A puppy in the U.S. or a cute child in Africa

by Faramarz_Fateh

The domesticed pet industry in the U.S. is $40B per year and growing at 4-5% annually. If you add Europe and Japan to this, its $90B a year. This fifure includes what people pay to buy a pet and take care of it (food, grooming, vet visits, clothes and toys etc). It exclues the $ spent on animals kept in Zoos or research facilities.

Lets forget about Europe and Japan for the time being. $40,000,000,000 a year is more than the GDP of 70 countries on planet earth and its more than the GDP of the poorest 10 nations on earth combined. Unfortunately, of the 10 poorest nations on earth, 5 are in Africa.

An average dog owner in Manhattan spends $2,400 a year on a dog. In Beverly Hills this figure is slightly lower at $1,900. Many families in Manhattan or B.H. have more than 1 dog.

In many African countries, you can sustain a child's life including education through High school for $1,800 a year.

Don't get me wrong. I don't have anything against dogs or cats. But in my opinion, there is something really wrong with this picture. My gut feel tells me we have to do something to reduce the difference between wealth and prosperity in some nations and poverty and hopelessness in others.

Will this ever get done, I hope so. Until today, I really have never taken any steps towards this correction no matter how small of a change 1 person's action may have an effect. I think I will start doing something today!



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Not a new Idea

by Babak - San Diego (not verified) on

The idea of elimination of the extremes of wealth and poverty through a spiritual solution was introduced to the world by Baha'u'lla'h, the founder of the Baha'i' faith.

This is not an idea or philosophy which can be mandated or legislated as was the case with communism. It won't be solved by so called "compassionate conservatives" either.

Spiritual and moral maturity is the only way this problem can and will be eliminated, maybe not tomorrow or next year, but sooner than what we may think.

ps. As a dog lover, I must say that spending money on dogs or cats is necessary so long as its done in moderation....but these poor fully dependent creatures of God need to eat, be cleaned and given medication when needed.


We are giving, so is Europe.

by Nassery (not verified) on

We have tax dollars going to Africa as well as charitable dollars through secular and religious groups. Europe does too.

The US didn't colonize Africa....The tribal problems of Kenya do shock most of us because everyont thought that Kenya was a strong democracy where the rights of the individual were respected. How would we guess that ancient tribal conflicts woudl arise in the Rift Valley and that babies would be thrown into burning buildings.

How can we control Mugabi's economic policies in Zimbabwe. Taking over the farms left a lot of people without food and descimated the agricultural base. This was not our fault.

Certainly the religious conflict between Muslims and Christians is not our fault. We live together in the US and Europe without killing the person of another faith who lives in the next house.

At some point, Africans have to be responsible for their own fate. I believe in their ability to care for themselves. Definately, I support aid in positive ways as they have done in Tanzania.

If you look at the history of slavery, you will see it has been on Earth for thousands of years. The Persian Empire ran on the back of slaves. I'd say that paying men 6 dollars a day in Dubai is modern day slavery. Those men have no hope of equality in the nation that they are building.

Iran is a rich, rich country. Does Iran provide aid to the children of Africa? I don't know if they do, but I study Iran every day.

Do the Saudi feed children in Africa? How about the Chinese?

At least, I listen to your argument and agree that I want to give. Find a Saudi that agrees with you and I'd like to meet him.


What I'm about to say may

by Kamangir on

What I'm about to say may sound harsh and insensitive, however I'd like to get a valid answer from someone. Why is it, that Africa, a very rich continent (rich in prime materials and resources) has to relay on third party hand-outs?  Have they been victims of imperialism and colonialism? If so, why have they allowed this? Why is it that such rich continent is in such a poor condition? Should we always blame others for it? Why is it that it seems that they (Africans) cannot live on their own?  For bad or worse the most industrilized African Nation, was industrilized by white settlers. A minority that managed to rule the vast black majority for more than 300 years.  Do you see what I mean? I just happen to ask these questions and I'm not sure who to blame. Africa 'could' be a very prosperous continent, competing with other continents....



you should start

by MRX1 (not verified) on

by giving more in taxes and contribute bulk of your paycheck to the poor in Africa.if those africans stop breeding like jack rabbits may be they end up with better standard of living.