Revolution good 4 Monarchy but not IRI? Bull Shit


by Faramarz_Fateh

I remember vividly my grandfather (son of a mojtahed) saying you can't take a penny (actuall sekkeh dah shahi) from the closed fist of a living Akhoond.  The akhoond jamaat are among the most corrupt, most evil elements of humanity.

Lately, its become fashionable to say Iran does not need another revolution and we have to over throw the IslamoMafia regime of Ali Geda and Rafsanjani slowly, with a velvety peaceful intellectual revolution using facebook and tweeter.

This myth, actually bull shit has been propagated by people who like the status quo.  People who have a stake (mostly real estate) in Iran and don't want the boat rocked until at least when their real property has been turned to cash and sent out to banks in Canada, UK, Malaysia, Cypress, China or elsewhere.

To these people, I say FUCK YOU.  OK, I take that back. Lets have a civil discussion.

First, what has and is happening in Iran?  Ali Geda is dying.  While he is alive, he can select his successor.  He wants Mojtaba bache baz to be the next "leader".  Others such as Rafsanjani don't want this because after Ali Geda's death, the majlese khobregan can elect the next successor to the leader. There is a LOT of $$$$$ at stake here.

As a result of this in fighthing, the Rafsanjani faction planned and beautifully executed the foul up with the election process in June. Using the election foul up as an excuse, Iranians sick of the 30 year old rule of the IslamoMafia took to the streets with the hope of using the opportunity to overthrow the entire regime.  No can do.  Remember the penny in Akhoonds fist?

The mother fuckers in power today WILL NOT let go of the beautiful thing they have until their last drop of blood.

So what should be done?  Another violent revolution I say.  Iranians need guns, bombs, RPGs, plastic explosives, UAVs etc to start taking down the akhoonds, mullahs, basijis and anyone remotely associated with the current regime, one by one.  This support needs to come from U.S.  

True, there will be blood shed.  But that was the case with most worth while revolutions in human history.

The only problem is that there is no leader who can step in and take the helm until democratic elections are held and real democracy is established.  This is the biggest problem for Iran.  This leader cannot be son of the Shah, MUST not be anyone who puts Islam ahead of Iran and has to be someone who is willing to let go of power once Islamic elements are exponged.

I don't have a suggestion for a leader yet.  But I do think the work of exterminating the akhoond jamaat, basijis, anyone remotely associated with the regime from top to bottom must start now.  This is not going to be an easy task. 


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Kaveh V


by Kaveh V on


Good to hear from you. Many of us have been dreaming of the approaching end of this Islamist occupation, revenge and all sorts of gratifying visions of exterminating Islam and Islamism. But, must always maintain caution and forsight. The goal is total extermination of Islam and removing IRI is phase I, and the easy part. How IRI is dismantled must have a bearing in the big scheme of total elimination of Islam in the long (perhaps very long) term.

The good news is that dismantling of IRI will automatically and greatly discredit Islam, at least in Iran. But this must be done carefully.

Reaching super "critical mass" in active resistance against the regime is essential. This will ensure a more decisive and quick end of Islamism and most of it branch ideologies that could be lingering for years after IRI's demise. An overwhelming majority opposition will also bring a faster and more decisive military defeat, should armed conflict arise. It will be inevitable, but would want to make it as short as possible, whereas a conflict with marginal majority may give rise to a bi-polar, or multi-polar armed camps that could disintegrate the country, and it would ensure a lengthy civil war. There is no reason to be alarmed about it now, things are going quite well. 



Mr. Fateh, Kaveh V., MRX1

by Sassan on

I agree, specially with Kaveh, in that Islam is our number one problem; however, right now, we have to eliminate the illigitimate Islamic regime before we can tackle the main problem.

Sabotage is, indeed, very key.

Funny thing, the other night I was watching the movie, "Fight Club," and although ridiculously dramatized by Hollywood, it showed how effective resistence and sabotage can be, if all you have is a few dedicated people devoted to a unified cause.

Another resistance movie, "Inglorious Basterds," also starring Pitt, based on a true story, is coming out in a couple of weeks, directed by Q. Tarentino. It's about a group of Jews during WWII who set out to murder every Nazi they could get their hands on. I can just imagine a group of dedictated young Iranian men devoted to freedom, going around knocking off Basijis and regime lackeys, one by one, no ifs, no buts, no exceptions.

How sweet of a thought!

Kaveh V

We are and have been on auto pilot to bloodshed.......

by Kaveh V on

"...the idea of "exterminating [. . .] anyone remotely associated with the regime from top to bottom" is morally repugnant."

Really?? How about EXTERMINATING ISLAM, from social, plitical and soon personal lives of people?

How about JUSTICE for 30 years worth of cimes against humanity which most likely will require EXTERMINATING, at least several, individuals, like Evin and other prison wardens and their goons, and many others?


much easier said than done.

by liberation08 on

much easier said than done. the idea of "exterminating [. . .] anyone remotely associated with the regime from top to bottom" is morally repugnant. the iranian people do not want such bloodshed. righteousness requires that we view everyone, even our enemies, as our brothers and sisters. violence is sometimes necessary, but certainly not the kind that you are describing

Kaveh V

But first.....

by Kaveh V on


But first you have to determine if there is any appetite for armed resistance internally. The way these Islamic thugs ahve conducted themselves in the last 30 years it seems inevitable that the end will be bloody violent.


On the other hand, with their immense Islamic savagery and dictatorial methodology used to control the population, the resistance will have to reach, or it may already have reached, the "critical mass". Once you reach that stage then it is all over, the more the regime tries to hold back, the more massive the opposition becomes and the end would be fast and quick. A final and relatively quick fire fight may be necessary to finish off the die hards and the rest will fall apart, similar to '79. But an overwhelming opposition beyond the "critical mass" is the first requirement.  


well said

by MRX1 on

It took these roaches several hundred years to come to power and there is no way they are going to give it up so easily. You essentialy need two things:

1) Guns - to blow away these bunch

2) Sabotage  - especialy in the Oil sector. With out oil there won't be money for these guys to steal nor would be any petrol for them to run their cars and devices. Imagine a basiji without the motor bike!

The sad part is there will be a blood bath and there is even small chance of disintegeration of the country, but these guys are not leaving any option on the table short of status quo.