No attack on Iran; Thanks to Friends of Bush

by Faramarz_Fateh

Thanks to many friends of Bush (FOB), the multi millionaire stock market heavy weights on wall street who speculate large sums of money on oil every day, prices of crude oil, diesel, heating oil and gasoline have shot up through the roof in the past 6 months.  It is reported that 7 individual traders and a handful of institutional energy traders have taken in profits in excess of $37 billion in the last 6 months.  Thats $3,858 per second, every second, for the past 180 days.

The $37,000,000,000 excludes monies made or lost in U.K, rest of Europe or Asia (mainly Hong Kong). 

The 50% increase of energy prices has created a very bad economic situation in the U.S. and I guess in the entire world for that matter.  It is estimated that a limited surgical attack on Iran by either Israel or the U.S. or a combination thereof will push oil prices to  $200-$250 a barrel.  If during this attack waterways of Hormuz &/or The Persion Gulf are  effected in any way, oil prices can reach $350-$500 range; maybe not permanently but for sure on a temporary basis for a few months.

Can you imagine oil at $350 a barrel in October of this year?  That means $10+ per gallon of gas.

Republican hawks and the Jewish lobby now have 3 choices:

1) No attack.  Just continuous widening of economic sanctions.

2) Attack with provisions for safe gaurding the shipping water ways.

3) Attack with no provisions and basically leaving the mess for Obama. 

Although I had predicted an attack between the presidential elections in Russia and the U.S., I now think the cost of an attack will be too high for the U.S.   One can never say never, but an attack on nuclear sites of Iran now is unlikely. 


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As an Ex-Active trader I can assure you...

by samsam1111 on

that the write offs of billions on sub-prime losses by the types of Goldman Sachs[GS],Lehman [LEH], Morgan Stanly [MS] Bear Sterns [BSC] had to be made some where else.The Commodity and Index trading is where there has always been that the Gods of Nasdaq & NYS can inflate the rush and pimp their stock via fake & made up news & thats why they choose it whenever they need fast funds. As some one who had first hand knowledge you be surprised to know that Wall street commodity traders are more literate on sites  such as "Sobheh Sadegh","Baztab" or "Fars" than CIA..They take some mudane quote from some obscure ureliable extremist site in Iran , put a spin on it,use their vast channel of financial blogs & sites to promote the same spin and force the hysteria to  go long "buy" or sell "Short" the commodity stock or the index..It,s only a game played daily..wether it,s Copper,Steel or Oil..& don,t be naive to think there is a limit soon.They milk the Cow to her death and when the newbie trader get on the last Wagon to join the party they cash out and start "Shorting" the same inflated Index of they win when stock rises & they win when it tanks..


Iraq relpayed

by ali reza (not verified) on

Iran current situation remind me of Iraq before allied invasion.They accused Iraq of developing WMD which they are still looking for and 3 sets of embargos they placed on Iraq.Poor Saadam complied with all their wishes,but minds were already made and he had to go since their boy had outlived his use:)


Who says America is supposed to win?

by Mehdi on

The warmongers are not concerned whether America wins or loses - they are concerned about their own profit only. America lost in Iraq too but these boys and girls did make and are still making huge profits. The possible war on Iran has never been for the benefit of America or even "Israel." It's only a few INDIVIDUALS who make profit from it.American taxpayers must pay (along with Israeli taxpayers) so that these criminals can make huge profits.