Send Text Messages to the 12th Imam

by Faramarz_Fateh

You can now send text message to the 12th Imam as follows.  Cost is $0.50 a message.  Send all texts to #$90865$# for all carriers (including ATT, VERIZON, SPRINT, FIDO, RODGERS, VIRGIN, ORANGE, DOKOMO, TelCel, MexTel, Mobily, STC, Mobiho):


Request                           Enter Request code

Curing ills/sickness                   0101

Getting Rich                             0103

Finding a husband                    0105

Finding a wife                           0107

Getting pregnant (women)         0109

Getting pregnant  (husbands)    0111

Wishing death for someone       0113

A more comprehensive list will be posted later.  Please be advise for areas outside 50 Km radius of Qom, roaming charges will apply.




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duel, the # for you

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is 1-800-F**KYOU


You forgot your momy's number ...

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by fozolie on

Shiites will get rebate on resurrection, otherwise normal traiff for your carrier applies. Check your contract for details. 

Mr. Fozolie