Why people have a "beef" with Islam

by Faramarz_Fateh

Saudi Arabia is the cradle of Islam.  Lets face it, the Sunnis outnumber Shia's 5 to 1.  So Sunnis are the de facto representative of Islam on planet earth.  Iranians the Shia' reps.

We live in the 21st century.  Just take a look at an example of female broadcasters in Saudi Arabia, a decade into the 21st century:


Iranian TV is not much better.  Isn't it sad? 

How could Muslim women anywhere (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Syria and many other countries) accept this bull shit and belong to an organized religion which has this view of them?! Islamic view of women which is the life support system for the vagina.

How could Muslim men everywhere accept this for women?!

Thank God for the Iranian women who have resisted the full chador for the past 30 years.  Iranian women have and are doing their part.  SHAME ON IRANIAN MEN


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Islam is no different in

by sag koochooloo on

Islam is no different in terms of "fear factor", than ANY other religion.

What does Islam say should be done to non believers? And what about apostasy in Islam?


Marge....u one strange lady

by Faramarz_Fateh on

I was in China visting my son and wife. I am back in LA now and my family will be back in February.  I wish I was doing business with China.

Getting to your point, women in China are equals to men and they are not forced to wear hijab.



I have no beef with Islam

by OmidKarimi on

I have a beef with those who overtly use it for violence and suppresion, and those who completely draw an innocent picture of this religion which (just like christianity and judaism) dictates the use of violence in certain given situations.

I suggest you watch the last parts of this documentary:


Islam was integrated and accepted by our people and rulers (true by the use of sword at first), even though its an Arabic way of worship, Iran has changed alot of it.

But at the end.. just keep any religion out of politics is my opinion..


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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

for a guy who loves to shame everyone, faramarz fateh jan.......

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

faramarz what do you do in china? just wondering

you talk about being in china a lot. what do you do there? is it for business?

you don't have to even tell us, but i wonder why you love to shame everyone when you are over in china, PRC, supporting a regime who denies basic human rights to people also. Do you realize how strong and relevant the anti-regime movements are in and out of china? 

you are not really a morally sound person yourself to be shaming all these people, muslims and in the past you shamed iranians who have money in iran or real estate...... if you are going to china for more than just pleasure, I gotta wonder.

god bless you. 

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

you are shaming iranian men at a time like this?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

you say accept like they aren't or haven't tried to stop it. most of them just got up and left the country. and muslim men? how do you know them all? not all muslim men like "their women" to be dressed like this at all. there's a lot of problems with this blog. I think you're assuming a lot. 

Also, azadi, Islam is no different in terms of "fear factor", than ANY other religion. They are the same if you consider how they want people to fear god because they don't believe in their promise. Now I say "religion" puts fear, but it's not a living thing, this religion. It's up to people with power (MIND, BRAIN) to put a stop to all this BS. ONE PERSON AT A TIME. It is so liberating. Try it. 


Islam is outdated and expired

by azadi5 on

if you look at Islam without being afraid that a lightning bolt is going to hit you in the head, or ending up on the seventh floor of hell, then you will see that it only works because of fear that is put in to you. once you put that fear aside you realize how much BS you have swallowed in your whole life.


Good business

by pedro on

This dude is funy, half the people have no idea what the hell is he saying.


So Are We Just Talking About Fashion?

by Magen30 on

I definitely think if I were a Muslim woman from a middle eastern country, or from a Muslim family-background, I would be thankful for every little drop of freedom afforded me. I don't want to scoff at any freedoms. IMO, I believe God designed & desires all people to have freedom.... just as the lungs require oxygen, I believe the human spirit requires freedom.   So I am glad for any Muslim woman who has a little more freedom regarding her wardrobe selections than perhaps other Muslim women.

However, I have the impression that the “beef people have with Islam” is far more involved than merely fashion stipulations. The “fashions” Muslim women exhibit are only a very tiny indication of the many issues people have with Islam. I do not speak as a Muslim nor as a Middle Easterner but rather as someone from outside their community who has had to “deal” with the Islamic protocol in the 21st century.  

At the very very least, I believe the Muslim community needs to address their own issues & conflicts before trying to convince others that Islam is a perfect religion-doctrine & affords the greatest & most rewarding life to mankind.   As an outsider, Muslims seem so “upset” all the time (upset over the problems in their own family, the weather, their rights, how they are being perceived or oppressed.... & God forbid if there be a Jewish person within 20 miles of their presence who may have $1 more in their wallet than a Muslim person. Truthfully, if it were not for Israel & the Jewish populace, who would Muslims blame for anything remotely negative they experience in a day's routine. It seems Muslims eventually end-up blaming "the Jew” for everything wrong.) Muslim people seem to be at odds with each other as well as with outsiders.  More Muslims are killed via Muslims than via non-Muslims.  

IMO, you see Muslims migrating to Christian & non-Muslim nations because they can obtain a better quality of life as a minority in an infidel land as an immigrant non-citizen than they can enjoy as a full citizen in their Islamic motherland.   At least in the infidel's land, a Muslim woman is considered equal to her husband or to anyone of any religion or nationality or gender.   The “beef” people have with Islam is soooooooooooooooo far more than simply a fashion issue.

Additionally, non-Muslims do not perceive women in Iran as being any better off than other Muslim women in the Muslim world. I think most people have more compassion for Muslim women in Iraq, Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia because they are often less educated. However, Iranian women are known for their advanced education & yet the only additional freedom they are afforded regarding fashion is they don't have to cover their face?!?!    IMO, that seems more like an insult. After so much hard work, focus & determination to obtain an education, they have relatively little additional freedoms than their Afghan, Iraqi or Saudi sisters.   An Iranian female neuro-surgeon with impeccable credentials may be required to dress in an almost identical fashion to a Muslim woman who lives in a war-torn area with little if any education & lives a very impoverished life. If I had lived during the WW2 days, I don't think I would have been impressed if a Nazi soldier wore a nice clean uniform & was personally clean cut. The uniform/dress code was only a very small representation of the the doctrine which brought such a horrible fate to the global community.

Thank God for any freedoms Muslim women or men enjoy but the “beef” many people have with Islam is about so much more than fashion or fashion restrictions.



'cause Islam does not like "pork"

by mahmoudg on



Shazde Asdola Mirza

Faramarz: repent from your blasphemous rants and listen to this!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on



by cyclicforward on

I agree with you and I must say as an Iranian we owe a lot to the women of Iran.