Sanctions &/or Strikes; when will they happen

by Faramarz_Fateh

If I had to bet money, I'd go with sanctions for now; don't misunderstand.  I am not advocating sanctions just saying what will happen in my opinion.  I believe new stricter sanctions (including gasoline) will go into effect by or before March 2010.

As for an strike by Israel, I'm not sure but some say its going to happen IF sanctions are not put in place by end of this year and some say strikes will happen a few months after execution of sanctions and quasi paralysis of the IRI economy due to lack of gasoline.

Maybe I should start a CNG conversion business in Iran where gasoline powered cars can be switched to CNG?! 

Anyhow, what is your take?  Sanctions or strikes and when?


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che khabar e

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by argebam on

Sanctions and atomic bomb of IRI is intertwined. After 30 years of bad policies by IRI, the international community has no choice but sanctions, in other words they will increase the stake and hope for IRI to sit and negotiate. Other option is war, if that happens there will be no Iran. So we have to choose between the bad and the ugly. I will take the bad and hope for a negotiation so it can prevent war. A month ago, a panel of expertise including Abbas Milani, Karim Sajaadpour and 4 other scholars (economists and analysts) recommended US congress committee for sanctions in order to prevent war. This is more serious than we think and if western contries do not prevail in bringing these idiots to negotiating table the chances for war will become more obvious. Thier justification would be "If a government can kill and rape its own citizens will not think twice in killing the infedels".

che khabar e


by che khabar e on

Your opinion is considerably more than "humble".  I agree with your assessment.  I still don't think Israel is going to do crapola.  I just can't see it... I just can't see how they see any advantage to an attack at all.  Being arrogant is one thing... being stupid is another!  She won't be winning any friends in the US, that's for sure.


If Israel attacks... WWIII

by NOT_AK69 on

We all know of the underlying resentful sentiments towards "Jews" harbored by many Iranians. An attack by the US or other "Western" power will be just that, but one by Israel will have even the most furvent anti-IRI folks calling for the destruction of Israel (which is exactly what the IRI and other Arab countries want).




none of them, I hope!

by Fatollah on

it will only hurt ordinary Iranians, they are suffering already, why sanctions or bombings, both actions will strengthen IRI, anyways.