , he prolly would explode himself in a Mcdonald , i magine he can be anwhere anytime he wants , Super power !

and he will sing , I've got the powerrrrrrrrrrrrr , remember Bruce Almighty , Jim carrey , lol , i've got the powerrrrrr


Mr Fateh, for your information!

by Tahirih on

He is Iranian:))

I know ,that as soon as I talk, you will say I am useless, but dear I had to say it:)))

May be watching Sangam clips made me giddy:)))




This was funny! Good point too

by Likes to Laugh (not verified) on

This was a silly but yet thought provoking piece.
Thank you.

I also hope he is Iranian. No more Arabic influence please.