by Faramarz_Fateh

MSNBC has removed Keith Olberman from the position of anchor for the political coverage of the presidential race.

Olberman is the only sane voice in the balls to the walls Republican loving Christian controlled main stream media in the U.S.  Olberman is being marginalized as crazy while likes of Sean Hannity, Bill O'reily and Glen Beck spew garbage on Fox news everyday for 3 hours a day.

The main reason he was removed was due to a comment he made during the intro video for John McCain.  He basically said enough milking of 9/11 for political purposes.  He was 100% right by the way.

Please send protest emails to:   if you like Olberman and hate to see him discarded.



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dear AW

by IRANdokht on

How many pro-republican/pro-government stations and election news coverage do they need?

can't the other side have just one option? what's with silencing all opposition? is IRI style of government becoming US' role model?

This is their total control of the mainstream media! I am so tired of the hypocrisy! if Hillary was being attacked we couldn't call it sexism, if Palin gets criticized, everybody calls it sexism!

it was a very polarized news media even before this, can you imagine how nauseating the coverage of the election is going to be? They can't even allow people like me one station besides the public channels?


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

How can it be that if the Democrats were to win in November it's considered democracy in action, but if the Republicans were to win, it's the end of freedom or some other disaster?

And since when do the "rules of democracy" apply to MSNBC? There appears to be a different set of rules for each circumstance. Both sides do it, of course, but honestly, Democrats turn it into a sport.

Yes, the GOP is well organized and financed. What does that tell you? First thing is that it has clarity of purpose. The key to success, no matter if it's a individual or a large group is clarity of purpose.

Iran is an utter wreck because there is no clarity. What makes you think the Democrats will do any better considering how wrecked they are right now, organizationally-speaking?

With the polls showing close to a dead heat, the election will come down to which candidate is clearer to the average voter.


Fairness doctrine no longer applies to the U.S. media

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Repeat a lie over and over and over, and the ignorant masses will believe it as the truth.

This is what has happened to the U.S., by the hands of the media. The ultra organized and well financed Republican party has so many talking heads on the radio and TV these days that the typical Amercian believes anything and everything they hear.

For every 10-12 Republican/conservative lie machine on TV and Radio, there is one liberal/democrat voice.

Olberman was/is one of these voices; the only one with with courage to continue to tell the truth. Unfortunately, these days the best defense is offense. They just took away one your last means of offense.

If you don't take action now, you'll be even more sorry 6 months from now when McCain takes office and all of us need to be subjected to 4 more years of .......

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Too late.........the top on the can of worms has come off.


American Wife

As much as I hate it...

by American Wife on

I have to agree with Kaveh...:-)

NOT AT ALL disagreeing with Olberman's points... he is absolutely right on.  HOWEVER... the coverage needs to be a little more objective.  While I agree with everything he says, I do think that election coverage needs to be a little more moderate from BOTH parties.  How many times do we rant and rave at FOX for being so partial.  Of course, they're total fruit loops to begin with, but you get my point...

M... don't get PO'd at me...I'm just trying to be fair...:-0



by samsam1111 on

Yah right!! We all gone join mullahs campaign gainst msnbc..

Kaveh Nouraee

It was a long time coming

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Keith Olbermann is the furthest thing from an objective journalist there is, and he showed his hand yet again with his latest gaffe at the RNC.

It's a shame that Tim Russert (may he rest in peace), who was a Democrat was able to carry himself in such a dignified and gentlemanly manner with everyone from every segment of the political landscape, and Keith Olbermann were on the same payroll.

It's obvious that he is trying to be the MSNBC version of Bill O'Reilly. How many times does this guy have to name O'Reiily as "Worst Person of The Week? It makes Olbermann look like a stalker.

Apparently, he angered the bosses at MSNBC for criticizing their showing of a 9/11 themed video prepared by the GOP. OK, I can get why he disagrees with 9/11 being used for political purposes, but MSNBC already aired video prepared by the Democrats. It is an FCC requirement that media outlets give equal time to all parties. Olbermann has no say so in the matter. But then again, he has always had this tendency to bite the hand that feeds him.


Free Society, of course!

by farokh2000 on

This goes to show you how free this Society is.

If you don't agree with the establishment and follow orders coming from the Big Bosses, you can be banished in no time.

What is the difference between these Mullahs and the ones in Iran?

They wear the Amameh and Abba and these people don't.

Freedom of speach, print, ideas, and choice was supposed to be the foundation of this Society, but it is all gone now.


Thanks Faramarz

by Andrew Grumman (not verified) on

I just sent my e-mail. Please circulate this to others and have them do the same.

I hope JJ keeps the blog up long enough for everyone else to become aware of this, and do the same -

Cheers :)


Emrikayee ha divoone

by Dont like Republicans (not verified) on

Emrikayee ha divoone shodan.
olberman tanha jornaliste ke khodesho hanooz nafrookhte


Thanks for the info

by IRANdokht on

I'll make sure to pass on this info and also email them myself.

This is ridiculous!