Revolution good 4 Monarchy but not IRI? Bull Shit


by Faramarz_Fateh

I remember vividly my grandfather (son of a mojtahed) saying you can't take a penny (actuall sekkeh dah shahi) from the closed fist of a living Akhoond.  The akhoond jamaat are among the most corrupt, most evil elements of humanity.

Lately, its become fashionable to say Iran does not need another revolution and we have to over throw the IslamoMafia regime of Ali Geda and Rafsanjani slowly, with a velvety peaceful intellectual revolution using facebook and tweeter.

This myth, actually bull shit has been propagated by people who like the status quo.  People who have a stake (mostly real estate) in Iran and don't want the boat rocked until at least when their real property has been turned to cash and sent out to banks in Canada, UK, Malaysia, Cypress, China or elsewhere.

To these people, I say FUCK YOU.  OK, I take that back. Lets have a civil discussion.

First, what has and is happening in Iran?  Ali Geda is dying.  While he is alive, he can select his successor.  He wants Mojtaba bache baz to be the next "leader".  Others such as Rafsanjani don't want this because after Ali Geda's death, the majlese khobregan can elect the next successor to the leader. There is a LOT of $$$$$ at stake here.

As a result of this in fighthing, the Rafsanjani faction planned and beautifully executed the foul up with the election process in June. Using the election foul up as an excuse, Iranians sick of the 30 year old rule of the IslamoMafia took to the streets with the hope of using the opportunity to overthrow the entire regime.  No can do.  Remember the penny in Akhoonds fist?

The mother fuckers in power today WILL NOT let go of the beautiful thing they have until their last drop of blood.

So what should be done?  Another violent revolution I say.  Iranians need guns, bombs, RPGs, plastic explosives, UAVs etc to start taking down the akhoonds, mullahs, basijis and anyone remotely associated with the current regime, one by one.  This support needs to come from U.S.  

True, there will be blood shed.  But that was the case with most worth while revolutions in human history.

The only problem is that there is no leader who can step in and take the helm until democratic elections are held and real democracy is established.  This is the biggest problem for Iran.  This leader cannot be son of the Shah, MUST not be anyone who puts Islam ahead of Iran and has to be someone who is willing to let go of power once Islamic elements are exponged.

I don't have a suggestion for a leader yet.  But I do think the work of exterminating the akhoond jamaat, basijis, anyone remotely associated with the regime from top to bottom must start now.  This is not going to be an easy task. 


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by Sassan on

Writes, "Not having an argument on linguistic point..."

Get it through your dim skull, pal, discussing "linguistic with you is like discussing how to shampoo a monkey's croch. It's useless. You write in one of your last posts that "non-Persian words are underlined. Give me the percentage."

What the fuck???

Percentage of what, there was nothing underlined. Go take some liguistic courses in some place other than Qom, then maybe we can have a worthwhile discussion -- until then, I'm gonna try to expose you for a phony and leave the linguistic argument to someone who knows the difference between language structure and vocabulary


Agreed baradar Faramarz

by Iraniandudeee on

The only wy to get rid of these Akhoonds is through violence, forget all the peace crap... we're dealing with savages... It's like trying to befriend a dog with rabies. No matter what you do, even if you feed the dog, it will still attack you and try to kill you, the only way to take care of this disease infested dog is by killing it.

 Our iranians/Persian brothers and sisters in iran are heading for a revolution, but give them time. Remember, the 1979 revolution took 9 months.

The nationalists will slit the throats of all these mullahs and islamists..... we'll make them fucking suffer.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

sassan, kaveh and... .unfortunately your smart and intelect arguments about this or that is not at all about the direction of subject of Mr. fatehs' blog  saying one other thing and you guys try to derail it; thanks anyway           Maziar


Pope, our buddie is a bit over excited :)

by SamSamIIII on


Not having an argument on linguistic point ,Amou jumps from that subject like a "khorous-eh bi-mahal"(homeless rooster:) and calls me names..okay be it, guess I have to educate him on this one 2..

I said; "Patriots we don,t need to wait for revolution to happen, we can start it now among us&within us thru cultural work...."

meaning, to get the desirable outcome you need to get off your butt to change status quo culture...

I said; "Eventhough any move by any group to uproot the Qadesiyeh regime is welcomed yet it may not be desirable to the vision we hold for true Iran."

Simply means what it says, that any change is welcomed but may not be desirable for patriots since it may simply replace IRI version I with IRI version II staffed with new Ommatie actors..So in order for the right mix to happen we need to do our share massive cultural enlightment to gather that patriotic base...

Now as I,ve stated before the term "Ommatie" is not exclusive to shaikhak crowd but also covers  some folks in groups among monarchists,commies,mojaheds or any other groups who like patients in denial are stuck with status quo culture and refuse to see what ails it, including in the field of language which this dude is apparently in denial.

Papa, as you see we have a long hard road ahead to rehabilitate this Ommah, since even the so called "Farzandan kourosh kabir" such as this dude are so stubborn to stick to status quo as to overlook the remedy. Now if we have so much trouble with patriots such as him, what do you expect we have to do in dealing with Ommaties ;)..

btw* to our Persian friend; dont get pissed again but "kabir" is not Persian.





Revolution or...

by ThePope on

evolution! Name it whatever you want...
We ALL wanna get rid of the 'devolution' that started 30 years ago,,,
Praise the Lord; it's happening; slowly but surely...



ps  SamSam's argument (about farsi) is right and a true fact...

*Sam, you hezbollahi you! ;-)    I knew it, you work for hassan nasrallah! :o)   & probably your real name is SamSamallah!!  lol   





by Sassan on

Where were you in 1979?

You seem like a nice fellow, but please either wake the f*ck up or buy a f*cking clue already. In the land of Kurosh-e-Kabir, we're saddled with the world's most brutal regime -- an Islamic regime which annihilates the likes of Neda, Sohrab, and a 12-year-old boy, and thousands of others -- hundreds of thousands of others! -- and yet, you want us to "love" our butchers.

Please either fly away from the cuckoo's nest or go buy vowel and figure out the following phrase:

Are you f*cking crazy?!

Ahmed from Bahrain

A Physics Law

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

I learnt that from an early age:

"For every action there is a re-action, equal to its force and opposite in direction."

Chew that!

Every revolution has produced tyrants and it has taken time for the dust to settle and the pendulum to come to its natural equilibrium.

If you believe in violence, that is what you will get. More violence.

I believe in evolution and not revolution since you don't see that in nature Nature evolves and so too we, must learn to evolve. By the way, we do that whether we like or not, "khah n'a khah".

Patience is a good thing. The fruit does not ripen over night!

But who am I to judge. Go ahead and change one revolution with another, only to wait for another 30 years to be in the same quagmire.

Violence begets violence. Only love has the power to transcend all.

Ahmed from Bahrain


Another dubious quote by Samsam

by Sassan on

"Eventhough any move by any group to uproot the Qadesiyeh regime is welcomed yet it may not be desirable to the vision we hold for true Iran."

I'm really starting to wonder about you, Samsam. After all, almost all Hezbollahis on this site have peculiarly Persian names and avatars.


Samsam, a phony???

by Sassan on

Samsam wrote earlier, "Patriots we don't need for revolution to happen."

This coming from a guy who openly professes to hate "Ommatis" and Islamic subversion of Persian culture.

After digesting much of what Samsam has written in this blog and in others, including the fact that he respects the "cake" (Islam) but abhors the icing (the corrupt clergy), I'm truly starting to think that he's a massive phony -- a die-hard paid Hezbollahi pretending to be an Iranian patriot in order to spin misinformation (as he wrote earlier: "we don't need for revolution to happen.")

Who are you, Samsam, and what is your real agenda?  And why is it that you hate "Ommaties," but think that "we don't need for revolution to happen?"

Isn't that kind of inconsistent, TO SAY THE LEAST???


i truely enjoyed this blog...

by shushtari on

as we say "jeegaram haal oomad!"

we have all waited 30 long years for justice....and I really feel that it is coming soon


to the guy who said "people don't want a revolution..." I think you should check your facts, this is the akhoonds' last stand, they've milked it for 30 years, and finally, we will have our bonfire of the akhoonds very soon...

javid iran 


Sassan amou

by SamSamIIII on


Dont get carried away with your dream world in exile, mirrors dont lie & here I,m writing to you in Farsi to prove that you are a patient in denial my dear friend .non persian words are underlined. give me the percentage ,buddie


جناب اقای محترم ساسان
اين حقير مکتوبه خود را نه در باب جريحه دار کردن وجهه جناب عالی در جمع غريبه و فرنگيان نسخ کردم بلکه در باب مباحثه در حيطه معايب زبان فارسی و نه پارسي. والهذا لازم به خير است که جناب عالی سطر ذيل را قراعت فرموده و پس از مرور و مشاهده درصد کلمات اجنبی اين حقير را در باب ان مطلع فرماييد.

مقتضی است که جنابعالی در اسرع وقت قبل از اعتراض و تکفير اين حقير مرحمت نزول فرموده ,ادله مثبوت مشارعليه را در باب استنباط شما رفيق فاضل از وضيعت فعلی زبان به اصطلاح پارسی در نفی اظهارات اينجانب مطرح نموده و جمع رفقا را از فيض معلومات و نبوغ شما متخصص بی رقيب زبان فارسی مفتخر فرماييد. لهذا حتی الامکان متمنی است که جواب خود را لطفا اگر مقدور است به همان زبانی نقل فرماييد که ادعا و داعيه عدم الودگی ان به تقريب %70 بنده را کذب متصوريد.
لازم به ذکر است که حضرت عالی يا مقيم سياره مريخيد و يا تابعه ايالت کاليفرنيا که از رؤیت هوييت و زبان امتی فعلی بی خبر و و با قياص من الفارق و کتمان حقيقت به مثال کبک ,سعی در انکار حقيفتی ميکنيد که به عين ميبينيد . حلوا حلوا گفتن الکی و کاذب نه تنقلات و حلوات نصيب شما گرداند و در اصل دايره باطلی است که ما امٌت از خود راضی را مدحوش خيالات واهی کرده و از اصل منفصل و تا اين معايب را به ديده بصيرت نبينيم نه شما نتيجه کورشيد و نه ما پرششششييييان .مناسب است که حضرت عالی اول تفريق و تجميع تعليم بگيريد و بعد مدعی درصد نجسی زبان پاک فارسييتان شويد.ش

مخلص هموطن عزيز

Kaveh V


by Kaveh V on


So much to say and almost no time to say it. But, please try to avoid argument over the semantics and glory. The enemy has been in the house for quite sometime and wer're all bleeding raw (pardon the expression) lets keep our collective "eyes on the ball".

Both Sassan and Samsam have good points regarding the fight against Islamism and I thought I was going to have the time to elaborate on my position which I think may not have been completely understood, unfortunately I don't.

Briefly, to achieve what Samsam is advocating; eliminating Ommatism, we must target Islam (which has begun) in order to define the modern Iranian culture. Everything Samsam stated about the old post-Islam-inflicted Persian culture is absolutely correct and therefore a new Iranian identity will be, and is, forging itself as Iran steps into the 21st century. This new culture and identity will be everthing that today's Islamism-Islam is NOT, hence the anti-Islam.

This does not mean the banning of the religion and prosecuting muslims. This means a grass root majority consensus that will acknowledge the total absurdity of this believe system through their personal and collective IRI experience. This is why we need "critical mass" in exterminating IRI. The work will not be done after IRI's extermination either, but it will change. After IRI you (we) will earn the right to establish ourselves as a legitimate movement deep within Iranian society  and continue our advocay in a democratic system. This movement (anti-Islam neo-nationalist) has earned its place in Iran and will serve as a counter weight to future Islamic resugences, if ever, in (hopefully) a democratic society.




by Sassan on

70%-80% Arabic --  100% nonsense!

Please educate yourself fully before you pontificate; and using the word "farsi" while speaking or writing English is plain dumb and ignorant -- and does real damage to our identity (in the west) as heirs of the Persian Empire. Do as you wish, but don't sit behind your laptop and act like you're promoting the Persian heritage and then go do something categorically self-defeating and stupid by contributing to the dilution of our unique identity, or what's left of it.

We should have a freaking donkey on our flag instead of a lion, as we're all a bunch of stubborn, individualistic know-it alls. 

God bless.



by SamSamIIII on


We all know who she is,track her posts, a foul mouthed hezbollahi who was missing for last 2 months;), who made a blog once to kick me outta this site with her hazbollah gang cheering her on, in short , a total Ommatie entity in service of Qadesiyeh regime & in love with mullahs. & as for her charge of foreign intervention, well , thats her trade mark charge to divert attention from her  mozdoor tokhmeh qadesiyeh ilk who been busy raping Iran.





Sassan pal,

by SamSamIIII on


You have probably misread & misunderstood the msg I was trying to relay, some points;

1-Respectfully,the reason I call it Farsi is totaly different from the ones who call it that outta ignorance .I,ll continue to call current official spoken language in Iran as "Farsi" & not "Persian" just to prove the exact point you were trying to make outta respect for the true Parsi language that was left & yet ignored and corrupted for centuries until today which is a mere skeleton of what it truly was.

2-Yes I,m fully aware of the shared common Indoeuropean roots of Persian with all IE languages including Sanskrit,German,Gaul,French & ofcourse English.To be exact there are over 2700 shared words and acronyms between Persian and these sister languages such as stand /istaadan, run/rundan,affand/offend...etc.

3-I,m afraid You are minimizing the effect of Arabic & foreign words in Persian by pointing it out as "Borrowed some arabic words.." which is at best non-factual since the study of any & I mean any article on this site or anywhere else would prove to you that the vocab content is %70 to %80 Arabic. Dear friend, we can sugar coat the status quo language & culture and call it outta patriotism anything we want but the facts remain the same.

As for Normans & the English, you must realize that both languages belong to IE family so mixing the two is not the same as what we have in Iran.

Cheers pal!!!




Oh, really?

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

“Lately, its become fashionable to say Iran does not need another revolution and we have to over throw the IslamoMafia regime of Ali Geda and Rafsanjani slowly, with a velvety peaceful intellectual revolution using facebook and tweeter. This myth, actually bull shit has been propa-gated by people who like the status quo. People who have a stake (mostly real estate) in Iran and don't want the boat rocked until at least when their real property has been turned to cash and sent out to banks in Canada, UK, Malaysia, Cypress, China or elsewhere.

To these people, I say FUCK YOU. OK, I take that back. Lets have a civil discussion.”

Hi, I just wanted to say I am one of those people you mention in the first paragraph. But I am neither in real state nor have any money to speak of. I live abroad just like you. So to you I say Go Fuck Yourself. And I don’t take it back. You don’t know shit about civil discussions.

And only a traitor would wish to involve a foreign country in affairs that only concern us Iranians. Just see how real Iranians feel about the MKO. The same fate awaits you.

You and your kind (whose utter nonsense also appears below) still live in the virtual reality imposed on you by Hollywood where revolutions start and end in the 2 hours something the movie lasts. Grow up and for once think with the right body organ so as to not send Iran into a perpetual state of war and destruction.


And lastly...

by Sassan on

For someone who promotes the "Persian" heritage so much, why do you and so many other Iranians use the incorrect term of "farsi" in referring to our native tongue when speaking or writing in English? If your aim is the rejuvenation and re-birth of the Persian culture (at the expense of the "Ommati" culture), why not use the correct term of "Persian" so as to maintain our cultural bridge with our ancient Persian ancestors? 

In other words, when speaking or writing in English, please use the CORRECT term of Persian, NOT "Farsi," when referring to our native tongue. "Farsi" is what WE Iranians call our language when we're SPEAKING OR WRITING in Persian.

Have you ever heard any American referring to the language of Greece as "Eliniki?" In fact, have you ever heard any Greeks calling their language "Eliniki" when speaking or writing in ENGLISH? Hell, no!  But that's in fact what the Greeks call their langauge, but when they're SPEAKING or WRITING in English, they refer to their native language as Greek! They don't confuse outsiders (and thereby dilute their own colective identity) by sometimes referring to is as "Eliniki" and other times as "Greek."

It's always Greek!

Same is true with respect to German/Deutche and French/Francaise and Spanish/Espanol. Have you ever heard anyone in the English-speaking world refer to the language of Germany as Deutche? Hell, no! In English, the language of Germany is called German, period!

So, when SPEAKING OR WRITING in English, please refer to our native langauge as Persian -- NOT Farsi! You won't even find "Farsi" in a hard-bound English dictionary, but you will most certainly find Persian!

Why is this Important?

When you refer to our language in the Incorrect term of "Farsi," you break your individual (and our collective) link to our world-famous Persian past, and therefore, you unnecessarily contribute to the dilution of our collective identity. We Iranians are so damn ignorant or falsely proud or just dumb-ass cute when it comes to these important foundational matters, we don't even realize the incremental, but massive damage that we're doing to our collective identity as heirs of the Persian Empire!

Are we Persian or are we Iranian? Do we speak this new language "Farsi" or the much older language "Persian?" If we speak this language "Farsi," are we still Persian or Arab or what?  All of this confusion will most certainly work against our unique heritage and our collective identity as members of the Persian culture -- a culture that has been identified in the Western world as all things Persian (Persian poetry, Persian history, Persian cats, Persian cuisine, Persian music, Persian cats, Persian rugs, the Persian Empire, and yes, the Persian language).

So why unnecessarily BREAK your individual link to all this glorious history by referring to our native tongue as "Farsi" (which is the "Ommati" version of "Parsi") when communicating in English??? In other words, why cut off your nose to spite your Persian face?  


Dear Samsam

by Sassan on

I usually agree with a lot of your posts, and enjoy them thoroughly, but you have disappointed me on a couple of matters in your latest post.

Firstly, you recklessly (and I'm sorry to say, ignorantly) label the Persian language as nothing more than "a mere Arabic dialect," then you add insult to injury by referring to our native tongue as "Farsi" when writing in English -- two rather hefty crimes for a person who always tries to promote our "Persian" heritage.

Specifically you write: "Did the Spanish lose their Alpha & language to Pan-Arabs as is the case in Iran post-Qadesiyeh making todays farsi a mere Arabic dialect."

With all due respect, you truly need to take some linguistic courses and then perhaps you would realize that the Persian language, even as it is presently constituted, belongs in the Indo-Aryan (European) language family, through and through!

Sure, we have borrowed words from the Arabic language, but many Arabic words are also Persian in origin -- a perfect example is the word "javaher," which is Persian in origin (the Arabs adopted it thousands of years ago) and then it came back to us in the Arabic form upon their invasion.

All languages borrow words from one another. The English have borrowed heavily from the French as a result of the Norman invasion, but we don't refer to the English language as "a mere French dialect."


The French have also borrowed from the English and the Germans.  Borrwing is universal. But the sytem, the brick and mortar of old and modern Persian is Indo-Aryan (or Indo-European). In other words, the bark of the modern Persian tree is Indo-European, the very same as 2,000 years ago, only the leaves have changed, with the passage of the wind.

System is more than just words -- example: in German we say "nicht" while in Persian we say, "nist." The Indo-European system requires you to contract the negative with the affirmative to postulate a negative. In other words, "na" contracts with "hast" and becomes "nist," which is "nicht" in German which is a contraction of "neine" and "ist." 

I'm sorry to say, but if you had a linguistic background, you would know that "writing" is not language. A language can be written in any form (Latin, Arabic, cuniform, Chinese or whatever) but it still would not change the underlying language. As such, the written form does not have anything to do with the oral language. It is a written expression of the oral language, and not the language itself!

I could in fact create a written expression myself (a bunch of circles and lines and dots) so as to communicate the Persian language on paper, but it still would not change the underlying Persian language. 

In fact, what separates us today from the Arab world is simply and perhaps only our language! If Persian is nothing more than an Arabic dialect, then we would literally be included in the Arab world, because what else separates us? Certainly not religion! Language is identity! You should be proud that of all the societies that were invaded by Islam, Iranians are the ONLY people to maintain their original langauge. 

Before the advent of Islam, the Egyptians, Syrians, the Palestinians, the Lybians, the Iraqis, the Jordanians, the Morrocans, etc., they all had their own native languages, but with the invasion of Islam, they all adopted Arabic, the language of the Quran. ONLY Iran maintained its native tongue, an Indo-Aryan language, which survives in-tact (with respect to its system) to this day!

And the reason Iranians did not adopt Arabic was entirely due to our glorious pre-Islamic history -- a massively rich and profound history dating back to Cyrus and Darius and Persepolis. Iranians accepted the religion of Islam, even if at the point of the sword (after all, there's only ONE God), but they NEVER relented on their native tongue!

That's because even back then, the Persians knew that language was/is identity! Sure, words were exchanged back and forth, but the system of semetic languages, which Arabic is a part of, is COMPLETELY different than Persian, which is part of the Indo-European language family.

Just consider the familial nature of a few Indo-European languages. For example, in Persian, we say "Pedar," in Sanskrit it's "Pidar," in Spanish it's "Padre," in French it's "Pere," and German it's "futter," and in English it's "father" (in German and English which are separated only by 2,000 years, p always changes to f).

In Persian, we say "madar," in Spanish, it's "madre," in German it's "mutter," in English it's "mother." In Persian, we say "baradar," while in English we say, "brother." In Persian, we say, "dokhtar," while in English we say, "daughter."

I can go on and on! English "sugar" is Persian "sheekar;" "khaki" is "khaki;" "sharbat" is "sherbert;" "Setare" is "star;" "moushe" is "mouse" -- there is a million of them (similarities between Persian and English). Even the English word "love" comes from "labia" which is related to "lab," which is the English "lip," which refers to the shape of a woman's vagina, which ultimately gives us "love."

Point is, yes there are Arabic words in modern Persian, but there are also Persian words in Arabic and Persian words in English and German, and as such, it's GROSSLY RECKLESS, if not patenly false to call Persian " a mere Arabic dialect." In fact, it's blasphemous coming from someone like you.



Sassan & Kaveh

by SamSamIIII on


Friends; 1st off, I,m not discounting political revolution at all but with whose army & whose leadership?..Eventhough any move by any group to uproot the Qadesiyeh regime is welcomed yet it may not be desirable to the vision we hold for true Iran .and in order for that desirable outcome to happen with the right combination of willing patriots & patriotic leadership we have to accomplish 2 things ;


1-support any grass rooted movement how ever misguided by the people  which is against the Qadesiyeh regime

2-Socio/cultural work; while doing no#1 stay on the patriotic msg to re-awaken and preach concept of true Iran thru every means possible to the greater community either close or far from us to gain that patriotic base that will multiply thru time and finally will give birth to a majority refinding their true identity & the kinda patriotic regime they wish to have.

I,m a spiritual person & believe in God all knowing(& only) & my advice is ;Don,t ever come between them & their holy books .it,s futile. But do come hard on their Ommatie icons, separate the Ommatie made icons from the book and crush em until what is left is an unread book, a God and a private religion ;).

Believe me! if we could extract the huge icing from the cake we would have accomplished a huge deal after 1400 yrs of voluntary amnesia & 30 yrs of constant brainwashing of generations of 5 & 6 yr old.

Why do you think that This regime is a thousand times more scared of Pasargad & Cyrus than a few folks badmouthing Islam !!! thats because they know where the real threat is .

Ommatism is the cause of our cultural desease & the major culprit . To point out the work of this virus I give you the example of Spain since Islam came to both Iran & Spain almost in the same time span.

Did the Spanish lose their Alpha & language to Pan-Arabs as is the case in Iran post-Qadesiyeh making todays farsi a mere Arabic dialect..was it the work of Islam or home brewed cultural agents of Ommatism such as ibn-moghafah, shaikhak poets ..etc..

Did Spanish started worshipping Imams & Zarih as God or did Islam preach us to do so..

Did Islam force thousands of Spanish poets & writers to write in bedoin language and yet we see that happening in Iran thanks to Ommatism.

Did Islam bring Kharabat,sufigary, ommatie nihilism to Spain so the masses can conveniently leave the worldly matters in the hands of tyrants & foreign occupation to get away from civic responsibility as was the case with Ommatism in Iran..

& many more.....

& yes I agree Islam was the big bang that was taken over later on by ommaties to produce the universe of ignorance we are in today but my friends you cant reverse the big bang & go back in time so the best you can do is to  keep blowing up stars and planets in that universe you see today...

Cheers patriots!!!



Kaveh V

Ommatism Vs. Islam

by Kaveh V on


Sassan, I will get to your earlier post when I get a chance again.

Samsam is also correct to point out Ommatism as the culprit. After all, the current cultural deficiencies and malais that he points out seem to be alittle further from the direct (barbaric) instructions within Quran.But, you can argue that a great deal of it is because of the progressive adherence to the Quranic rule. More importantly, in order to deal with this virus of "Ommatism" you need a "standard" of sorts in order to define the neo-Iranic culture. This standard is amply available in the form of Islam, Quranic instructions, Islamic law and every negative aspect of the Islamic "culture". Your neo-Iranic culture will and is being defined in its struggle against Islam and this process was accelerated 30 years ago with the establishment of IRI.



Besides, Samsam

by Sassan on

On this thread, we were talking about a political revolution against the "Ommati" establishment of the IRI, a cause for which I presume you would agree with, although you say we don't need one.



by Sassan on

Much of what you say is right on the money, except that I think getting rid of Islam's influence, if not Islam itself, is much easier for life-loving Iranians than getting rid of Hafez or Sa'adi. Iranians love their poets, but they really don't know the real Islam, per se. I would venture to guess that over 80% of Iranians have never even read the Islamic war manual, the Quran (voluntarily, that is), but they have volunatarily cracked open a few pages of Sa'adi or Hafez.

Moreover, I think you're missing the point when you write, "the culprit is the  corrupted icing on the cake aka Ommatism that has grown since Qadesiyeh to dwarf the cake(Islam) itself."

However, the icing of "ommatism" receives its all-important legitimacy from the cake itself, i.e., Islam.  You can't vilify the SS or the Nazis without taking square aim at Mein Kampf, because it is within those pages that the roots of Nazism are borne. Indeed, the icing is the ill-gotten gains of the rotten cake. 


Patriots we don,t need for revolution to happen

by SamSamIIII on

The major culprit is not Islam as a private religion per say but the icing on the cake aka Ommatism.

You can start  now, among yourselves & within yourselves, neibours & close contacts.speak & cleanse the true language, teach your kids & friends the true history & heritage, value the true icons and burn and bury all icons of 14 centuries of shame except few patriots such as beloved Ferdowsi, Daghighi,Babak..etc..

Lets say you physically remove a whole generation of Ommaties & kick em out to Karbala, what next? !!..There remains still the whole Ommatie propaganda complex to brainwash & train generations to come to fill the gap. problem is not the physical presence of Ommatized ilk but the Ommatie virus that will produce row after row of zombies .

Iranian psyche suffers from the virus of Ommatism & eventhough on the surface Islam seems to be a major contributor to that ailment but in effect the culprit is the  corrupted icing on the cake aka Ommatism that has grown since Qadesiyeh to dwarf the cake(Islam) itself .

Even if you remove Islam, what you gone do with centuries old shaikhak loving culture of "besoozo besaaz" poetry, literature,identity,psyche?

this besoozo besaaz Ajam bardeh Ommatie psyche is what transformed  a Medeo-Persian nation of free men & women with traits of self-sufficience , self-confidence , self-worth , self-knowledge , adventurism , pragmatism , challenge , ethics & mastery into a failed dual-identity nation falling in gradual abyss of self pity , leaving her destiny to fate , obediance to Pan-Arab psyche , seeking messiah among the occupiers , promoting alien icons , writing in their language & alphabet , naming their kids after occupiers , being content with staus quo , indifference , blaming the victim , praising the subjugator , choosing the easy way out , mistaking friends & foes , welcoming enemies as liberators , leaving foreigners to decide for us & blaming our ills on the first easy target to get away facing our true self in the mirror & be accountable !!!

Removing Islam as a private religion from Iran is neither feasible nor practical and after all it accounts for a minimal portion of status quo psyche..

The solution is to deal with the virus that  brought us The khallife , Jazieh, Taghieh, Sufism, kharabati poetry, Sanaii, Ohadi , Al Massudi , Shaikh Attar, Fakhrodin Eraghi , Abu Saiid ,Molavi , Jammi, Shabestari , Hafiz , abu bakr Razi ,Saadi, the Mullah, Majlesi, Safavid, Ghajar, self-pity mentality , seeking foreign messiahs in conmen of Karbala , Mogol hords, Britain & Soviet Union & so on .

Burn em all & rebuild the true neo Iranic identity on it,s ashes!!!

Cheers patriots!!!




nobody wants a revolution

by Anonymous8 on

your headline is not bullshit. people in 1979 wanted to overthrow the regime, the leaders said that.

this time they don't. they just asked for our vote and support. maybe because they saw how wild a revolution can be, myabe because they have different lives than iranians in america i do not know reason. 

noboy wants a revolution now



by Sassan on

Much of what you say I agree with, in that the regime does have several heads and power centers. But someone like Rafsanjani cannot be replaced, no way, no how. His tretcherous tennacles reach all over the world, in many centers of finance and trade in Europe and Asia, where he can buy influence. His elimination would deliver a severe blow to the IRI, that's a fact. It's not unlike the Mafia, where if you take out John Gotti, you also take out his massive infulence in many different arenas, and what're you left with? A bunch of violent, corrupt men, who will sooner than later get themselves either arrested or wacked.

I just think that the sooner we get rid of the patently phony "reformers" (Mousavi, Khatami and Rafsanjani), the quicker the final chapter of the regime. With the "reformers" gone, the Khamenei faction will have to rule with an iron fist, through widespread violence, and that sort of oppression usally meets its Waterloo rather quickly.

But I do admit that eliminating Khamenei or A-Jad (unlike Naser-Edin Shah) would in all likelihood extend the life of the Rafsanjani cartel, which would in turn empower the wheeling and dealing of the "reformers," which would no doubt extend the miserable existence of the IRI. 

Kaveh V

Dear Ms. Gilani....

by Kaveh V on


It is heart warming to see the Persian woman still has faith in the politically and culturally vanquished Persian male. I am Hopeful that this fight against Islamic tyranny will bring renewed optimism and a neo-Iranic period lead by the Persian woman.   

Kaveh V


by Kaveh V on


What you say is interesting, but you may have to explain this further to me since I do not see how the elimination of any of the regime heavies may provide enough hope and motivation for the ordinary people to do anything different.

IMO. this is primarily because of the difference between this regime and Naser e-ddin Shah. With Qajars you had one tyrant at the power apex and everything would start and end with him. But, this Islamic regime has multiple power centers. If Naser-eddin-e-Qajar was a single headed dragon, the Islamic dragon of today has multiple heads. Cutting off one head will not sufficiently destabilize it. Infact, as we are wittnessing right now, the competing factions within this gang of thugs have become more competetive against each other. In the event of a political assassination of one faction's head, the other(s) will be quick to claim victory and buy a few more years for their parasitic Islamic rule. I would even think this type of political assassination will be more likely carried out by a regime faction and an insider for exactly these reasons; extending regime's life.


You also mentioned the psychological and problem of a segment of the population that has been stunned and withdrawn for the past 30 years and resigned to tolerate and co-exist with these criminals. I would think this is the older generation that was literally shocked and traumatized by the 1979 transition, going from a normal and confident generation into an Islamic abyss that they could never imagine. This fight is not and will not be lead by them, it is the raw energy of the younger generation that will lead this fight. Their learned wisdom and realism will be an asset to this fight. 


Again, I would like to emphasize "critical mass". The ideological base of this barbaric tyranny must be eroded as much as possible. The question is when and how to deliver the final blow and that will be decided spontaneously on street level.



Iranian men NOT courageous Ms. Gilani

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Ms. "Gilani",

Iranian men of the last ~ 1,400 years have been nothing more than gutless cowards.  Iranian women on the other hand are courageous.

The Persian men being cowards is among the biggest problems of Iran.  If Iranian men were courageous, they would not have allowed:

1) Oppression of their mothers as 2nd class citizens except for the last 15 years of Shah's rule

2) Oppression of other female members of their family such as sisters, daughters etc as 2nd class citizens

3) Oppression of religous minorities especially Bahais.

My great garndfather who was an Islamic mojtahed as well as my grandfather were  rich, powerful but gutless men.  Unfortunately my dad and I aren't much better.

Courageous men are men who stand up for principle and sacrifice everything for it. 



by LalehGillani on

We must temper our language and actions. Now more than ever, our motherland needs her levelheaded children. Yes, we will fight to the bitter end and will be victorious. Meanwhile, stay cool and focused.

We are fighting for the future of our nation. The road to freedom must not be marred by the acts of revenge but shall be marked by justice.

Now and then, I have said this on and will take the liberty to repeat it again: The regime of mullahs must be overthrown by armed uprising of our people.

Neighborhood watch groups must be organized to identify IRI thugs. How we choose to deal with these individuals shall be left to the grassroots leadership at local level. Basijs who continue to harm our people will receive a swift justice; others will be given a fair warning and chance to repent.

The streets of Tehran will once again be washed with blood. The cleansing, however, must not be devoid of respect for human life.

There is nothing in this world that rivals the dignity and courage of Persian men. Now, at this historical moment, you are given a chance to prove it again…



by Sassan on

Dorood, mihan-parast --

As with all bullys, one needs to smack them in the mouth, otherwise they'll keep on being bullys until someone does in fact grow enough balls to smack them where it hurts!

Of course it wouldn't be too bad if one of the regime heavies, Rafsanjani or Khamenei, were assinated in the order of Naser-Edin Shah, whose assisination by a mere commoner paved the way for the Constitutional Revolution.

I'm afraid there's still a rather sizable segment of the population that does not truly believe it can overthrow these Islamic parasites. And you can't blame them, considering the regime's brutal tactics. As such, they're resigned to "reforming" the present bankrupt system. But if one of these regime heavy weights were eliminated, that just may embolden the masses to go for broke and truly seek wholesale changes, which would ultimately lead to "critical mass." 

Obviously, this spells the end of "peaceful" resistance.