Where does our personal taste come from?


by Faramarz_Fateh

When it comes to dogs and cats, most of us love puppies and kittens. We see one and we get an unstoppable urge to pick these creatures and pet them. Imagine taking your 5 year old son or daughter to a pet shop with a bunch of puppies at the front window. You parents out there know what I mean.

Same thing with babies. Even when we see a shirtless baby with a semi full diaper on a hot summer day, something happens. The site of the baby brings a smile to our face despite the smell. Just imagine you see a grown man, shirtless with a sac of poop around his waste. No matter how georgous and well built he is, most of us will run to get away from him.

That is to say for somethings, we tend to like smaller versions. Now think about breasts when it comes to women or penis for men? Does the same thing apply? I can safely say most men prefer bigger version of breasts and since I am not a woman, I won't comment on the other part.

These likes and dislikes are somewhat universal like what I mentioned above. There are some like and dislikes that are not universal.

Some men like oriental women, mostly because of their look, although Iranian women acuse Iranian men for liking Chinese women because they are submissive. Yeah, right.

Most women like men with a good head of hair. Same thing with men. Women with lots of shiney hair are highly preferred to women with short thinning hair. But there are women who love men with shaved heads.

I don't like very white blonde women, whereas many Iranian men die for blondes. Some blonde women in the U.S. or Sweden love dark skinned men with black hair. Some like blonde men like Robert Redford or Brad Pitt.

I love gheymeh bademjoon. My wife love feseenjoon. Many of my male friends love kalleh pache, I can't stand it. A comparative list like this can go on for ever.

I am sure books have been written about this subject. But I always wonder where do our personal preferences come from?!



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K Nassery

the blaming the mullahs post was a hoot...

by K Nassery on

That was very funny...

 I think your personal taste comes from the deep dark center of your brain right next to your decision center for political affiiliations below the center for truth in advertising.




Mehdi I am sure you have heard couple of theories about Us!!!

by Tahirih (not verified) on

Ok ,I have to say you got my attention,I was leisurly eating Blackberries and reading my Iranian .com and I saw your comment .I have to say that I like blackberries but I had to put them down and write to you.
My friend do not start me about conspiracy theory!!! because the best ones goes to slaming Bahais.If there was an oscar night for the best conspiracy theory I can see the anouncer saying .... And the oscar goes to Hojatiyeh group for finding the best and the most original conspiracy theory against Bahai's!!!!


I blame the mullahs! :)

by Mehdi on

I think personal taste is just an illusion. These have all been installed by the damn mullahs! We think we like something or dislike something but do we really? What if what we think is really what mullahs want us to think? !!! Think about it - it makes sense! I mean yesterday I found out that my motorcycle all of a sudden has started leaking oil. It was sitting there for a couple of weeks at least and now all of a sudden leaking oil - out of nowhere. Or is it? Is it really so hard to believe that the mullahs sent someone to mess with my motorcycle and make it leak oil now? I mean aren't they really evil? So, I think my friend, you should not trust your personal taste! It is not yours! Creepy, ha? :-)