Why we are so F'ed up as a nation.


by Faramarz_Fateh

Like it or not, we are not Arabs. For the most part, we look different, we are smarter and our culture and heritage is infinitely richer than any culture in any Arab country. Hafez, Sadee, Abu-Ali Sina, Sheykh Bahai, Kourosh-e Kabir... fast forward to now; all the CEOs, VPs top scientists in high tech companies in the U.S. Shit, for that matter, there are more Iranian top doctors and dentists in LA alone than there are Arab professional in the entire U.S.

A big percentage of people in Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and even Iraq, dislike Iranians, call them "vahshi". Some Arab governments cooperate with the U.S. and U.K. to destabilize Iran.

Us Iranians have been F'ed in the ass by Arabs for close to 1400 years and the F'ing continues. But for some reason our hatred for Jews (which is a result of brain washings done by our families when were kids) is significantly more than it is for Arabs. We blame everything on Israel. We site with Palestinians. The IRI pays bilions of dollars to the Palestinian causes each year.

We enjoy Ahmadinejad's comments about the Jews and Holocaust and we sort of cheer him on as someone who is standing up to the U.S. & Israel.

Other than perhaps loving money a bit more than the rest of us and a passsion for dealing in real estate and jeweley, what did the Jews in Iran do that was THAT bad? Think about your Muslim friends. Have you had any back stabbing Muslim friends? Has a Muslim ever "kola saret gozashteh"?

I bet the answer is yes.

"Daramade saraneye" Iran is less than $6,000. $800 of this is from oil revenues, $220 is from natural gas and the rest is from other things.

To qualify as a developed nation, the GNP per capita should be over $13,000 Iran is far away from that. Iran's economy is less than half of that of 12 states in the U.S. We have a lot of oil. But its not enough. Especially when 50% of oil revenue is stolen by the Islamic regime.

Do you really think the Iranian armed forces are a match for the U.S.?

I don't doubt the bravery and readiness to sacrifice attitude of millions of young Iranians for a second. I believe they will put up a good fight if and when there is a war between Iran and any other country.

But at the end, U.S. is too much of a golliath for Iran. So, stop having these illusions of grandure. Instead of hating the U.S. and Israel and blaming them for all ills of Iran and the world, for a God damn minute focus on the real problem. Which is us; Iranians. The poster nation for A.D.D.

Our problem as a nation is: Lack of education, lack of unity, lack of focus, inordinant amount of pride and thoughts like we know everything and Islam. Of these, lack of unity is the biggest problem. Hell, have you ever gone to dinner with a group of Persians? We can't even decide on where to go for dinner when there is more than 3 of us.

Two or three generations in Iran need to sacrifice all for the good of Iran. For its progress and nothing else. This is what 2 generations of Americans did in the 40s and 50s. Thats the generation known as the "greatest generation". I hope one day we have a greatest generation in Iran.


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Through education you will understand...

by backtoreality (not verified) on


Reality is different though!

by Shahram (not verified) on

I also beleive Iran should have diplomatic relationship with all its neighbors including Isreal.
But at the same time we should not be naive and think everyone is our friend and can be trusted. Look at Iran/ US relationship for the last 60 years! "US never been friend of Iran" but we were under a wrong understanding.


Amazing paradox

by 2-cent (not verified) on

Mr. Fateh,
You say "we are not Arabs, we are smarter". And a few paragraph later, you say "inordinant amount of pride and thoughts like we know everything" is one
of our problems.
Isn't is Ironic?!


Who are you speaking for?

by Nima (not verified) on

Who the hell said anybody enjoyed what Ahmadinejad said about the Holocaust? You're pretty sick kid.


Hold the bigotry please

by manesh on

If you have problems with what arabs did/do to us, or are proud about Iranians' culture or accomplishments, that's fine.  But there's no need for racism.  We are not smarter than Arabs by design.  And jews don't appreciate being thought of as "perhaps loving money a bit more than the rest of us and a passsion for dealing in real estate and jeweley".  

The ideals you talk about are not about race or nationality but values.

What made Cyrus great back then, as well as what makes the U.S. great now, is rooted in the simple proposition that all men are created equal. You can't unite a nation by dividing humanity.   Even if you do, it won't do any good and it won't last long.

That's what I think, anyway, as a humanist. 



Chesham aab nemikhoreh

by Irooni (not verified) on

Ba arze mazerat bayesti begam ke man cheshem ab nemikhoreh chon ma rahe kheily tolani darim ke tey konim to ye chizi mesele tamadone 70 saleh pishe gharb beshim. ageh yadetoon basheh shaadi pas az enghelaab 6 maah bishtar tool nakeshid va hameh chiz be gaah raft. ageh in melat fahmideh bood ya farhang dorosti daasht aghebateh maa chenin nemishod. melat ejazeh dad ve hich kas joz melat moghaser nist. goosht sareh jashe hayayeh gorbeh koja raft? ta zamani ke farhangeh ghalate maa hastesh omidi nakhaahad bood. omidvaram ke eshtebaah migam.


My oh my!

by nimroo maker (not verified) on

My oh my!
How very interesting!
Ta injash keh kheili khoobeh, hameh mesl bacheh haye khoob ba ham ekhtelaf nazar daran! ya ba ham movafegh hastan.
Che khoob ta in ja keh kasi fohsh nadadeh, cheghadr khosh halam!
Pas lotfan in trend ra edameh bedahid, dashtam be kolli na-omid mishodam.
Alan chon vaght nadaram, bayad beravam. Beh zoodi bar migardam keh 2 penny khodam ra ezafeh konam.
Omidvaram keh vaghti bar migardam baz ham az fohsh o gheireh-e bi namoosi khabari nabasheh!
albateh daava lafzi misheh kard vali nah mozakhraf gooi.
See ya!


It's not over until it's over

by backtoreality (not verified) on

Iran is the way it is because it has its back against the wall, so it's put up it's meanest, ugliest face - literally.

The West is under the spell of Darwinism and Machiavellian philosophies, which strip human beings of their inherent value and reduce them to automatons with no worth except what they can produce.

Might is right, they say. Survival of the fittest, they claim. And they go around and enslave, abuse, and destroy others in the name of "civilization." They are living by the rules of the jungle -- Jungle Law! At least we're not that low on the totem pole. Don't be fooled by the outward appearances, jungle law leads to jungle life and inevitably leads society towards failure. In this case, massive failure.

Hey, at least we believe in something, even though hard times have produced a thick skinned people. That's temporary. When all is said and done, those people who uphold and glorify truth, beauty and goodness, even in primitive forms, will prevail.

How would you feel about yourselves if your country had destroyed the whole world? How would you feel about yourselves if we had abused, enslaved, corrupted and ruined the whole world?

Hold your heads up. It's not over until it's over...


iruinit (no spelling error)

by pilgrim (not verified) on

To all my fellow i-ruin-its,

Remember Pogo's famous words (it really does apply
to us i-ruin-is):



To 1 people1planet

by MD PhD JD (not verified) on

In the meantime, what do you suggest we do about the mullahs and their thugs? Do you expect us to bend over? Have we not poked in the rear by these SOBs enough? Just wonderin!?


What we need to do

by 1people1planet (not verified) on

is to be friendly to all. Arabs, Israelites, moslems,
west, east. We need to stop blaming others for our shortcomings and take resolute action to improve ourselves not by seperating and antagonising but by building friendship and moving forward. Lets not worry about others for a while. lets mind our own and make it. every body will like a positive, forward looking non polar society. lets get inspiration from our forefathers not pride. they became great b/c they were fair, just, wise, friendly not negative, aggressive, ambitious. they had convictions and it is in us. lets not be over critical but infinitley positive and friendly yet bent on succeeding and progressing. I recommend to all who are wishing to take positive steps to read the ' Secret of Divine Civilization" authered by a great Persian Personality. Do not be biased, prejudice will not set us free but we will be free when we get rid of this fear driven, charecteristic that has enslaved us for centuries now.


How much does it cost to put an add in

by MD PhD JD (not verified) on

Washington Post, Boston Globe, NY Times, LA Times...?
I'll chip in $1000.00...


You gave new meaning to journalism

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Dear Ali i,

I am so glad you liked my article. Makes me tingle all over.




Talk is Cheap

by MD PhD JD (not verified) on

Why don't we (I didn't say you) put our money where our mouth is and do something about it?

a) Organize peaceful rallies in support of friendship between Iranians and Israelis?
b) Buy adds in NY times condemning Islamic Republic’s animosity towards the civilized world and promoting friendship, peace, and co-existence!
c) ….

The list goes on and on. What you need are leadership, management, unity, capital, and trust in one another. So, big boys what about it? Who wants to be the boss? How much money are you willing to chip in? Any managers here …?

Kaveh Nouraee

We Have To Look In The Mirror

by Kaveh Nouraee on

I mentioned it in another part of Iranian.com, but it bears repeating here. Just as the saying goes "Youth is wasted on the young", it must be said that Iran has been wasted on Iranians.



Bardia, the U.S. won't attack Iran. That I am certain of. This is almost an election year. Bush cannot run for a 3rd term. But as idiotic as he has been in many respects, even a total retard would know better than to launch an attack against Iran in an election year, which would guarantee the Democrats winning and returning to the White House. At this point, it looks like that menopausal nag Hillary Clinton is leading the Democrats. There is no way that the Republicans are going to let Bush commit a mass political suicide involving the entire GOP and lose to that horse-tooth beast. Trust me, an attack is NOT going to happen.



MrClass is right on the money when saying we have more in common with Israel than with Arabs. Culturally, socially, academically, the values we hold when it comes to getting an education, being the best at whatever we choose to be, the way we treasure our children. Think about this for a moment. A Persian mother and a Jewish mother are from the same mold. And if you happen to have a Persian Jewish mother, God help you! LOL. In all seriousness, however, Arabs are as different from us as you can get, even religiously speaking.



Farrad02, you are correct. We have been too busy putting on gallons of cologne, to the point we can't smell our own B.S. 



I honestly don't know what the hell has happened to us as a people. There was a time, not that long ago, when you could hold your head up high and say you were an Iranian or a Persian. It was an identity we could carry with pride. We weren't Arab then either. If someone called us an Arab, it used to have the same connotations and carry the same derogatory meaning as calling a black person a nigger. We were indeed better than the Arabs, in every respect. More evolved, refined, sophisticated, educated, and cultured. Now, we have let our homeland, our country, our nation, our people and to an extent, ourselves become more Arab than ever in our history. Like white guys in rap, Iran has become the Vanilla Ice or the Eminem of the Middle East. A bunch of wannabe Arabs.



Backtoreality, you mentioned that we don't go around killing, stealing, ruining and destroying other countries. On that you are absolutely 100% right. We're not doing any of those things to other other countries.



We are doing all of that to our own country.


You gave new meaning to journalism

by alii (not verified) on

I found enough grammar and spelling errors, racist remarks, and unsupported claims that make me visit this site often and read more wise journalism!

Well done!


Nice article

by IraniIrani (not verified) on

I agree, when the arabs were dropping bombs on us, while the russians, the US, the EU and china were supporting them, ISRAEL sold us arms, ISRAEL bombed Iraq.. and who does our retarded gov hate? Israel. Israel is our natural ally in the middle east. Iranians and Jews are hated by arabs in general, whatever we do is wrong, even now that we support the palestinians/hezbollah in the billions and try to gather some sort of fake muslim unity, the arabs sell out as usual and cower behind their thrones and oil money while giving head to the americans. Note that if Israel bombs, they will lose any such compassion by iranians in general.


Israel and Iran

by Bardia (not verified) on

It's interesting, I'm a classic Zionist hater. By that I mean I don't swear Jews, I hate the Israeli government because they are A*holes.

Now, I agree with Faramarz that the arabs haven't done jacks*it for us except make us look bad and part of their retarded terrorist campaign.

Now if you ask me whether I choose the US bombardment of Iran or having the mullahs stick around a bit longer, I would take the mullahs. If US starts dropping bombs, IRAN WILL BE DESTROYED. I'm sure you know we have more fractions that in Iraq. That was our problem even before revolution. There will be Chapi, Rasti, Toudehi, Marxist, Mojahed, Kurd, Arab, Turk, basically it would be a reak donkey to donkey situation.

I agrre that Iran is no match for the US. But let me tell you this: This is not 1980. It is 27 years later and Iran can hit back and HARD. I am not gonna get into it now but US would be stupid to attack Iran. I think once Iran hits them back really hard, they would have no choice but to use those Tactical Nukes that they built just for Iran. And that my friends, would be the very very BAD


Whatever stupidity exists in

by backtoreality (not verified) on

Whatever stupidity exists in our culture, and there's no shortage of that, we still don't go around stealing, killing, destroying and ruining other countries around the world in the name of "national interest."

We are inherently kind and love righteousness and rightous people. We don't say "time is money" and "good guys finish last," and we exhibit at least a measure of decorum when dealing with other human beings.

Look at the world today and witness how the barbaric West, dressed in fancy clothing, has ruined it beyond repair. Look at all the suffering at the hands of the "civilized" nations.

The story isn't over yet. Iran and most of the older cultured nations have learned a thing or two about what keeps society functional and what to look out for.

When you see the western "civilization" collapse in the near future, due to its own tendency to believe in nothing and hold on to zero virtue, you'll understand.

Don't let them brainwash you as you run around their societies like hampsters on a wheel inside a cage, chasing money like a bunch of idiots who have nothing else to live for, worshipping trash and dying alone and lonely.

At least, we have a ... soul.


yet another degenerate talking about how great he is

by Parthian on

because some 1600 years ago, there were men of true heritage, and culture that ruled our country. Men who would have little or nothing in common with the Iranians of today. Remarkably, the more degenerate and miserable we have come, the more racist, and irrational we have come. Farrad is right on the money. We are behind of every country in that region, including those who the author dissmisses as having an "inferior" culture. We are degenerate, don't link us to our beautiful and glorious past, it will only bring shame upon them.


We, the Iranians, are only legends in our own minds!

by farrad02 on

Did you hear the news just yesterday that the leader of United Arab Emirates (yeah that little ARAB country to the south of Persian Gulf) announced a law that bans the arrest (under any circumstances) of a reporter or journalist!

We have spent all these past few decades dissing Arabs and belittling them, only to see them pass us in every single aspect. The same with Turks. The political and social maturity demonstrated by the Turkish people and government in recent events and elections, leaves us Iranians in the dust.

Okay so we have great heritage and history. But what have we done lately? And how have we used that great culture and history to our benefit and advancement? Let me give you a tip. WE HAVE NOT USED IT and WE ARE DESTROYING IT! and oh yeah, we shot ourselves in the proverbial foot by handing our country to a bunch of Mullahs in 1979! That makes us a special bread of people, doesn't it!

We are falling behind many of our neighbors (especially our Arab neighbors across the Persian Gulf) and the sooner we wake up and smell the bullshit, the better off we will be!

Quit putting feathers in your own hats and wake up already!




well said

by mrclass on

I agree with you. Look majority of Iranian are not anti Semitic or even anti Israel. we have far more in common with Israel than it's Arab neighbors.  but we got a situation in our hand. we have a regime that is a dictatorial, fascistic and failure in every front, so they have to create this imaginary enemy to keep the minority ahmagh who support this regime busy with rubbish and cosy share…… Of course mullahs are degenerate backward people and they get their kick from hating Jews, Christians, bahais you name it and by putting down women. And yes we are no match for U.S power. Frankly they will not invade Iran but use massive air attack to destroy and paralyze this regime. There is nothing that this regime has in it’s arsenal that can shelter the country from any massive attack from the air, so all these military parades they have is pretty much for domestic consumption for the ahmagh’s who still believe in these guys.