Stop fooling yourselves

by Faramarz_Fateh

Unless and until the following is addressed, Iran will be the crap hole it has been for the past 30 years, it is and will continue to be:

1) Equality of rights for women

2) Equality of rigts for Bahais

3) Iranian men to grow some balls and get a conscience to confront the government and demand #1 & #2



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Farmamaz_ Fateh I think you

by javaneh29 on

Farmamaz_ Fateh I think you are wrong about that but hey we are all entitled to our views. But let me just ask you, what about kurds in Iran or jews, and the children held in prison and all the other marginalised social and political groups? I dont see how it will help these groups if women and bahai's are given their rights. Please explain it for me.

I think equality for all is unlikely to be achieved in Iran for centuries to come. Look at the west who have been engaged in this issue for hundreds of years and whether its here in the UK or there in the US, I dont see equality for everyone. Far from it.. discrimination is as alive today as it ever was. Ok we have 'laws' and policies etc etc, but it still exists in every nuance of society. And thats just in the west .. now take Iran and look how far it has come.

Iran may have toppled 'satan' 30 yrs ago but out of the kettle and into the fireplace. 



To: faribors,,

by LiVe FroM TeHran (not verified) on

I prefer that great satan take over my beloved country than having it run by a bunch of incompetent loser mullahs and followers like you who are thinking about nothing than their own pockets.

A smart enemy is much better than dumb friends.


Iranian men to grow some balls and get a conscience to confront

by faribors maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

the government and give their country over to great satan? And then it - the great satan - engages the "IRANIAN"s in its own Iran? Greeting


Iran will stay as it is until it goes to far and then there wil

by Faribors maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

be some intervention from outside that begin to mark the passage of change .

Iran, those honorable 30 million fanatics went allready 1978/79 too far as they throw away the great satan and its minimi. Since then is the great satan getting smaller and weaker. the passage of change was marked 1978 allready. Rightaway lays the not any more so great satan in its death bed, is snapping its last drops of air. § is not even a PAPASSI worth. The chances for intervention from abroad were zero 1978 allready. since then it has not got better, rather worth. And exactly since 1978 all nations on the earth, from Indonesia to Andalusia has begann to prepare themselves to get rid of satans and their minimis. bettre see the things from a more realistical point of view. Greeting


intervention from outside.... UNLIKELY

by nemah (not verified) on

Javaneh jan
I agree whole heartedly with you on one thing, human RIGHTS for all, women and all religious minorities, Bahia’s in particularly for the all atrocities committed against their existence, the, but intervention from outside is most unlikely. Iranian government serve the expansionist purpose of most western States as is, they need a bad boy to sharpen their knives and keep the terrorism alive for the own corrupt mischievous plans, why intervention of any sort? It’s only our naive minds that believe WE can't do it and WE depend on intervention from outside for our freedom and democracy to take grass roots within our mind and society.
If Iranian people men in particular(not the government) don't understand that their sisters, mothers and daughters are as equal as their man, nothing will ever happen for the next century or even beyond. That’s the basis of human RIGHTS.

Best wishes



by Faramarz_Fateh on

I wanted to post this as an entry for the posting about Esha Momeni and the YouTube video Esha in White.

For some reason I posted it as a standalone blog! Apologies.

In response to you Javaneh jan, if women and Bahai rights are taken care of ALL other issues related to people of Iran will automatically resolve themselves.



That's simply not enough

by javaneh29 on

Why dont we just call it human rights... I mean all men, women and children have the right to live and not be penalised or murdered  for their political, sexual or social views . ALL human beings are as entitled as women and Bahai's to freedom of speech and action.

Iran will stay as it is until it goes to far and then  there will be some intervention from outside that begin to mark the passage of change .