What if there was no Israel tomorrow?

by Faramarz_Fateh

What if Ahmadinejad woke up tomorrow and there was no Israel?  The entire region now identified as Israel was called Palestine.

How would he divert the attention of the 20 million or so Iranians from real issues facing Iran?  Western Imperialism? But besides Israel which other nation is really a pseudo State of the United States?

There are some who argue that as long as Ahmadinejad pays this 20 million zealots by cash, cherry jobs, university admission and other favors there is no need for an excuse.  Ahmadinejad can start vilifying coke (the soda!) and coca cola corporation will be the newest enemy of Islam, IRI and Palestinians.

Israel has been a gold mine for Islamic clerics for the past 30 years.  Israel's purpose for Iran is somewhat like the purpose Cuba served for the U.S. from 1958-2000.  No one other than some old Cuban ex pats in Miami cares about Cuba any more.  U.S. sanctions against this quasi nation will probably be lifted soon.  Cuba as a threat to the U.S. even sounds funny now.

The worst thing for Iran is elimination of Israel.  Because in the absence of Israel in the not so friendly neighborhood called the Middle East Iran would become Israel.

So the answer to the question at the top of this blog "What if Ahmadinejad woke up tomorrow and there was no Israel?" would simply be HE WOULD WET HIS PANTS.



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by KouroshS on

Would you please Kindly provide us a source, at least one source to certify the legitimacy of the claim that " isrealis hide their citizenship Anywhere they go"??? ANYWHERE? does that include the U.S.A? England? France? Sweden? More than most European countries???

The Jews are in general received more warmley and with more open arms , virtually all over the world. I don't want to go as far as surmising why this happens, but i think we know this to be true deep in our hearts!

Israeli's friends By far outnumber that of the IRI and the palestinians Combined.

With all due respect .Are you smoking something you should not be?


Any government that is

by Mehdi on

Any government that is suppressive to "outsiders" will in fact be damaging to its own citizens in the long run. Nobody gets away with crimes - it only looks like some do in the short term.

If Israel is suppressive to Palestinians, its actions will, for certain, damage its own citizens. In fact if you look closely, it already has. Israelis hide their citizenship anywhere they go. They can blame it on Palestinian "terrorists" all they want but the reality is that in 60 years they have made almost no effort to create a friendship with others (CIA criminals don't count) and the Worlds does take note of that. 

The only safety and security that Israelis will ever have, as in any other nation, is to have MANY true friends. No amount of weapons will ensure security. History tells us that in a quick scan of it.


Mehdi, we are not saying anything different

by Faramarz_Fateh on

We are not saying anything different from one another.

I take exception with one of your comments.  Although Israel's government is suppressive with the Palestinians, it is not with its own citizens.

For the most part, Israeli citizens enjoy far greater freedom than citizens of Iran, even though Judaism is 5000+ years old and Islam is 1400+ years old.



Israel is just an excuse

by Mehdi on

As you yourself realize it, Ahmadinejad and others use Israel as an excuse. So the answer would be if they can come up with another excuse that could be sold to the people or not. And that depends not just on Ahmadinejad, but also other factors, such as US or other countries. For example, if Kurds somehow magically gain some power and start to seriously talk about separation, well that could be an excuse. Or maybe the US will triple its forces in the Perisan Gulf, and that could be the excuse - you get the point. But if there was no way to create a new good excuse, the result would be that people would confront the regime and ask for more - more freedom, more money, whatever. In my view, part of the reason the whole recent "trouble" started for the regime is because after Obama became the pres of US and after his announcement that he no longer seeked to overthrow the IRI, the regime lost about 60% of its excuse and people would not buy the "external threat" as an excuse anymore. Interestingly enough, that alone, in my view, brought about an atmosphere of freedom. We do know that all repressive regimes, including Israel, depend on an excuse. Even Israel uses IRI and "Arabs," the Holocaust, etc. as an excuse to justify its actions. So this should be quite simple to understand.



by Cost-of-Progress on

Among all the other reasons that the Islamic Repressive of Iran has for backing the Pals is the fact that when the crap hits the fan finally (and it will), there are good reasons to believe that the majority of Iranian forces now loyal to the regime will not carryout a wholesale campaign of eliminating the people in citiy streets across the nation. As hard as it is to fathom, after what we've seen after the June fiasco, I believe that to be true. The Arab "army" of Pals can be a great asset to the murdering mullahs when that happens. We know this regime will not go away quitely into the night, so they will use any and all means to stay in power.If nothing else, this, I believe, is a plausible theory.



Mr. Q

by Faramarz_Fateh on

ALL nations use propaganda to shape public opinion the way it fits their policies.  U.S. does it, IRI does it. China does it.  You get the point.

My questions to you are as follows:

1) Since its formation, how many times has Israel attacked Iran?

2) Since its formation, how many Iranians have been killed by Israel?

3) Why IRI is not worried about Muslims killed in Chechnya but is worried about killings in Palestine?  Not a peep to Russia.

4) With ALL the injustices happening in the world, you and elements of the IRI are only worried about Palestinians? 


Don't you worry

by MRX1 on

With Isreal gone and Arabs drunk from victory, before you know it, they are going to come after Iran and try to finish what their ancestors did not finish 1400 years a go and their left over tokhm tazi in the past thirty years was not able to finish. Over night the same

rhetoric they use against jews they will use against Arabs!


Your analogy is backwards:

by Q on

Cuba was a hyped up non-threat and under US sanctions for political purposes. It's exactly the same with Iran. How quickly you forgot the bullshit claims of WMD and "terrorism" they said against Cuba!

Miami Cuban hardliners are a bunch of right wing political extremists who have lost complete touch with their own population... exactly like LA Monarchists.

So, the question you should be asking is this: How will the Yabu make a living if Ahmadinejad was gone tormorrow? How will US and Israel justify the $Millions in defense spending, and colonial occupation if Ahmadinejad was not there to be a scarecrow? What will the Yabu and the Zionists excuse now for killing Palestinians and stealing their land? Will they go back to the pre-IRI excuses?