Profile of typical Reza Pahlavi Haters

by Faramarz_Fateh

Before you respond with a bunch of fohsh & fazihat, I declare publicly that I don't like Reza Pahlavi mainly because I hold his coward father responsible for allowing the Islamic Revolution to happen in 1979. Other than that, he is a typical Iranian guy who had it nice and easy until he was a teenager. But not a spoiled brat type either.

I am amazed that when it comes to freedom, we all want democracy, but we want to define the democracy in our own terms.  A true democracy means that if there are free elections in a secular Iran,  Reza P can declare himself as a candidate and let the voters either elect him or humiliate him by giving him lets say 0.04% of votes.

When ever there is anything about Reza P on this site, haters unite like a flock of seagulls to attribute anything and everything bad there is to the guy.

What I have noticed about Reza P ardent haters (as I meet them and learn about them) is that they are mostly "oghdei"; people who had it tough in Iran during Shah's time.  Not the people from the lower economic levels, but people in the lower middle class or barely middle class who didn't fit anywhere; they didn't want to be associated with the poor, and the rich would not give them the time of day. People who blamed everything on someone or something else.  Nothing was or is ever their fault.

These are people who leave several responses on any blog that has anything to do with RP.  You feel the hatred in every word they write.  

It will be very difficult for a democracy to work and flourish under these type of people. 


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ramin parsa


by ramin parsa on

I'm starting to doubt your wisdom. If the Shah had killed Khomeini, the mad mullah would've gone down in history as "Imam Zaman" instead of a bloodthristy monster, which we all know him to be now, thanks to the Shah's wisdom. Sure, the Islamic bastards have raped Iran for 30 years, but as Lord Curzon once said about Iran (remember, the British know Iran better than anybody), it will not achieve modernity and prosperity until it masters its shiite/ulama problem.

I submit to you that Iran NEEDED to go thorugh this madness in the name of Islam (and the mullahs) in order to eventually cleanse itself of the reactionary religious yoke. Never again will we allow the mullahs to fool us again! It was a bitter lesson to learn, the last 30 years, but a worthwhile lesson nonetheless (if we think in terms of centuries to come).

Had the Shah shot down Khomeini's plane as it descened on Tehran on Feb. 1, 1979 like the plague, the hendi mullah would've been hailed as the greatest Iranian hero since Kurosh. They would have written thousands of favorable books, articles and songs about him and what a FANTASTIC JOB he would have done for Iran and its people had it not been for that bloodthirsty Shah who killed him in 1979.

The mullahs would FOREVER blame the Shah for every one of Iran's problems, for there wouldn't have been any problems had the Shah not killed Khomeini. They would have waxed poetically about what a "paradise" Iran would have become under Khomieini's rule.  It would have been a travesty of the truth. Khomeni would have been turned into a national hero for all of eternity, an obscenely grotesque thought, which thanks to the Shah did NOT happen!



Farah Rusta

Dear Irooni

by Farah Rusta on

The monarchists do not necessarily hate the Greens. You should not identify the Green movement with Mousavi and Khatami or Karroubi. This group are not for secular democracy. They are for an Islamic state which is moderated compared to the one Ahmadinejad is leading but Islamic nonetheless. I for one cannot see anything democratic with this faction of the Greens who are trying to hijack the movement for Mousavi and Co.  There is more to the Green movement than these three abusers of democracy.




I aqree and add...

by masoudA on

Most Pahlavi haters are those who can't come to terms with how stupid they behaved in 1978, following an akhoond in search of democracy.    What these guys will never understand is that the rest of the country knew about the problems far better than they did - we knew all of the problems - and we just did not think Khomeini was the answer. 


I Agree

by iroooni on

What also frustrates me is that the people that do support RP hate the green movement. As you mentioned, once we have democracy, many of these folks can make themselves candidtates and let people choose one or the other.


Farah Rusta

Mr Fateh

by Farah Rusta on

May I urge you to read and listen to my recent blog. Perhaps you get a different view of the Shah's achievements.






Ms. Rusta

by Faramarz_Fateh on

I was barely 12 years old when I left Iran for the U.S.  Not sure what I could have done about Iran or the Islamic revolution.

I obviously was not a major player in anything whether in Iran or the U.S.  All I know is from books I have read; books by the Shah's friends as well his foes.

The Shah did many things; like sepaahane danseh, behdasht or tarvije abadani.  He could have done a lot more.  Between 1971 and 1979 the Shah according to people close to him was engaged in everything other than progress of Iran.

It was during these 8 years that demise of Iran started.

At the VERY least, the Shah could have eliminated Khomeini for the sake of Iran even it meant an end to his monarchy.

By allowing the Islamic revolution to happen,  he set back Iran 150 years.


Farah Rusta

Mr Fateh

by Farah Rusta on

Your analysis is partially correct but there is more to it than you say. Among Reza Pahlavi haters are also those who have done fairly well, thanks to their bed-fellowship with the Islamic system and the economic favors and concessions they have received from the Islamic regime. Look the Qajari left overs who support a republican system, not because they understand or believe in it, but only to pull faces at Reza Pahlavi. 

I personally know some of the left-wingers who were once fighting Reza Pahlavi's father and went to prison because of their opposition to the Shah but are now sitting around the same table with him and try to find a joint solution with Reza Pahlavi.

Finally, I strongly disagree with you that the Shah left us for the mullahs. You are now sounding precisely the same as the people you have decribed as:  " People who blamed everything on someone or something else.  Nothing was or is ever their fault."

Your words, not mine.



I think you quite well summed them up 2 a T FF

by NOT_AK69 on

Well said.



I'd say they are those who

by benross on

I'd say they are those who associate RP2 success with their own failure. Not that they did not fail already. But to cover-up their own dismal failure they had at least this last scapegoat which was the monarchy and the last regime. They could tell -mostly to themselves- that 'we feel miserable and made life miserable for everybody else but we fought the right fight against the dictatorship and corruption of Pahlavi'.

RP2 getting popular is one thing they just can not allow themselves to happen.

Pitiful all around.