Patriotism Iranian Style.

by Faramarz_Fateh

I could be wrong, but I believe that a great majority of readers and posters are outside Iran; U.S., Europe and elsewhere.  If there was no censorship in Iran, the situation would be very different.

Reading blogs on here has introduce me to the concept of "Patriotism Iranian Style".  Its seems individuals that live the farthest from Iran are the most fervent "lovers" of her.  I read blogs that advocate bombing of Iran and these so called patriots come out like "moor o malakh" to defend Iran.

In my view, a true patriot is someone who sacrifices his or her personal life for the betterment or advance of their country.  Actually dictionary's definition of a patriot is someone who loves, supports, and is prepared to serve their country.

How could you live outside Iran, study outside Iran, work outside Iran, pay taxes outside Iran, contribute to economy of a country other than Iran, contribute to science, engineering or medicine of a country other than Iran, then go and spend 2 weeks in Iran to either visit family or collect accummulated rent money and come back and THEN, act as a patriot and lover of Iran.

Killing innocent people, Iranian or otherwise, anywhere, anytime for any reason is wrong.  Not many people disagree with this.

Its possible that to get rid of the current IslamoMafia regime of IRI bombing maybe necessary.  I don't know how, where, by who etc.  Other than bombing the Parliment while in session and or bombing Tehran University during a Friday prayer while Khamenie is speaking and GohNejad is attending, bombing other parts of Iran is not a good idea.

The bombing however MUST be done by patriotic Iranians and not a foreign power.  Remember, Akhoonds will not let go of power without extreme force.






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bombing the university?

by capt_ayhab on

You have stooped to a new low by this thread. Congrats !


che khabar e

Regardless of the different

by che khabar e on

Regardless of the different opinions expressed here (and there ARE many different opinions...:-), I think the one thing most can agree on is exactly as you say.  There is no advantage to Iran, Iranians OR the America for western powers to get involved.  This is the time for the proud and brave men and women in Iran to take their stand and fight for their freedom.  Alls I think the west needs to do is offer support and prayers for their success.