Would the 12th Imam bless the current regime on 22 Bahman

by Faramarz_Fateh

Generally in the past, the Islamic government of Iran has resorted to blaming many people, groups, ideologies and governments to rally enough people around as to keep a hold on their power.

Historically, the British, the Americans (the great Satan), Israel and Bahais on their own or in combination have been used masterfully to help the IRI with this goal.  Recently, the notion of nuclear energy was added to this mix.

But unfortunately for them, "dige' in chiza baraye Fati tomboon nemishe".  So a new strategy or even short term tactic is really necessary.  The date 22 Bahman is getting ever closer and something needs to be done. 

Enters the 12th Imam.  I believe this is the last ace in the hole for the IRI.  If Imam Mahdi shows up and lets say has a few photo ops with Imam Khamenei or president Ahmadinejad, they will have this thing in a bag!!   

So, please email, text, call or send letters to the Imam Mahdi. Ask (beg) him not to come or if he comes, not to site with or bless the IRI.  Better yet, ask him to invite all the elements of the IRI to the well in Jamkaran.  They can all stay there for another 1,100 years.  By then, we'll all be ready for all of them.  To sweeten the deal, offer to pay $1,000 for each person that he takes into the chaah with him.


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Ali9 Akbar

I herd if you want to see the 12 Imam...

by Ali9 Akbar on

He's residing at Mount Carmel in HAIFA Israel


my Q/A with his holiness

by MM on

* how do you prove who you are (a definite stoning if fail)?

* no - you do not need a horse and a bent sword

* yes - AN & VF are your BFF


You a are welcome

by Faramarz_Fateh on




by shushtari on

that was great!

thanks for the laughs