Who do you hate the most?

by Faramarz_Fateh

Two or 3 years ago I received an email which had email addresses of around 400-500 Iranians in the cc. area. I don't know if this was sent to me intentionally or by mistake. Nevertheless, since sometimes I have too much time on my hand, I send us "mass emails" to these unfortunate people and ask them for a quick opinion on things. Sort of a micro market research on Iranians living outside Iran. Of course I don't have any idea about the demographics of this group.

Around 10% of the people who got my first couple of emails asked me to take them off the list and I did. Of these 10%, about a third were very rude in the way they asked, but the rest were very cool about it.

Earlier this week, because of a discussion with a bunch of friends over a nicely prepared Mojito, I sent out an email asking people who they hated the most. I gave them a few examples on how this question can be answered. These were the numbers from 113 responses (113 out of 350 or so is amazingly high by the way). A great number of responses had multiple names and thats why the numbers below don't add up to 113:

George Bush: 43 (he is the 43rd president too!)

Ahmadinejad: 29

Khomeini: 23

Arabs: 19

Mojahedine Khalgh: 13 (I assumed MKO is these poeple)

Asians: 13 <--Chinese/Japanese etc.

Mexicans: 9

Iranians: 9

Jews: 8

Gays: 5

Bahais: 2

Faramarz Fateh: 1 <--- this could be my wife







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your list is so biased! and

by what about (not verified) on

your list is so biased!
and it promotes hate, how about what makes life more meaningful for you!


Wallah Doroogh Chera? Ta ghabr AAA AAA AAA

by Shamshir (not verified) on

Do we have to hate somebody?!
I don't hate people but I hate stupidity and dishonesty. Bush, Khomeini, Ahmadinejad, Mojahedin, some jews, all did what they did only because of their stupidity, greed, need for power and nothing else. They all thought what they did was correct and they thought no one else knew things as well as they did. So I blame stupidity and ignorance.
I hope people study and think more with open mind and I hope they understand that nothing in this world is worth hurting others.


some time I hate????????

by pilot (not verified) on

some times i talk to myself and feel very upset to see what country we had and now where is it going?.,more i think more i blame my parents,who went to street and marched on with group of terrorists and palatinenes and arabs ,and brought this disaster to our country,so i blame all those parents ,who supported these banch of Arabs ,who occoupied iran for almost thirty years.


I certainly dislike....

by persian girl (not verified) on

First of all, the word hate is a very strong word, but people learn to hate base on their experince with certain people. having said that, i for most certainly dislike persian man who like to put down persian women at every chance they get, women of their own race. Believer or not, you never ever see in any other nathinality man like to put down women of their own, like persian man do, just look at every subject in this fourm or even other fourm, you see, all this persian man do generalize and boo their own women, that is so disturbing, the most unappracited man, nothing, nothing will ever be good for this man.


To "Faribors Maleknasri M.D."

by Ezattollah (not verified) on


"Baz dari Zer O Zer mikoni"! What is seccess? Or you mean success? And by the way, what does M.D. stands for? Just wondering, really!




by Justifier (not verified) on

I strongly believe that I have justified hatred for Khomaini; he brought so much pain and suffering to so many people, men and women; he wasted so many beautiful lives of our young and very young boys and girls; he destroyed our country; he robbed wealth of our country in service of our enemies, internal and external; and he brought 28 years of continued suffering so far. All of our problems rest on him and his gang, as well as all of religious leaders who kept quiet in the face of his atrocities while correcting people's Hamd va Soureh. The runner up is MKO, who sided with murderous saddam, bombed the innocent, and deceived our youth to this data. I don't think anyone else deserves any hatred when we have likes of Khomaini and his ruthless gang as well as MKO around.


Hate Actions Not People

by Mehdi on

I have learned to hate people's actions and I have learned to hate conditions but not people. I have found that it possible to do that very well. I can hate a dictator's actions but not hate him at all. I believe it requires a great deal of understanding of why people sometimes act insane, illogical or ill. I have realized that people are basically good. Even the most blood thirsty dictator, deep down, is suffering from his own insanity and doesn't want to be that way. But somehow he cannot control himself. I am not excusing them and I don't submit to them but I have no reason to hate them. Usually I feel sorry for such people because I realize how lonely they are and how painful life must be to them, despite their attempt to appear in control or successful.



We don't enjoy life because we have money, a nice car or power over a whole nation. We enjoy life when we have many great friends and we can play many great games, and when we can be generally proud of our actions. Even money, car and a beautiful house would not make us happy if there was nobody to acknowledge us for having them. And those who gather around us not because of who we are but because of what we have, never satisfy our need for companionship. They never give us any attention - all their attention is on our belongings.



It is one thing to hate and action or a bad condition. It is quite another to hate individuals. The reason we hate an individual is because we don't understand their actions. We don't understand what leads that person to act the way he does. Lack of understanding brings about lack of interest, lack of love. I think it is possible to love people but hate their actions.

Jahanshah Javid

shocking but not surprising

by Jahanshah Javid on

Hating Khomeini is easy to understand. But hating someone (an entire race actually) because of nationality, color of skin, language, religion...?

Is hating the right word here? And in this context, what does "hating" mean?

How many times have I heard Iranians disparage African-Americans, Arabs, Jews, Indians, Pakistanis, Mexicans...

It's ignorance...


who hate you?

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

the one who feels hate in her/his heart will never be lucky, does never feel well. this feeling may even cause cancer. hate can have only personal reasons. In case of our VIPs, well they have delivered many reasons to be hated. the most important of these reasons are: 1.their personal seccess 2. the love which a huge nummber of humans feel for them. the List is Endless. It is better for the individual to distance her/himself from this mean feeling. Of course somebody may have logical reasons not to like a certain person. It is better for that individual do not permit the Hatesfeelings coming up in her/ his heart. see for example the most last iranian kaiser hated the iranian nation. and what desteny he had to experience? he got cancer. Of course after his american friends helped him. that was the dummy kissinger.Greeting

Azarin Sadegh

I hated a lot

by Azarin Sadegh on

I hated the most the guy with the beard and the gun who took me away from my father on the last day. I hated the most the sound of my father’s weeping, the last time I saw him. I hated the most the woman in black chador who pushed me back so I didn’t get a chance to hug him. I hated the most an airport, the rain, the cold. I hated the most the ring of a phone. I hated the most images of a disease, an ambulance, the whiteness of a hospital. I hated the most his bed, his syringes, his pain. I hated the most indifference. I hated the most the monotony of an ending life. I hated the most his waiting, his forgetfulness, his boredom. I hated the most the nurse who pulled the sheet on his face. I hated the most the doctor who couldn’t save him. I hated the most the Mullah who read the last prayers of death for him in a hurry to get home. I hated the most the beggar who cursed my mother to the infinite loneliness. I hated the most the people who didn’t show up. I hated the most myself –who didn’t show up either-- because I stayed with my baby, to be able to hide my face inside his tears of thirst. I hated the most my father who pulled the needle in silence without a pause. I hated the most the life. I hated the most the war. I hated the most the death. I hated the most this uncertainty, this desire, this absence. 

I hated a lot, but it was just the easy part.