Organic food; the new frontier for ripping off suckers

by Faramarz_Fateh

It used to be super markets would make money off of non food items; kleenex, can openers, otc medicines, batteries, shampoos etc.  Nowadays, with stores like Target, Walmart and the infamous $0.99 stores it has become increasingly difficult for these big chains to stay profitable.

Enter "organic" foods; for the last 8 years or so, purveyers of organic fruits, vegitables and meats, stores such as Pavillions and whole foods have been charging people 50-150% more just because some lable o their product says its organic.

Organic New York stake is $24.99/lb whereas non organic is $16.99/lb.  Organic basil is $3.99 a bunch whereas you can buy Basil at Elaat Market in LA for $0.79 a bunch.  The list goes on.  Organic free range eggs are $4.99/dz instead of $2.69/dz for normal free range eggs. 

These days, the organic craze is not limited to likes of Pavillion.  Chains like Ralphs, Safeway and Albertsons are pushing organic everything.  But no one knows where this damn organic crap is coming from.  There are no real government regulations, no oversight by agencies like FDA.  I say its organic therefore its organic.

The same farms that sell 100 tons of lettuce or tomatoes a month, set aside 10% of their production, lable it as organic and sell it at the highest price they can get.

Next time you spend your hard earned cash on organic stuff, ask yourself this question; How do I really know if this thing is organic?


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by Yachov on

I have always eaten organic and kosher.  After while a person gets to know certain products and trusts the supplier.  For example, certain companies raise chickens and turkeys that are not fed hormones or other unnatrual additives, are not caged and I don't believe the price is much more than other poultry products.  I also buy organic dairy products.  It is a little higher but not really much and again, there are certain products I know and trust such as Horizon.   I also shop at stores like Henry's or Trader Joe's where the organic foods are plentiful.  Mostly you just get to know certain brands you trust. 

I will tell you one true story though.  When I was in  college I drove a truck on weekends for a while to earn extra money.  I would deliver groceries in a semi.  The drivers were told where all the "health food stores" were located because they would take the produce that was rejected by the major chain grocery stores and the health food stores would buy it off the truck.  People would pay more for it than it would have cost in the grocery store.  But that was when health food stores were a new thing.  I don't know if that happens anymore.    


Are you joking ?!

by Faramarz F (not verified) on

USDA and other agencies have enough resources to MAYBE audit 25% of the domestic organic growers and 0% of off shore organic growers; from Chile to China.

There is NO question real organic foods are better than conventionally grown, especially in the U.S.

My point, which ya'll have missed is that lots of organically labeled foods are NOT; secondly, organic foods are way over priced, because its a fad now.


Were do you get your information?

by Cynthia (not verified) on

There is third party certification on organic foods through both the USDA and other agencies such as Oregon Tilth. It is a very lengthy and expensive process for growers to get certified taking a minimum of four years. And organic foods are more susceptible to disease and yield far less than conventionally grown genetically modified foods hence the difference in costs. Personally I would rather buy from a farm that can take their children out into their fields than one that requires a gas mask to walk around in. Do some research on what goes on "conventionally" grown foods, I could not in good conscience feed that to my worst enemy much less my family!

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i'll take my chances

by anonymous fish on

on the cheap stuff.  it's gotten me this far just fine.  :-)

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USDA seal is the difference

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