Origins of the word K@$ khol.


by Faramarz_Fateh

Our usual after dinner party discussion about politics, Hillary and Obama somehow ended up being about the word k@$ khol and its orgins. The explanation given by an old very educated and worldly doctor in our midst was so funny and yet in a way compelling that I just had to share it on here. Before that however, I apologise in advance for offending readers, specially female readers, for the heading/title as well as the content. It is more satire than fact. Here is the good doctor's explanation:

Few hundred years ago in Iran, the culture was much more paternal; a prime example of "mard salary". Men ruled the home. Hell, for all practical purposes, men ruled.

It was not like even 40 years ago when marriages were monogomous. Most men had at least 2 wives. These wives were more like "kaneez" than a life partner. So, whatever the men said or did was it. No room for discussion, compromise etc.

These days, most women wear the pants at home. Even in homes that this is not the case, women can withhold affection or sex and convert the husbands this way. If this is the only method possible, more power to women. Use of all tactics is permitted in these situations. Of course some husbands go outside the home and pay for affection but the percentage is low. Yeah, aha, specially in LA.

But in a marriage where there were 2-4 women for a man, as it was the case for Iran centuries ago, withholding sex was meaningless. So, during those few days of the month before the start of mensturation cycle (affectionately known as PMS in the U.S.) some women would not take any crap from their husbands. Their behavior would change so much, and usually tendencies would be towards aggression, illogical or unexplainable acts or depression/crying; so much so that the husbands would be caught offguard. And normally there was nothing the husband could do to fix the situation; not even brut aggression.

Interestingly enough, some of these women would become super frsiky during this time which was another mystrey to the men.

So, because these periods of unexplainable mood swings accompanied by exaggerated sexual desire were immediatebly followed by the actual mensturation, uneducated men of those days attributed the "khol" behavior to the vagina and therefore the word K@$khol was coined.


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K** Khol

by XerXes (not verified) on

Is actually Khor. In Laati language they pronounce R, L. Like Sulaakh instead of Suraakh. Khol instead of khor.


Dr. was wrong

by RealJamesbond (not verified) on

Your Doctor friend is getting old.His information is incorrect.

K$S KH*l is not that old. It started in 1960's with "Lat o Lot" in Tehran.
They would call it to their friends when they were getting in-love with woman. One would act wierd and say wierd stuff when he was in-love. They would call him "K*S Khol" which means, women made him Khol.
These kind of slangs is resulted of Behrooz Vosoghi movies. They would go to "Kabarah" and follow in love with "dancers" and beat other men.



K@$ Sher about K@$ Khol

by IranianMother (not verified) on

You sound just as gullible and woman-hating as usual, Mr. Fateh. No amount of sugar coating can hide it, either. I have heard another story about the origin of that expression but I won't share it with you, because I want you to go around like a fool, telling everyone this woman-hating story and get your comeuppance.

Can't you just stick with politics? At least when you write things about politics, we can let other woman-haters on this site to come and get you where it hurts. When you talk about issues having to do with Iranian women, we feel compelled to read your K@$ Shers and to reply, desperately trying to discourage you from writing again, especially when you have been to a party or you have had your brother and his friends over to your house. Please don't share your social findings with us anymore. You are not nearly as interesting as you think.