Only 24 days to 22 Bahman

by Faramarz_Fateh

There are only 24 days left to the anniversary of the 2nd invasion of Arabs which happened in 1979.

Please plan something for this day.  Suspend work and take to the streets.  Wear black, take pictures of Khamenei and Ahmadinejad along with the flag of the IRI and burn these symbols of misery in the streets.

Contact CNN, Fox, MSNBC and your local news channels and ask them to provide coverage.  Take videos and post them on youtube and anything else like it.  Ask them to interview protesters.  If they interview you, talk about the problems of Iran on the air and proclaim your support for the Iranian youth. 

I recommend to JJ to start a clock on the front page day after tomorrow and do a reverse count down from 22 to 0 as a reminder that we do not have much time left.

We MUST support the young men and women in Iran who will be putting their lives in danger to remove the filth and scum from Iran. 



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