No homosexuals in Iran.

by Faramarz_Fateh

In a way, I am not surprised at what Ahmadinejad said about homosexuals in Iran during his Q&A sesssion at Columbia University this morning.

You see, Ahmadinejad's social interaction has been limited to the Islamic circle of Akhoonds and Mullahs in Qom, and Monkeys.

In Qom, sex is usually between grown men and male children below the age of 12. This act is generally referred to as lavat and the mullah's really don't graduate from the Theology School of Qom until they have raped a dozen young boys. Sex with women, young girls or grown men does not count.

Because Ahmadinejad was really young duing his rape sessions in Qom, he really cannot call this a homosexual act. There was never any foreplay or reciprocation.

After age 14 or so, Ahmadinejad's sexual experience has been limited to monkeys; the species he most closely feels at home with. So, because his sex partners after adolesence have been chimps and other variety of primates, he cannot relate to homosexual behavior as it exist in the U.S.

So, please stop criticizing Ahmadinejad and start investigating the Jews and the holocaust. Alsan in joohood ha homosexuality ro dorost kardan.

If Israel is wipe off the surface of the earth, all human problems including homosexuality will be solved.





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Kaveh Nouraee

This reminds me of ............

by Kaveh Nouraee on

This idiocy about there being no homosexuals or homesexuality in Iran reminds me of the beginning of the U.S. Invasion of Iraq when the Iraqi spokesman Mohammad Al-Sahaf was proclaiming that there were no U.S. troops in Baghdad.


At the time Al-Sahaf was holding that press conference, U.S. tanks and HumVees were seen in the backround, rolling through town uninterrupted. Priceless. No wonder we are still a 3rd world country.


People like you are more

by Ali (not verified) on

People like you are more dangerous for the country than Ahmadinejad and the war propaganda machine of the United States together!

Please educate yourself on political issues before making such posts!


Mullahs and their sidekicks

by Cyrys Khan (not verified) on

It is simply not surprising at all for this person, Ahmaghi Nejad, to lie through his teeth without the least shame. Mullahs and their devoted followers believe in lies, live a life of hypocrisy and lies, and have no sense of shame. This person, Ahmaghi Nejad, is the epitome of all that is evil with the mullah's concocted religion. The sooner these leeches are kicked out of office and sent to their rat-hole mosques, the sooner the long-suffering non-idiot Iranians will be set free. Shame on you Ahmaghi Nejad. How dare you to drag the precious name of Iran into mud, as you have been doing.

Kaveh Nouraee

Poor monkeys

by Kaveh Nouraee on

The fact that Antarigedah's social interactions have been limited to monkeys makes me feel terrible for those poor animals.



The pedophilia that is pervasive among the mollahs is similar to the pedophilia that is so widespread among Catholic priests. Both groups are filled with members who have become mollahs or priests to hide who they are. They molest young boys, and over time, as they enjoy greater power and a greater role in their respective local communities, they begin to believe there is nothing wrong with such behavior, since they keep getting away with it. Boys who were once their victims often become the protege, following the footsteps of the very same sick SOB who molested them and stole their innocence in the most heinous way imaginable. And since history has a sick sense of humor, coming back to hit you in the back of the head like a boomerang, the behavior inevitably repeats itself, with new victims found and violated, to become the priests and mollahs of tomorrow.


there are huge number of pedophiles and child abusers in Iran

by Islam is poison for Iran (not verified) on

Being a gay is not a life style. They are born gay and are human being with all rights. Their cheerfulness and health must be protected.

Said that, I will tell you that in Islamic countries sex with underaged boys and girls are rampant because of dictating a close society and not allowing safe sex. For that reason, there are huge number of pedophiles and child abusers in Iran. Islam is at the root of all problems we face in Iran. Islam has been obstacle to Iran in becoming a free society and a civilized global player.


Great religion of Islam! The

by wqt (not verified) on

Great religion of Islam! The source of all misery. Just look around and see all so called Islamic nations. Each and everyone is backwards, ignorant, and filthy. Observe what has happened to Iran. What a shame.


Dear Faramarz According to

by Yousi (not verified) on

Dear Faramarz
According to your writings you are suffering from an extreme case of Homophobia and Anti Semitism. You are not better off than Ahamdinejaad


Please keep monkeys out of this conversation

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

Please keep monkeys out of this conversation. They are murders like these Islamic thugs.


You are sick

by AAA (not verified) on

Some people's hatred just knows no bounds. You are a very sick individual for trivializing rape and try to get a few cheap laughs out of it.


finally the american ppl

by Anonymous_Flowers (not verified) on

finally the american ppl understand the bullshit iranian people experience under this idoit/asshole


You are full of it (BS)!

by Anonymous on

How can you know what you are saying unless if you have been one of those boys! I hope not - I just hope you are trying to be funny and missing it by far .......


This man is a habitual

by Anonymousq (not verified) on

This man is a habitual liar.


Before becoming a president: he is saying, "our country's problem is not women's hair or their hijab, we have much bigger problems:


After becoming the President:

Major crackdown on women and their hijab: