Nike & Iraqi shoe thrower sign $2.5M contract

by Faramarz_Fateh

Phil Knight, Chairman and CEO of Nike, in an unprecedented move, signed the now famous Iraqi shoe thrower to be the next spokesman for Nike's new line of multi purpose shoes.  Among main uses of these shoes, they can be used as weapons against heads of state or anyone else deserving a blow to the head.

The new shoes will most likely be featured in the next James Bond movie as well; remember the fat Japanese guy who threw his hat?  Now it will be an Iraqi guy with a shoe.

I just wish one of the damn shoes had hit the SOB in the head.  The guy had exceptionally good aim and the shoe had decent speed.  What a shame.


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Sorry Faramarz:GWB is hard as a rock

by Anonymous iranian (not verified) on

GWB is hard as a rock only dumber.This a bumper sticker that I once saw.So if you wish one of the shoes had hit GWB in the head,it probably would have bounced off his head and hurt the shoe thrower himself,but I think the whole show was staged,everybody was just too calm and it took the security people too long to react.

David ET

shoes and all

by David ET on

To go through airport security millions of people everyday have to take off their shoes thanks to shoe bomber

soon to attend press conferences and all the public official gatherings people have to take off their shoes too?

Yeah this was great for journalism rights!

This was great for our rights , as long as they are not throwing shoes at us and the people we like, its ok ?.

How about throwing microphones? Headphones< cellphones? Pens? dirty Underwears? laptops? bullets?!! So much that journalist can do to restore their image.

For NOW lets laugh and enjoy the freedoms ...while we still have them.



American wife

by LiVe From Tehran (not verified) on

Please no offense as your response was, my sole purpose was to educate myself. I guess i shall categorize you with the rest of my countrymen as an "emotional" as it is. A while ago my Western friend told me "if Muslims, particularly Iranians, would make their decisions based upon their second (rational) thoughts instead of their first (emotional) feelings, in an instance they would capture the world".


Just throw it

by ahvazi on

Kaveh that was funny :-)



by american wife who can't log in (not verified) on

Ok, ok... don't get your panties twisted. I was being mostly facetious. I know what journalism is and I know they're supposed to be fair (yeah, right) and professional (ha ha) but this guy was awesome! It's not going to give journalism a bad name by any means. For one thing, no one really HAS any respect for journalists anymore. I certainly don't. I doubt the public (be it American or anywhere else) has been told the truth by the "media" in so long, we'd probably slit our own wrists if we were. It was an action of frustation in my book and I cheer the guy big time.


American wife

by LiVe From Tehran (not verified) on

I ask all you and all intellectual personal in this website.. What is Journalist job?

American Wife


by American Wife on

On the contrary... it's going to do tremendous good to journalism.  Instead of the usual BS, this guy took him DOWN... metephorically speaking anyway.

Kaveh Nouraee

Nike's New Slogan

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Instead of "Just Do It":

Jast Teroo It.


bad image

by LiVe From Tehran (not verified) on

it's really funny piece what you wrote. regardless, i hope it does not happen again anywhere in the world. It is representing a bad image of Journalism. It will damage journalist and their reputations..


Thank you

by ShoeMan (not verified) on

Oh my God! You made me laugh on Monday morning
You are right what a shame it miss Bush