by Faramarz_Fateh

MSNBC has removed Keith Olberman from the position of anchor for the political coverage of the presidential race.

Olberman is the only sane voice in the balls to the walls Republican loving Christian controlled main stream media in the U.S.  Olberman is being marginalized as crazy while likes of Sean Hannity, Bill O'reily and Glen Beck spew garbage on Fox news everyday for 3 hours a day.

The main reason he was removed was due to a comment he made during the intro video for John McCain.  He basically said enough milking of 9/11 for political purposes.  He was 100% right by the way.

Please send protest emails to:   if you like Olberman and hate to see him discarded.



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by realist- (not verified) on

You are the one who is delusional. You think just because YOU think they won't attack Iran, there couldn't possibly be a chance for it. I think you're giving yourself way too much credit unless you're in CIA or Moussad and you know classified information than nobody else knows about!
They are saying they would attack, who are you to say they won't?
they are saying they want to reverse Roe v Wade, you're saying they won't! who are you?
wake up from your sweet dreams where the world is exactly how you feel it should be. They don't care what you say or think, they're already threatening Iran and they didn't ask you for your opinion now did they?

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Journalistic integrity and expressing your personal beliefs have nothing in common.

If they did, we can all be called journalists.

You want journalistic integrity? Unfortunately, Tim Russert died in June and he took it with him.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

What on earth are you talking about?

What wars? There is no war against Iran. There won't be any war against Iran.

How can you be so oblivious to the obvious?

Why are you so deluded? The US will not go into Iran. That opportunity has passed. The early 1980s would have been the time to go if that were to ever be on the table.

Oh my God, you believe anything, don't you?


Why is that the Iranian?

by Shamse Vazir (not verified) on

It is because Iranians in Iran are hoping that McCain would push out the Mullahs. Iranians in the US are more worried about how US does so they support the Democrats.

Here is the deal: Obama will likely be better for the US but McCain will be tougher on the Mullahs. Where do we go?


"about time"!!

by Majid on

That's all you need to read here........... "about time".....and that'll tell you that K.Olberman is/was doing something right !

"haghighat hamisheh talkh ast" "NEED" someone to sugar coat it for you!

K.O. is NOT that kinda person! can call  insane Hannity, Bilmaz O'Reilly, Glen Backwards....and others in F**KS NEWS! they'll serve you right. 


Keith Olbermann is a

by skatermom (not verified) on

Keith Olbermann is a demi-god and should be canonized. I have a huge crush on him. sshh, nobody tell skaterdad.

Mola Nasredeen

Also we support sister Palin to be the queen since there's

by Mola Nasredeen on

only one difference between sister Palin and brother Bush: Lipstick.


Olberman is Right

by Khar on

Read this bearking new!


PS. Samand111, I suggest that you read it twice!  by the way do you know what GOP stands for?


Live From Tehran!

by samsam1111 on

"do you see things different than us inside iran?"

Short answer ---> Partly Ignorance & for some others ,it,s simply a matter of self interest .The latter group has no clue about Democrats or Democratic principles .They are mostly haji aghas & associates looking at Obama as a good red meat for mullahs. mark my word ! Obama will bring war to Iran through his populist naive policies..

Shab khosh Ham-mihan


I agree . I never watch Fox news since it,s mostly right wing tabloid BUT I,m happy it,s out there just to ballance the detached hollow dreamers of the left in the a wake up slap..cheers to that pal!


Mola Nasredeen

Live from Emamzadeh Saleh

by Mola Nasredeen on

We, Molas United for McCain demand the waterboarding of this Olberman guy. We also candidate brother McCain to be the Shah of Iran.


Liberal vs. Conservative

by John on

The important issue isn't really the number of liberal and conservative news outlets, nor whether Keith Olberman is an anchor or an editorialist;  the important issue is that Fox News tells blatant lies and accepts and regurgitates the government line without offering the merest hint of unbiased analysis.

CNN, MSNBC, et al may indeed have a liberal stance, but they do at least attempt to present a balanced viewpoint, and they aren't boot-licking apologists for the corrupt, lying, murdering Republican party.


Why is that the Iranian

by Live From Tehran (not verified) on

Why is that the Iranian abroad in compare to iranian living inside iran are more democratic barker..The new underground survey indicates that out of 1760 people inside iran questioned 88% of them think that Senator McCain should be the next president of united state..why do you iranian abroad think differently? Do you have different political point of view? do you see things different than us inside iran?


About time

by Zion on

Exactly right Parthian. News anchor is not a position to rant about your ideological takes, especially when covering an election convention.

The US media is so biased in favor of democrats it's just funny, and the gang still cry wolf. Talk about hypocrisy!
Pathetic, really.


Dameh Olberman Garm

by Khar on

He is one of the few true anchors with journalistic integrity on TV these days unlike the ultra right-wing nuts at FOX. The sad thing about this is that after 8 years of ruining the country the Necons, religious nuts, ultra conservative’s agenda still rule the media. Just a question for you, the Iranian Chicken-Hawks, you say you are against religious rules and intolerance, repression of media and free speech in Iran why do you stand for the exact opposite in America? Oh wait, I got it it’s that thing called Hypocrisy (insincerity) isn’t it my friends?!


Just take a look at the trend here on this thread..

by Parthian on

We are equated to Republicans/neocons/fascists/etc...None of us have endorsed McCain, or any of the Republican platforms. All we have done is state the fact. Keith O does not represent the mainstream Americans, that is perfectly fine, he should, and I hope he will continue to do his show. However,  he can not be an anchor of a newscast unless he checks out his personal view when he sits on that chair. His comments were extreme. I watched both convention, I am neither Republican or Democrat, I am registered Libertarian, and I have to  say that he was completely one sided. Fox was much more respectful to the democrats. I would have said the same thing if some wacho right winger made comments like that against the democrats. Go have your show, but you should not be in the business of hosting a "news" show.


It is time to rmove trash from public media...

by No 2 Barack Hussein Obama (not verified) on

Olberman and Chris Matthew were two obnoxious leftist who should been removed from the MSNBC long time ago.

God bless Hannity, O'reily, and Beck specially O'reily for advocating bombing of the mullahs of the Islamic Republic. May lord Jesus and lord Moses bless these fine Americans.

Did I say God bless the Republicans and United States of America?



by samsam1111 on


Feed the Hungry, Ignore the Angry & Educate the Ommatist Idiot!!

Always! & remember few  like us are the exception & guests among Ommatist hosts..Do You think this naked daily attacks would make front page here if it was aimed at the left?..& they still cry wolf!! 

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I would appreciate it if you don't refer to me as "boy". I haven't used any derogatory language towards you, and expect the same respect in return.

Just for the record, you are 1000% incorrect in your assertions. CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC have all demonstrated liberal bias. NPR, being that they are listener funded and their demographic was, is and always be socially and politically liberal, was, is and always will be liberal. They will not change because they do not wish to risk alienating their listener base, which has deep pockets.

The quotes found in the link are from well-known members of the media. Maybe the people who compiled the list are "right-wing nut cases", but the ones who are quoted are admitting that they are not impartial.

Go on and vote for whomever you like, and I'll do the same.




by Arjang1212 (not verified) on

You want to create useless wars and don't pay for it! That's a Republican for you. Which one do you think cost more, helping poor Americans, or destroying Iran?

Kaveh Nouraee

AMBER ALERT: The Point of This

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Keith Olbermann was taken off the election by his bosses.

This was a personnel decision.

As far as running the nation as they see fit, there is no difference between the GOP or the Democrats.

Here is an example of what the Democrats see fit that I have issues with:

Raising taxes, (even if only on the "wealthy"), to fund social programs that have proven to be a complete and utter failure from the moment of conception.

Legislatiing personal issues, such as gay marriage, and abortion. Neither of these issues have any place in the government. If soeone wishes to marry someone of the same sex, it doesn't bother me one bit. If someone wants to get an abortion....again, not my business, not my problem. Just don't legislate any of it, because legislation requires spending public money on the matter. A LOT of it.

I don't want to see any public money spent on gay marriage. If I want to spend money on gay marriages, I'll move to San Francisco and cater the receptions. I'll make a fortune. I don't want to see public money spent on abortions either. Point in the direction of Walgreen's and tell them that a box of condoms are in the same aisle as a box of tampons.

And if they are so damn embarrassed about getting a pack of Trojans, maybe they're not mature enough to be bumping uglies and making babies in the first place.


Thank god these guys were demoted!

by Looti (not verified) on

The marketplace determines the decisions of these managers who demoted them. As much as the extreme left and extreme liberal people on this website and across the USA love these lefty showmen, the average American centrists will not watch. Fox and CNN are liked more even though they do not represent the educated ultra left Iranian Americans who love to see the likes of Oberman put down American policy and god fearing Americans on a daily basis.

Worry about freedom of speech in the IRI!

Next thing you will tell us is that this was a Zionist/Neocon conspiracy.


Bad Move MSNBC

by yekybood (not verified) on

Keith O is the best thing about MSNBC.....He is right on the money all the time and was the only reason I watched the conventions on MSNBC. CNN is just boring with the crypt keeper (Larry King and his awful suspenders) and a very constipated Anderson Cooper who is not charismatic at all. I will not watch FOX, and their Carl Rove crowd...yuk!

Keith O is the only one I've heard to openly go after Bush in strong tones. It may not be objective, but neither is FOX. Its a show and we watch because we like the commentary. MSNBC is buckling for the NRA crowd (sissies), but FOX never pulls any of their people for any one, they just ratch it up a notch.

Bad move MSNBC, just lost my support. I just sent in my letter of protest.


Kaveh Nouraee when you take your head

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Kaveh Nouraee when you take your head out of the sand (I was going to use another word instead of sand, but I was afraid of my post being deleted), I will explain to you how the media works in this country.

In the mean time, just for the record, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS are all pro conservative. Its true that Air America is liberal and NPR WAS liberal. Unfortunately as of 2006, NPR has also changed its colors.

Media research is a organization of right wing nut cases. You are using THEM as a source? Damn boy, you are more brain washed than I thought you were.


American Wife

I feel I'm being

by American Wife on

Don't confuse my comment with support of ANY kind with the

No, I'm merely saying that Olberman is pretty "out there" with his opinions.  I agree with them... big time... but I'm not sure it's the right format DURING the elections.  A subtle distinction.  Of course I'm saying I wish the "other guys" would do the same thing... report a fair and objective election.  Not likely, for sure.  Put him in a debate and let him loose... he's a pitt bull!  But I think he's going to put off more people than he's going to influence.  And the priority is... INFLUENCE the vote.  The die-hard Democrats will support and write in and raise a fuss... and what good will it do, ultimately?  Not much more than alienate the moderate or the fence sitters.  Does that make any sense?


it sure is scary

by IRANdokht on

When someone voicing an opinion needs to be shut up and shut down, when anyone who doesn't agree with the republican government's media is a leftist who should start his or her own radio station, when you get bombarded every day by hypocrite bullies who are just out to dumb down the nation so they can run it as they see fit, when you see Iranians advocating for military attacks on their own country and voting for the ones who are most willing to attack your people, you better be scared! if you're not scared, they've won: you are successfully dumbed down.




by Arjang1212 (not verified) on

The US media is turning into facist propaganda machine. Soon anyone who opposes war mongers in media will be silenced.

You want to know why most of media is against republicans, because republicans are insane. They have shifted their hatred of black people into hatred of Muslims. They want to go war with Iran, no matter what. Even if America falls into great depression, and half of Americans loose their job, it wouldn't matter to them, as long as they destroy Iran.

Republicans are trying to use people's emotions and stupidity to create a Nazi nation. Soon anyone who is against Republican party will be branded as traitor.


Anti Republican =Anti American

by Sialashgar on

More and more  people are afraid to be anti Republicans.If you are not with them you hate America and you are a moslem terrorist(or an Iranian).When Sarah Palin become the president,(and she will)U.S.  will become Germaney 1939 and I hope the first Iranians she put in the camps are the one that vote for her.It's getting very scary,rednecks in charge of America! Be very afraid 



by Parthian on

Take a chill pill girlfriend! U.S using IR's model...You "guys" not even having one station, because it is not "allowed"..For crying out loud. So much exaggeration.

Go open your station, no one will stop you. But whether you like it or not, you are not a liberal,  you are extreme leftist in the American political spectrum. Your views are not very popular, and you will not survive the market place. Good! It is not the government's job to ensure your views are heard every where. Government should not prohibit your from expressing your views, but it has no role in subsdizing. I certainly don't want my tax paying for your views to be expressed. If you can find a large enough audience, you will do fine. Go open up an station, and if someone fired you, or tried to close you down, I will be the first to defend your rights. Air America is going bankerupt because it is extremely left, and most Americans are in complete disagreement with those views.

Kaveh Nouraee

Liberal media outnumbers the conservative

by Kaveh Nouraee on


CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, NPR, Air America Radio. (To name a few)


FOX, New York Post, Washington Times, National Review .

Here's a link to an interesting article on media bias:




by Parthian on

Faramarz does not understand the difference of being an anchor or a "news"cast, and being a host of an opinion show. One can give editorial, the other should not. Go figure it out.