Nuclear Deal = Another 30 years of IslamoMafia

by Faramarz_Fateh

If a deal is reached between the IRI and the IAEA arm of the U.N., it means a deal was reached between the IslamoMafia group that has been running Iran for 30 years and the west allowing the former to stay in power and continue the rape and pillage of the Iranian nation. 

I sure as hell don't want a deal reached.


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ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

I don't think the full (or the partial, even) text of the agreement is available to the public. Maybe we'll get lucky and somebody will leak it :)

The way el Baradei describes it, though, it looks like it's all carrot, no stick. If there are concessions on the part of IRI in it, El Baradei dosn't seem to think they are worth talking about.



Does anyone know the full

by vildemose on

Does anyone know the full text of this so called nuclear deal? What other deals were made to reach this "nuke deal"? Could one of the deals to make 'this deal' be to help the Islamic Republic confront its enemies outside and inisde to prevent it from ever becoming a democracy (i.e., the grand bargain).

Isn't that interfering in the internal affairs of Iran?? If the interfernce ensures the survival of the IRI indefinitely, then foreign interference becomes okidoki?? What am I mssing here?


آمریکای - ارباب شما فقط می توانه دنبلان یهودی چرب بکنه


بعد از این هم دنبلانه چینی و 



ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

This is the full quote:

And dont get me started about west "allowing" anything vis-a-vis Iran.
This is for OUR PEOPLE to decide.  That means, foreigners must stay out
of this.  

I'm reading that (in context of the nuke issue) as meaning that nobody outside Iran has any right to interfere in Iran's internal affairs. But it seems to me that foreigners have already interfered in Iran's internal affairs. It also seems to me that IRI actively interferes in the internal affairs of other countrys, such as Iraq, Lebanon and Israel. Are you opposed to that as well? Or is it only Iran that has a right to be left completely alone in your opinion? And how about the UN? The United Nations has nothing to say? I'm not a big fan of the UN as anyone who has read my comments about it can testify to, but it's the stated goal of the UN to promote peace and act collectively to deter aggression. Iran is a member of the UN. 

Sorry to break it to you friend, but demcracy cant be "installed". Iran
needs to evolve into a democratic force. It cant be installed by people
who are aliens to the society. 

I totally agree with you about that. But convincing foreign powers that democracy in Iran is more important than their own security is going to be a tough sell. That's why I hope that the nuke issue can be resolved to everyone's satisfaction. IMO, it will buy the opposition in Iran more time. Unfortunately, I think for that reason the IRI will not allow the nuclear issue to be resolved. I think they want a confrontation, as long as it's a confrontation that's minor enough they don't end up being overthrown by an invader.


ex programmer craig


werent you following the no gaza, no lebonan, I will give my life for Iran slogans? that should answer your question what the people really want.



Sorry to break it to you friend, but demcracy cant be "installed". Iran needs to evolve into a democratic force. It cant be installed by people who are aliens to the society.


ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

This is for OUR PEOPLE to decide.

Well, I hope for their sake it goes better than the last time they tried to decide something that didn't happen to be exactly what the regime wanted.

That means, foreigners must stay out of this.  

Unless they are from Lebanon and the Palestinian Camps, right?

The Phantom Of The Opera

You hit the right note; bravo

by The Phantom Of The Opera on

The Shah was the grand rapist and pillager of Iran. Mullas are only following his footsteps.


My power over you grows stronger yet

The phantom of the opera is there; inside your mind.


Sorry to break the news to you

by Faramarz_Fateh on

BUT, "the West" sort of owns the countries of the ME.  Like it or not, its reality.  Its been like this for over 120 years.  

Secondly, what I am saying doesn't have anything to do with the people of Iran.

What I am saying, perhaps succeeding to be a bit more clear this time is that the U.S. and the rest of them will let the Islamic crowd hang around if the promise to behave; suspend nuke activity.

This is separate from the movement of the people of Iran who want the regime gone and democracy installed. 

Mardom Mazloom

I don’t think so either

by Mardom Mazloom on

Since the last 4 years, A.N. didn’t stop to say that others before him betrayed iranians by accepting to suspend uranium enrichment. A lot of lat-o-poot Basijis as well as people in Arab countries were proud of this guy for his resistance against the great Satan and all other imperialist henchmen. They will be disabused, if Kha.R., A.N. and their team accept the nuclear deal as they’ll return to the situation where IRI was once before.

IRI was declared illegitimate by people leaving inside the country. This resistance caused mullahs pulling back, and that also will cause IRI’s fall.


So you want conflict is it?


I dont get your logic. Ease of tensions between Iran and the west will HELP the movement in IRAN.Conflict - see the past 30 years, starting with the Iraq war - between west and Iran has made this regime stronger.

And dont get me started about west "allowing" anything vis-a-vis Iran. This is for OUR PEOPLE to decide.  That means, foreigners must stay out of this. 


I disagree

by Abarmard on

The lack of western support has and had nothing to do with IRI staying in power and will not affect future stability of IR either. People do.
In ME governments that are pro West and vise versa, do not have the suppport of their people.Iran will be much more relaxed about the west now since they feel threatened by internal forces. Something to think about.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

It's not that I disagree with your conspiracy theory

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I just don't like that you limit the time frame of Iran's exploitation to the last 30 years. 

Thank you for this blog. I will steal the ideas contained herein for cocktail talking points during my family dinner party this weekend. You always keep it real Faramarz. Thanks.