What would life at an Iranian internment camp be like

by Faramarz_Fateh

I was thinking what life at an Iranian internment camp be like.  Imagine a a few hundred thousand Iranians from S. California being "kept" at one or more facilit(ies) lets say in Nevada, Arizona or California.  A whole bunch of old people who are Shah parats, a bunch of Shah haters, some fanatic Muslims, some agnostics, a whole bunch of people who believe in God but hate religion, some Jews, some Bahais.  Some highly educated types, some business men, a few artzy types; good looking women, a whole bunch of young and old men who are "players".

What would life amidst this population be like?  Can they get along sort of like the Japanese did in the internment camps during WWII?

If yes, why?  If  no, why?  When I play the scenario in my head, I can envisage a very funny sitcom.



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che khabar e


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che khabar e


by che khabar e on

this makes for an interesting proposition.  Which in your opinion is the real person?  The one who profanes online or the one who is polite in person?  And if the one cheering you on at the table is the "real" Iranian, why does this abuse happen online?


this is internet

by Abarmard on

All people who are in each others face, would be cheering and chatting on the same table if in person.


If we can get along

by Faramarz_Fateh on

If we can get along at one of these camps in your opinion, why can't we get along on blog pages?

Have you read most of the posts?  Especially posts having to do with politics and religion?

And these posts are monitored.....otherwise the language would not be as "clean" as it is today 

che khabar e

well dudee

by che khabar e on

If this proposed camp is in California or Arizona or whereever, isn't everyone already an "americanized" iranian?


Not without my Masih!

by benross on

This is the topic that everybody should discuss. But I guess we are too afraid to contemplate such scenario.

I think if Masih is also in the camp, everybody should get along somehow!



Nothing would happen

by Abarmard on

When Iranians meet in crowds, they find ways to calm any situation. That's a general attribute of Iranian culture. We are generally laughing, happy and friendly people. I think our politeness and consideration won't allow anything harmful to take place. Look at our revolutions, demonstrations and or debates. Iranians are one the most peaceful people on earth along with many other great cultures. take away our backward system, our people are far a head.



To answer your question..

by yolanda on

Can they get along sort of like the Japanese did in the internment camps during WWII?

No way!!!!!!!!  Did they show up for your Ramadan lunch and finish one meal without quarreling with each other? They can't even get along in an Internet cyper camp! but they are nice people though! very very gooooooooood people! Good luck! 

Thanks for the article!




by Iraniandudeee on

AND I mean everyone would gang up on the islamists..... I wouldn't have a problem with ganging up on the Americanized "Iranians" neither :)